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hexsquad / fansession 10/14!
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hexsquad / fansession 10/14!

today you are going to play a game.

it's probably not the time to be playing a game, because everyone is freaking out about the whole alien situation, but you are some kind of cool kid and you have no time to freak out because you're playing games and other cool shit. who cares about aliens? not you, and not your five other friends, or the shady green-text person you've been talking to online, who told you they don't care about aliens either, so there's that!


six friends scattered across neighbouring planets, kepler 666a and kepler 666b, play a game and end the worlds amidst interplanetary panic due to the first communication between the trolls on 666a and the humans on 666b.


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RE: hexsquad / fansession!
name: Lyanda Iraila
age: 6 sweeps
gender: Female - She/Her
Lyanda's basically just your classic edgelord. She likes seeming spooky and threatening to those around her. Surprisingly enough though, anyone who actually approaches her will easily become a close friend of hers. She's actually surprisingly fun, and works hard, although she can be hard to approach. And if you catch her on a bad day, it will NOT be fun.
caste/text colour:
zodiac/symbol: Capries
trolltag/chumhandle: tarotAcquaintance
typing quirk/style:
Basically, she does whatever she can to use letters and symbols with crosses in them.
A = %
O = Ø
S = $
T = #
X's capitalized.
TA: øk%y guy$. le#'$ ge# øne #hing $#raigh#: i'm nø# #%king bullshit frøm %ny øf yøu.

dream moon: Derse
classpect: Seer of Time
lusus/guardian: Flying Fish. Literally. It's a large bass with wings, and it comes out of the ocean once a week to give her food and supplies and such.
strife specibus: tarotkind (She uses tarot cards, throwing them at her enemies, even using them as throwing blades when she gets really good at it.
sburb planet: Land of Ruins and Canyons.
Lyanda has the ability to (sorta) read time, in a sense. She uses tarot cards for gypsy-like predictions. At first, it's just a gimmicky sort of thing that she does with her friends, giving them really broad predictions about the past and future. But in-game, it turns into a tool for her to help predict what might happen in the session. Well, at least, when she gets really good at it.
(I hope that's okay, I don't intend to make her magically able to know everything in the game's future, but I think it would be helpful if she was able to give broad info on certain upcoming events, I guess.)

out of character

name: Spice
pronouns: He/Him
Discord's the most available option. Tag: spice.#6802
PM me here if you need to. By the way, I might not be available for a few hours, I'm traveling.

[Image: unknown.png]
Check out Sburblin, a written fanventure by yours truly!
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RE: hexsquad / fansession!
in character
name: maya hartley
age: 13 years old
gender: female
personality: maya is kind, caring, and a bit of a pushover who hesitates when putting her foot down and can't find it in herself to be mean to anybody, especially her friends. because her mom was rarely home, she was left to raise herself, becoming overly self reliant and refusing help even when she obviously needs it. she would rather help others than be a burden, and idolizes 'knights in shining armor', wanting to be one herself. she can be quite anxious and a bit self conscious at times.
appearance: working on it
species: human
text colour: #25824A
symbol: upside down sword
chumhandle: stepfordSmiler [SS]
typing style: a simple and friendly typing style. all grammar is in tact, but no caps (unless it's for EMPHASIS!)
dream moon: derse
classpect: knight of heart
guardian: mom. maya doesn't remember what she's like, and she's rarely around.
strife specibus: bladekind. starts with a wooden sword.
sburb planet:
other: she's a lesbian. she has a pet rabbit named mopsy. she uses the storybook fetch modus.

out of character
name: kate
pronouns: any
contact: kate#9505
other: i haven't done a fansession before so this'll be my first one!! i'm in the aest timezone.

DAVE: you are literally holding a sippy cup full of sparkling grape juice right now are you sure you already won
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RE: hexsquad / fansession!
name: Mara Osborne (form of Mary, based off of U. Maritimus; osborne=bear god)
age: 13 years
gender: Genderfluid she/they
personality: Quiet and reserved, but has a desire to understand and have connections. Really enjoys the nice things people do for others and tries to reciprocate that. Very awkward when you first meet her, but she's trying her best. For a few unnamed reasons, Mari grew to enjoy hiding spots and has a tendency of mapping escape routes, locating cameras, and exploring. She has her own mental compass and spacial recognition and calculation, but sadly the same can't be said about her social skills. She grew up around many people, but oftentimes felt alone. Sort of agoraphobic. She thinks she's getting better. Main connection to people other than family is online, where she plays a few mmorpg's and the like in order to practice. Which is sort of bizarre, but in a way it's helping? While she's averted to trying to new things, she'll be forced to eventually. She's rather cautious to many situations and finds it easier to think things through, but she's sassy and aggressive if she's overwhelmed (sensory overload).
appearance: x
species: Human
text colour: #2aacac
symbol: Malachite
chumhandle: tediousTanzanite
typing style: lower case, often uses shortcuts/abbreviations
dream moon: Prospit
classpect: Mage of Blood
guardian: Aunt
strife specibus: Shovelkind

