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New to the site, not to RP. Need buddies!
Offline 07-30-2017, 04:46 PM
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Wink New to the site, not to RP. Need buddies!
Hello my friends!

I have been pondering rejoining the world of troll RP for a while and have a few OCs to play that need love! Currently I intend to get my feet beneath me using my Trollsona, Randii.

Mira is a 24 year old who works in care of adults with disabilities, looking soon to start college again. Currently my evenings are free and my weekends are bereft of activity. I prefer para RP but am willing to work script-style as well.

Randii is a jade-blood, rainbow drinker, and writer. She is currently bereft of a strife specious, being mostly pacifist. Absolutely impractical in a troll-eat-troll world, but really, can't we all get along? Her trollhandle is QuirksomeOptimist, and I need to revisit her speech quirk, make something available by phone keyboard.

I look forward to making friends and filling quads ;3
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Offline 07-30-2017, 05:12 PM
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RE: New to the site, not to RP. Need buddies!
Hai im new to rp too. If you would like i could rp with you!

I have a oc called Fenrir Batiat who is cyan blood diguised as a teal blood. He likes to play video games and is friendly and can be stubborn. His strife specibus is riflekind. His quirk is s=$,l=£.He would do anything for his friends because he is loyal.

[Image: Index.gif]
nyan nyan nyan (*^w^*)
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Away 07-30-2017, 09:44 PM
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RE: New to the site, not to RP. Need buddies!
I'll RP but it depends which characters really. I can RP as a leprechaun, carapacian or Problem Sleuth

[Image: Vbd5t_NQ.png]

[Image: jv7y_SV7.png]
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Offline 09-05-2017, 03:43 PM
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RE: New to the site, not to RP. Need buddies!
Hey there! :P I'm new to the forums too! I've been doing roleplay for about 4 or 5 years now! I'm looking to use my trollsona, Aquila Merake, or my player, Gabe Heath!

Gabe Heath is 19 year old just out of high school, working on their way to college as a graphic design major. I'm free most weekends and some weekdays. Para-style is perfect!

Aquila Merake is a 7.3 sweep violetblood who doesn't say yes to rules. She's a minor royal and pirate, and seems distant, but actually starts being more helpful later on. Her trollhandle is hubristicAquifer, and she talks like a gluubin sailor, uusing fish puuns way more than nescessary.
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Offline 09-06-2017, 12:20 PM
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RE: New to the site, not to RP. Need buddies!
as long as we are doing this, i may as well join in,

about the player:
i am a security friek, who prefers not to give out personal information on the internet.. so with that in mind, i am 18, a junior in college, helping to make the minestuck mod. availability wise, i am avalible most days between the hours of 2400-0500 UTC

about the charictors:
Alie Ellington(or her trolian Alison Elinin): as a human, she is a trombone player with a love for jazz. as a troll, she is a yellow blood who enjoys the general beauty in ordered noise. all in all, she is a rather friendly person, and while she doesn't go out of her way to make friends, they are attracted to her unique personality. she isn't really one to follow social norms, and while this may cause some teasing, especially from people higher up in social status. but she doesn't care, she would rather do what she wants to do, rather than what society wants her to do. her handle is CanorousCalamist, and she will tend to talk on and on and on an on without any pucntuationAnd sometimesEven miss aSpace every now and again because she dosntNeed the breaks that are providedBy normal punctuationOr breathing marks as she calls themWich usualy slow her down.

Moez meiestero( or his trollian(mozert Meistro): as a human, he is a Bad Ass drummer in the back of the band who is the one that gives the drummers the cliche of asshole, as a troll, he is a rust blood who because of tragic back storry is now trying to fight the hemospectrum. in both cases, he is really into punk rock and will preform as a punk drummer when ever possible. his handle is ArtisticComposer and will tend to speek in measures| and make music references||

i have a few more, but these are my primary two, i hope to eventually make a fan session made out of a jazz band, but some of the instruments are suffering more than others, and i want to be solid on all eight of my characters before that happens, so....
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