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Homestuck Unofficial Discord Server
Offline 09-15-2017, 12:59 AM
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Homestuck Unofficial Discord Server
Hello, everyone! My name is Alex, and i think some of you may know me.
If you do, then g̡̝e̹̥̗̫t͏̦͉͔͍̪͓̫ ̱͜o̺͝u̴̜̰͖t̞͚̪̻͈̗͔ ̶̝̜͎̼o̝͚̩̞̻͘f ̯̪̟̳̣̝h̠̘̯̯̰e̥̺r͉͇̱̬̝̦e͏ ͇ͅn̰͓̳̥̩͕̫o̵̙͇̟̤͍w̡͈̘͖̭̳̲!͏͔̼ͅ

What i want to do is to announce my Homestuck Unofficial Discord Server!

even some troll's have been talking about it!

Didn't know i was THAT famous.


I'm looking for new people, and the slots for admins and mods are still open! You can apply in the comments for one of the slots using the following format:

Discord Username:
Admin or Mod? (this choice will disappear once either the mod or admins slots are filled):
Do i have any skills\recommendations?:
Why do i want to be an admin\mod:
My classpect (optional):

Have the invite link!


1 - No harassment;

2 - No power-abuse (ADMINS AND MODS);

3 - Do not try to trick any admin into giving you permissions. That will give you an Instant Ban;

4 - Post specific things on its channels (music bot commands on the music channel, memes on the meme channel, etc.);

5 - No spamming;


(Note: please submit opinions about the server in the suggestions channel of the same. Thank you and have a nice day.)
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