Land of Swamps and Warmth
other: Likes Geology (Mineralogy). Likes Science. Likes heights. Likes cold areas. Likes rock climbing. Likes electronic music. Likes documentaries. Likes camping and nature. Likes rain and thunderstorms. Likes hidings spots and dark places. Has a pet axolotl. Lives in the basement. Likes video games. Online school. Fetch modus is PTE. Hates water. Extended zodiac sign is Taurcer. (Will possibly become mute later? if circumstances allow it)

name: Mac
pronouns: she/they
contact: discord
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RE: hexsquad / fansession!
in character

name: Jane Olsen
age: 13
gender: female, she/her
personality: jane is an angry coolkid who loves to rock out and have fun. thats how she sees herself, anyway. she's laid back, but stubborn. she does what she wants on her own terms, but at the same time is a pushover for her friends. she tries to overcompensate for her own shortcomings by being aggressive and angry.
sometimes she can come off as cold / aggressive, but she rarely ever means harm

appearance: im workin on it
species: human
caste/text colour: #f43c00
symbol: a guitar
chumhandle: aggressiveAction
typing style: all lowercase unless using caps for emphasis, sometimes all caps when emphasizing, rarely ever uses punctuation. talks alot / rambles

dream moon: Derse
classpect: Thief of Time
guardian: dad. hes a bad person, and she doesnt know whether to hate him or look up to him
strife specibus: canekind/fistkind. starts out with her walking cane
sburb planet: Land of Heat and Quaking

other: shes lesbian. she has trouble walking sometimes due to an accident with her hip so she uses her cane
likes: rock music, garbage punk, being cool and her sunglasses

out of character

name: kidd
pronouns: any
contact: discord - festive kirishima#3396
tumblr - kiddathan
other: im gay?

[Image: tumblr_o43pboyWGj1tiqbjvo1_500.gif]
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RE: hexsquad / fansession!
Hello! I am Tachi, known as Systematically Problematic #1594, and I am one of the mods who can accept and deny apps!




[Image: WD-K90.gif]

" Hallelujah, hallelujah! Meat is god, Meat is god!"
~Noya, Shoyo and Ryu 2k16
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RE: hexsquad / fansession!
name: Gilgama/Eniketa
age: 11 Units (16 years)
gender: Male/Female
personality: Gilgama is the friendly half of the cherub, usually spending his time writing great EPICS, and appearifying them throughout the universe so that his sister doesn't eat them while he's sleeping. He has a love for knowledge and creation, and that can be seen from all the things he creates, whether it be machinery or written works. / Eniketa is a little bit more hostile than her brother, and opts to solve most problems by applying her fist to the problem's face. She is rather unintelligent, but occasionally has moments where she manages to piece together the puzzle of what is actually happening.
Both of the cherubs have a unique bond with each other compared to most cherubs; their hostile home led the two to cooperate in order to survive in an act of irony so great, Cherub William Shakespeare would cry. They still share a rivalry, but it is significantly less hostile than that of most cherub siblings.
appearance: The two share an unusually lanky build for their species.
Gilgama prefers to wear suits and glasses, due to his knowledge of the Earth practice of being a gentleman. Sadly, many of his ties have been eaten by his sister. / Eniketa, on the other hand, wears fur coats, and also wears headbands and armbands, due to her knowledge of strength and nature. Sometimes she wears a flower on her clothing, sometimes she eats it. It really depends on how hungry she is.
species: Cherub
caste/text colour: Red blood, but sky-blue text. / Lime blood, but red-orange text.
symbol: A G in front of an infinity. / An E inside of a null set symbol.
pesterhandle: peaceWisher/wildProvoker
typing quirk/style: Gilgama likes to talk and ramble on, usually going off on tangents and then cutting off said tangents to oh you just remembered how much you love the word tangent wow isn't that a great word though wow is a good word too you use that one a lot wow wow wow isn't that fun and oh that reminds you of a story about an ADHD alien that loves to tell stories and / Eniketa is brief. To the point. Sometimes she gets distracted though. But usually not with much detail. And if you complain. How about. You shut your fucking face.
dream moon: n/a
classpect: Lord of Hope / Muse of Doom
lusus/guardian: n/a
strife specibus: A true warrior needs no weapons! Gilgama instead prefers using the spoken word, in the form of his PACIFISTKIND Specibus. After all, the pen, er, voice is mightier than the sword! / Eniketa, on the other hand, opts for the VIOLENCEKIND Specibus, which she utilizes to cause havoc wherever she goes. That's how the 'Keta rolls.
sburb planet: Land of Frost and Beginnings / Land of Magma and Endings
denizen: Abraxas / Janus

out of character

name: Mouse
pronouns: whatever
contact: PM me on Parp or Discord.
other: we baaaaack

[Image: tumblr_miasfbiKo31qf31e7o1_400.gif]
"Move and I'll shoot!!
I messed up.
I mean, shoot and I'll move. In a flash."
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RE: hexsquad / fansession!
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RE: hexsquad / fansession 8/14!
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RE: hexsquad / fansession 9/14!
hi i'm a traitor

name: Lance
pronouns: he/him
contact: gglance#3005 on discord

- end -

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