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JadeRoxy Soul-Mate Shit
Offline 09-01-2017, 01:25 PM
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JadeRoxy Soul-Mate Shit
Go read it on ao3 today

But if you don't want to, that's cool n all, I shall just post it here.

Roxy Lalonde and Jade Harley are soul mates and each time they die, they are born in another life, bound to meet, and fall for each other all over again.


The first time I met you, it was during the American Revolution. I had been a maiden that worked at a Tavern. Serving drinks and food to the men who would come in daily and nightly, usually to get a break from the chaos that flood this land. I remember going over to where you sat with several other soldiers, and I asked what you would like. Everyone else said, but you. So I had asked you individually, only for a man to stand up and slap me across the face for asking a person like you what they would want.

The next day, I had gotten to the Tavern early, you stood outside, and considering it was an awfully cold day, I invited you in while I set up. At first you refused, saying your master would be angered. But I took none of it, and brought you inside, proceeding to serve you a cup of warm tea.

I remember when I had been setting up that morning the change in your tone of voice, at first it was uneasiness...but it soon became the most wonderful thing a lady could ever hear. I remember when I asked for your name, you said it was Jaden. I of course, had thought it was the most wonderful name ever.

Over then next week while you were here in Boston, I recall we would both meet each other, whether it be you come to the Tavern early in the morning, somehow getting away from the horrid man. Or it be in the dead of night we met at the harbor.

On the last night we had together, I had gave this perfect idea of saying we should run away. It just be you and I. I had admitted to having strong, passionate feelings for you. But…you said no, saying that you may not be free, but you will do anything and everything that was possible to free me and everyone else from The King.

I remember crying myself to sleep that night.

It wouldn’t be until a couple months later I would be seeing you again, but this time it was different. You had come into my home, or well my mothers, in the dead of night. And creeped into my bedroom.

I remember waking up and seeing your face above mine as you had a smile on your lips, I almost cried tears of joy when I had seen you. I remember you whispering me sweet nothings that well as you telling me you’re real name. Jade.

When I woke up the next day you were gone, but you left a note on my bedside, saying to meet you at the harbor that night.

When nightfall came, I had rushed to the harbor, only to find you there...lying on the ground...blood surrounding you. A man stood in front of you, the one you recall to be your “master.” He had a pistol in hand. It was obvious he had killed you my love.

I had ran at him, sobbing as I did, and when I tried to hit were not the only one who we had murdered that night.

The only good thing that man did was let me die by your side. I remember the last thought swirling in my head was me saying how much I love you...Jade.

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