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Phantom Of The Opera!
Offline 08-13-2017, 11:39 AM
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Phantom Of The Opera!
Hello Fellow Music Lovers!
L here after listening to the Phantom of the opera Sound Track and Watching the movie for the umpteenth time I have finally realized.

Hamilton, Be more chill, Heathers and All the rest of those amazing new musicals have had that Parp shine added to them. So why can't the Phantom of the opera have the same treatment?
So i've decided to put this little thing here so we could do some shenanigans!

I'm looking for someone to play Erik/The Phantom
While Depending on what time frame this takes place in, my own Victorian OC, Christine Daee or perhaps someone else if you have any ideas!
I am willing to have some form of AU if you would like, you only have to ask!

The Scary Truth about The Human condition is that we Come And To Like Flames, most of us not truely knowing what we are missing.
it's not until we do what we Love that we Realize we are Truely Alive.
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