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(The Grand) Cherub Blood Colour Test! (Canon and Non-canon results)
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(The Grand) Cherub Blood Colour Test! (Canon and Non-canon results)
There are two ways to use your results from this test, the truly 'canon' one (with only two results) or the Non-canon/Hypothetical one (which has 9 different results).
This one is shorter than my previous one (at 40 questions) however there is no scale and some of them may put you on the spot and force you make a decision.

1. I suggest using your computer calculator too add or take numbers away

To calculate your results as it will be much easier in the process.

2. Go by what you believe in, not strictly what you act upon. Cherubs are driven by ideology, it's something that strictly separates them from humans, trolls and the like.

3. Don't scroll down until you finish the test! It'll spoil the results.

Portion one:
Start with a score of: 100
Add or deduct when instructed.
I suggest using your computers calculator to take away or add as the test goes on. Then write your result down so you remember.
Write it down to remember the number.

1. It’s better to…
a. Keep the status quo, or have progress be slow and steady. In order to keep what is preferable. [+5]
b. Change the status quo, even if the change appears rushed or dramatic. In order to change what is unpreferable [-5]

2. Respect for your family history and ancestors…
a. Is generally important, you have immense respect for where you came from and your lineage [+5]
b. Is generally unimportant, it distracts from the here and now, which is what really matters [-5]

3. I have a higher understanding and respect for…
a. Traditional images of beauty, creations which show technical skill and the talent of the creator [+5]
b. Unconventional ideas of beauty, creations which break the rules and go against the curve without regards to specific talents or skills. [-5]

4. With my personal political beliefs I generally…
a. Lean towards regulation, the government needs more control to protect our rights. [+5]
b. Lean towards freedom, the government needs to take less control to protect our rights. [-5]
c. I don’t care about politics, or am a centrist of some sort. [0]

5. I am someone who prefers to…
a. To work with a schedule, or a plan as to how to approach my task. I prefer to have structure in my life. [+5]
b. To take an impulsive or unplanned approach to my task. I generally work best without a structure. [-5]

6. Which of these pursuits seem to be one you would pursuit?
a. Being humble and taking life in moderation. Self-discipline and politeness [+5]
b. Choosing your own goals, a freedom to express myself, excitement and stimulation. [-5]

7. Which is more important to uphold?
a. Politeness, respect for each person and their goals, being careful about the language you choose to use so that people feel welcome. [+5]
b. Being yourself, honesty, even if it might be offensive or upset some people. [-5]

8. You generally believe that…
a. Humans are born with a predisposition to be evil or selfish, and only powerful leadership can put them on another path. [+5]
b. Humans are born with no predispositions, or one to do good, it’s their environment and regulations that corrupt them. [-5]

9. Do you generally keep your word, are you truthful?
a. I make sure I uphold my word as best as I can and hardly ever lie. [+5]
b. I avoid lies and mostly keep to my promises, unless I really can’t. [+2]
c. I might tell the odd lie, sometimes a promise or two might slip out, oops. [-2]
d. I lie quite a lot, many of my promises end up as gossip fairly quickly. [-5]

10. Is loyalty absolutely necessary in a relationship?
a. Yes, I keep my relationships close, so I demand absolute loyalty from my friends. [+5]
b. Loyalty is important to me, but it’s probably not the most important aspect in my relationships. [0]
c. Loyalty isn’t all that important to me, I tend to change friends fairly quickly, and mostly neither of us mind. [-5]

11. Are you someone who tends to be comfortable with and agree with authority?
a. Authority and the retention thereof is absolutely key to decent society. [+5]
b. I generally tend to respect authority, it is the best way to govern. [+2]
c. I’ll respect only fair authority, other forms of authority which look for power over people alone don’t have my respect. [-2]
d. All those in authority are corrupted by power, they have no power over me and the freedom of my spirit. [-5]

