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Oh No! Godtier! Karkat Lost a Signless?
Offline 07-31-2017, 12:57 AM (This reply was last modified: 07-31-2017 12:58 AM by Motherfuckology.)(Edited by Motherfuckology.)
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Exclamation Oh No! Godtier! Karkat Lost a Signless?
My computer died for a few seconds while I was in a chat with a Signless! My connection timed out, and they left during that time of me fumbling to get my charger. :,>

For a summary of the chat, basically, a dead Karkat meets his ancestor! It got really mushy and emotional really quickly. So! If this was you, please PM me so we can continue! I loved your portrayal of Signless and your way of writing!

[Image: tumblr_inline_mjh9wc3w5f1qz4rgp.gif]

it was time for thomas to leave. he had seen everything.
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