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Cy8er8ullying is soooooooo uncool! :::;(
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Offline 08-09-2017, 10:14 AM
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RE: Cy8er8ullying is soooooooo uncool! :::;(
TA: terriibly 2orry, but ii'm not about two 2piill all of my emotiion2 all over the floor for the entiire publiic two 2ee, aa
TA: ii'm not exactly the feeliing2 type.
TA: ii gue22 you do have a poiint, tv
TA: kk'2 aggre22iion ii2 maiinly
TA: plu2, ii'd 2ay that 20/22 tiime2 he'2 ju2t anxiiou2
TA: although that flavor text ii2 fueliing the fiire iin2iide me that ii thiink ii2 hell, mt
TA: ii'm 2ollux
TA: a plea2ure, truly
TA: iif you can't 2en2e the 2arca2m ii'm 2orry, but ii don't mean two be an a22
TA: iit ju2t happen2

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I have so many fucking splinters that I carry tweezers around.
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