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Vriska-turned-Rose seeking Post-game!Grimdark!Roxy
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Vriska-turned-Rose seeking Post-game!Grimdark!Roxy
So, I was trying out Vriska, when I ran into a Roxy with the modifier described in the title. I switched to Rose, checked out their prompt, and replied. It was going along pretty great... And then the site decided to freak out for about half an hour. It showed both of us timing out, but only me coming back. I had a lot of fun with you, so please, if you see this, or if you reading this know the Roxy, contact me!
Here's the log, if you're curious.
EDIT: Turns out, we ran into each other on search again! We've continued our RP happily.

Hi there! I primarily RP Rose, but I'm trying out Vriska and Jade.
"You get to decide what this means for your story, OK? Question others' bogus Isabel narratives."
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