12. Are you someone who tends to be comfortable with and agree with destiny or determinism?
a. Fate is something which for certain exists or humans have no free will and are bound by basic biological and environmental functions. I am mostly comfortable with this. [+5]
b. I think fate exists or humans generally have little in the way of free will, a little unsettling but I can see this. [+2]
c. I’m not certain if fate exists or humans have most of the control over their free will, apart from some things. The idea of destiny is somewhat unsettling to me. [-2]
d. Fate does not exist or humans have absolute free will. The idea of fate is not only untrue, but disturbing. [-5]

13. The kind of music I listen to…
a. Is rhythmic, accessible and carefully crafted, genres like: Traditional Classical, Rock, Pop, EDM and Traditional Metal. [+5]
b. Isn’t necessarily rheumatic or accessible but tends to experiment or break boundaries, genres like: Vaporwave, Noise, Industrial, Ambient and IDM. [-5]

14. Which of these is worse for you?
a. Disharmony or lack of control over your environment. [+5]
b. Boredom or weariness, an environment too strict. [-5]

15. How do you feel about dirty fighting?
a. It’s a dishonourable practice, enemies and rivals should fight fairly and use their intelligence to win a battle. [+5]
b. There’s nothing wrong with it, in a fight you need to do everything you can to make sure that you succeed. [-5]

16. I would rather be the one…
a. Creating the art piece [+5]
b. The one criticising it [-5]

17. Which of these sounds more preferable?
a. Too keep to one person, forever, going through everything together, but not see what else is out there either. [+5]
b. To be able to change who I’m with whenever I want, but never settle down with just one person. [-5]

18. Which of these do you find yourself having more talent in doing?
a. Fixing things that had already been broken and restoring their previous function. [+5]
b. Breaking things apart too see how they work, or tinkering with things in order to create something new out of them. [-5]

19. I find it easier to…
a. Find and decide what is working and how it manages to function. [+5]
b. Find and decide what is wrong, and how it could be changed or removed. [-5]

20. The God tier I identify with is…
a. Sylph, Muse or Maid [+5]
b. Bard, Lord or Prince [-5]
c. None of the above [0]

Portion 2:
You also start with 100 and subtract or add when necessary.
Write it down to remember the number.

1. Which of these matches your world philosophy better?
a. I am idealistic, generally doing good to people and aiding you where you can will help you lead a fulfilling life. [+5]
b. I am pessimistic, life is cruel and only those who are cruel and ruthless are likely to rise to the top or gain satisfaction from life. [-5]

2. My general predisposition is…
a. Outwardly calm, even tempered and able to handle what comes their way. [+5]
b. Rather calm with occasional doubts. [+2]
c. Frequently tense or aggressive, but not normally outright disturbed [-2]
d. Tense, highly strung, either aggressive or disturbed. [-5]

3. It’s generally better to…
a. Look out for and help other people as best you can, whatever the reason. [+5]
b. Try and look out for others most of all, but remember to further yourself at times. [+2]
c. Try and look out for yourself most of all, but help people if you really need to. [-2]
b. Look out for and help yourself as best you can, whatever the reason. [-5]

4. Which is more important to you?
a. Seeking welfare for the world, as well the well-being of your friends and family. [+5]
b. Seeking physical pleasure for yourself and keeping a close mind on your own goals. [-5]

5. I generally prefer…
a. Happy or idealistic ends to tales. I wish to see the characters rewarded for their efforts and what they have been through by the end of the story. [+5]
b. Pessimistic or negative ends to tales. I’m more attune to the horror and drama within stories with little regard to justice. [-5]

6. I generally find that…
a. I am able to work well with others and are able to understand their goals (even if I may prefer to work by myself) [+5]
b. I can’t work well with others, we’ll either argue, or I’ll end up betraying them or I just lack team working ability in general. [-5]

7. You find it easier to…
a. Bring people up, to support them and their development. [+5]
b. To push people down, to harm them and have you get on top. [-5]

8. I generally…
a. Don’t enjoy having a lot of attention placed on you, having your talents ‘shined’ on makes you feel awkward. [+5]
b. Enjoy being the centre of attention, and want people to immediately acknowledge your talents. [-5]

