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DersPit High
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DersPit High
Welcome to DersPit High, a highly prestigious boarding school full only the Best and Boldest students. The state of the art facilites™ we have here will blow you away! Music student? We have classrooms upon classrooms filled with keyboards hooked to computers for theory or composition! Artist? Check out the drawing lab after school, with everything you need to get your work done! Scientist or Math-enthusiast? Check out our clubs! You're sure to fit in here! Especially with your dorm-mate! Every single student (Barring special cases), that stays at DersPit is assigned one person to stay with. Do you get to choose? Well… of course! Alright, not really. You don't. At least, not those of you whom are staying.


You can get in by paying quite a bit of money, or, for the lucky (Or, not-so-lucky), you could always get a Scholarship! It pays for nearly everything that this school has to offer! Except. You know. The actual money you're going to need to live day-to-day. Let's hope your parents can provide you with money so you can fit in! After all, Conformity is key! All of our staff here at DersPit absolutely love their jobs. Especially the janitors. Be sure to let them know how great a job they're doing! They all adore to see all of your wonderful faces day after day. It gets so repetitive to see the same bland expressions everyday! And that's why they love it when you compliment them! Please be nice, they work really hard.


Please know that the Derse and Prospit schools were getting taken down and had to share a campus thus leading into it being DersPit. You are allowed to engage in conversation with the other school as well as be friends as we are all attending the same building now. The school specific uniforms are optional, but be aware that when going to school some form of uniform code must be followed. Dorms are decided based on which school you went to, not biological gender.

With that, we hope that you enjoy our school, kiddos! Be sure to keep it clean and friendly!


Jake English [1|Chat Owner]
Jade Harley [2|Professional Wetblanket]

These are the uniforms!
OOC chat.
Main Chat.


- Before you choose a character, please go into our OOC chat (Link Above), and fill out the application that is waiting there for you! It covers the standards, so you can be on your way to Roleplaying your favorite Homestuck Character! Once you do this, a mod will put you into the Reserve sheet.

- Name format is Name [Age | Grade| Height | Any other info you might want to add (optional)]. Once your name is in this format and you have been approved in the OOC chat, you're welcome to change and get started!

- There may be a trigger warning for: Drugs, Alcohol, and Sensitive Topics. C’mon, we are mischievous teens!

- That being said, LEAVE POLITICS AND REAL-WORLD HAPPENINGS OUT OF THIS! We're here to escape that, man.

- Please. Be kind, and curteous to your fellow chatters! Don't bring prexisting arguments to our chat! If any major stuff is going on, please go into our OOC and let somebody
know there. We're all friends here! So, lets act that way, please and thank you!

- Don’t shame a ship, please! That’s rude and no one really cares but you. Who gives a crap if Gamquius happens? I mean, MSPARP has already called it canon.

- Plain and simple! Take the pron somewhere else please. No smut allowed EVER in main chat!

- There can now be 2 muses per user! Just know, if somebody joins and wishes for your secondary muse as their primary, you must give it up! That being said, in your name, please put your primary muse first and secondary. Well. Second~.

- This chat is paragraph style, so please no script style roleplaying, this also means we would like at least 3+ sentences per response.

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RE: DersPit High

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RE: DersPit High
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