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An Non-Fandom OC [Ember] looking for a demon OC [Randy]
Offline 08-07-2017, 05:26 PM
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An Non-Fandom OC [Ember] looking for a demon OC [Randy]

Okay so look, man. I totally get that you got frustrated or whatever [and I apologize for being rude on that after you dc'd. I was just... confused and frustrated.]
But I honestly thought there was potential to the RP. I thought that we could find away to make it work, and really, if you weren't liking it all you had to say was "Hey! I'm not totally enjoying how this is going now, could we change something?" And I would have gladly said yes! I'm a generally flexible person and was coming up with all directions the RP could go.

Honestly, I'm not really mad any more. I just want to talk it over, see if we could start again with this, or even just back up a little and make something out of this. Your character is utterly fascinating to me, and I was having a lot of fun. If not, then hey. I just want to know what made you leave like that so I can fix it in the future and better myself as an RPer.
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