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Life on Earth C
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Offline 09-18-2017, 01:16 AM
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RE: Life on Earth C
You're grateful for Roxy's friendly attitude, and put your device back in the Sylladex. Keeping the captchalogue cards out, you retrieve your backpack that contains blank maps, some diagrams of previously explored ruins, water, and a compass. The bag has plenty of extra space for whatever you find, and you have a belief that this new space will have tons of treasures to plunder.

For a moment, your gaze flickers to your computer. The articles on the assassination attempt are still onscreen. It may not be the best topic in the world to talk about, but it was good to get peoples' opinions.

"So, that attack on the queens," you say, turning back to Roxy. "Who do you think did it? Better yet, why did they do it?"

The question had been burning in the back of your mind, but you didn't acknowledge it in your ultimate-friend-making-blaze-of-glory moment. You don't want to just ignore it, like some people are already doing. In the marketplace, you saw two types of citizens. Those who were troubled by the assassins, and those who went on with their lives. You could see it in the knit of their brows, the manner in which they spoke, and even the way they walked. People who meandered timidly, with slightly shrunken figures and light steps, were the ones with a terrified conscience. Nobody knows what will happen next.

Hiya! I'm dramaticDabbler. I often RP as my OC fantroll, Locusa Messis, but I'm up for just about anything!
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RE: Life on Earth C
Damn, what are they talking about? Ruins? Some sort of... ancient ruins? Hmm, sounds interesting enough, but-

An embarrassingly loud text message alert blips up on his phone, scaring him a little. A message from his matesprit, wondering where the heck he was. He quickly responds and decides to gather all his courage and ask the two wonderful... fuck, uhhhh, what's the word? Nevermind. Ask them about... yeah, the ruins. That's it.

But how do to it without looking like a creep? It's hard for him to control his impulses, but goddamn it, he's trying. You can almost see the gears in his head turning, then immediately, and spontaneously, bursting into inextinguishable green flames.

don't talk to me unless you relate to this on a spiritual level
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RE: Life on Earth C
You make your way out of Doof Station, being careful not to step on any feet or tails. It takes a while, but eventually you see the step out into the sunlit city of Bilious. You've been to other cities in other kingdoms before, but no matter how far you travel or how many times you do it, you always manage to get yourself lost somehow. But today is a good day, and you are not going to get lost!


You are so lost. How did you get here? Were you supposed to turn at that intersection back there? Or is it the one coming up? Speaker dammit. All these buildings look the same! You have absolutely no idea where you're going.

You try asking a passing nakocodile where Croak Street is. The small red creature just stares at you blankly before scampering away. You... Don't know what that means. Should you follow it? You watch nonplussed as the nakocodile consort vanishes around a street corner. Suddenly, it's head pops back around the corner and it naks loudly at you. Well that answers that! You start off after the consort as it leads you through the city.

When you reach Croak Street, you thank the nakocodile. It stares at you just as blankly as before, but you think that's it's way of saying "you're welcome." The nakocodile runs off back into the city, and you set off down the street towards the edge of town.

As you get further from the city center, the buildings get shorter and sparser. Soon enough you're standing at the edge of the forest with only a few small houses behind you. Now the real adventure begins!

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