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Pompous Wizard and Company Seeking A Troll Or Two
Away 08-12-2017, 12:32 PM (This reply was last modified: 08-19-2017 08:59 AM by ambiguousTrials.)(Edited by ambiguousTrials.)
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Pompous Wizard and Company Seeking A Troll Or Two
Hello there! The alias is Ashe, and I've lately had a huge hankering for roleplaying one of my most favorite literary characters in existence, Howl Pendragon, from the novel Howl's Moving Castle, as well as his apprentice and resident fire demon and have them mess around with a Homestuck character of your choosing (see below). I'm looking for something with a plot, which can be as simple or as complicated as you'd like!

I've written a whole lot here because I'm looking for a long roleplay and wouldn't want to pull someone in without them knowing what they were doing. I'm an introvert, I don't like doing anything until I absolutely know what I'm in for, and I know I'd appreciate something like this when RP hunting, I dunno. Not sure if this is how this kind of thing is usually done but hey here goes nothing.

Please note that the Ghibli movie is grievously different from the book (why on earth are there bombs everywhere?? Who is this Markl fellow??? Howl is a bird??????), so kindly take the book as a completely different franchise entirely.

I don't expect anyone to know anything about the book, so I've already put together a small starting plot to accommodate for that (but I don't mind if you have a better idea)! Your character suddenly gets transported to Ingary via accidental magic shenanigans, so don't worry about needing any prior knowledge!

Please note that if you intend on reading the book, things will probably be spoiled—mostly just character secrets that, while important to the story, don't ruin the whole thing. This probably goes without saying, but I'm putting this disclaimer here anyway just in case you would have a problem with that.

NOTE: Since I'm going to stay as close to the original book as possible, I might as well mention that there may be alcohol use, albeit light, inconsequential (unless your character does something), safe use. This isn't a necessary element, but as it is part of a character's 'panic mode' (elaboration in the spoiler below), it's something I'll leave the chance for by default.

So who are these schmucks?
All right, still with me? Have some descriptions so you know where you're headed.

Stuff about me
Wow, still reading? Hot diggity. Since it's best when both roleplayers are compatible enough to 'mesh' as it were, I'll slot in some stuff about me in case I'm what happens to be the dealbreaker. Shrug. A good bit about me is over on my profile, specifically triggers and all that good stuff, but I'll reiterate it all here because clicking around is really just too much effort.

What I am looking for

In the event that we end up not meshing

Made it out of all that alive? Up for it?
You know what to do, you determined person you!
I'm excited to see where this all goes! I can offer the roleplay to start anywhere in HMC's chronology so long as it's before the actual story as Sophie would kind of crowd out your own character(s). I say this in case you'd have a preference to say, have your character(s) be there when the castle is invented!

Unless I say otherwise, I'm still looking for a partner! When I find one, I'll reflect it in the title of the memo, so don't worry!

(Various squawking noises)
Thank you Alienoid for my profile picture! <>
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Offline 08-13-2017, 08:50 AM
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RE: Guess who's a fan of Howl's Moving Castle
Um, Hello! It must be a bit of a surprise to get a Reply this early, but here one is!

I've been a bit of a fan of howls moving castle and though it was the Ghibli version. I have wanted to learn about the books, And I've especially wanted to Do an Roleplay. Even if it wasn't related to the Ghibli adaptation.

I Have to Apologize for not Introducing myself, I Am L...No association with L Lawlet even though I have heard that joke a few times.

And I Honestly was Interested to find a Writer like myself who enjoys to go on long responces, and I hope you'll be interested in what i have to offer, if you wish to Speak I can reply here or PM Me So i can give you my Skype or Discord information.

I Hope to hear from you soon,

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it's not until we do what we Love that we Realize we are Truely Alive.
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Away 08-14-2017, 11:16 PM
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RE: Guess who's a fan of Howl's Moving Castle
Small bump because I'm still looking!

(Various squawking noises)
Thank you Alienoid for my profile picture! <>
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