9. As it goes…
a. You can generally succeed without having to ‘step on’ or harm other people. [+5]
b. Most people don’t succeed without harming others, but a rare few can do it without. [-2]
c. In order to succeed you will need to ‘step on’ or harm others in some way. [-5]

10. Would you say you are protective and aggressive over what you own and control?
a. No, I know the importance of sharing and freely welcome others into my territory. [+5]
b. Yes, I tend to aggressively defend what is mine and prevent others from getting to it. [-5]

11. People mostly learn through…
a. Care and protection. [+5]
b. Fear and power. [-5]

12. Solving your problems can be done by…
a. Focusing on changing the negative events into positive ones. [+5]
b. Focus on the negative issues and break them down. [-5]

13. Most people generally tend to…
a. Trust me and what I do, I hardly if ever, betray people. [+5]
b. Not trust me, for whatever reason, or possibly because I tend to backstab them. [+5]

14. Generally my…
a. Inability to say ‘no’ to people has given me trouble. [+5]
b. My inability to back down in a fight has given me trouble [-5]

15. I find that status…
a. Is of little importance to me, or at least doesn’t motivate me that much. [+5]
b. Is a great motivator for me, I would like to be known at least as someone before I die. [-5]

16. I think that…
a. Those who survive not necessarily be the ‘strongest’ or those with conventional strength aren’t necessarily those who should survive. [+5]
b. The strongest should survive, possibly at the expense of those who are weaker. [-5]

17. You would rather be described as…
a. Optimistic, inspirational and encouraging. [+5]
b. Realistic, practical, triumphant. [-5]

18. War is…
a. An avoidable and pathetic waste of human life. [+5]
b. A tragic, but necessary part of the human condition. [-5]

19. Is respect something that is given or earned?
a. Respect is something given, all people should have a decent amount of respect given to them, even when you first meet them. [+5]
b. My respect has to be earned, although it’s not too hard to earn. Just don’t be an awful person and you’ll get it eventually. [0]
c. My respect is very hard to earn, you are a sum of your achievements and I tend to respect people who impress me with theirs. [-5]

20. Which of these aspects do you identify with most?
a. Space, Light, Hope, Heart, Breath or Life. [+5]
b. Time, Void, Rage, Mind, Blood or Doom. [-5]
c. I’m not sure of my god-tier so I cannot answer this question. [0]

Benevolent Creation (Lime) – Portion 1: 120-200 and Portion 2: 120-200 (Most Common)
Benevolence (Blueberry) – Portion 1: 81-119 and Portion 2: 120-200 (Uncommon)
Benevolent Destruction (Blackberry) – Portion 1: 0-80 and Portion 2: 120-200 (Common)

Malevolent Destruction (Cherry) – Portion 1: 0-80 and Portion 2: 0-80 (Most Common)
Malevolence (Orange) – Portion 1: 81-119 and Portion 2: 0-80 (Uncommon)
Malevolent Creation (Lemon) – Portion 1: 120-200 and Portion 2: 0-80 (Common)

Creation (Apple) – Portion 1: 120-200 and Portion 2: 81-119 (Rather Rare)
Destruction (Grape) – Portion 1: 0-80 and Portion 2: 81-119 (Rather Rare)

Judge (Grey) – Portion 1: 81-119 and Portion 2: 81-119 (Very Rare)

Note: The Lemon and Apple colours are normally brighter, but I've muted them so they don't have to be highlighted on some screens.

Note: The references to the Dungeons and Dragons Alignment System as well as Operant Conditioning are rough equivalents. This test has it's own system entirely. The Dungeons and Dragons Alignments might roughly match outward presentation, whereas the Operant Conditioning themes link roughly with the actions taken by the Cherubs upon adulthood.

[Image: tzna6ca.png]

Malevolent (Evil/Punishing) vs Benevolent (Good/Reinforcing)
Malevolent in these terms doesn’t straight up mean ‘evil’ and Benevolent doesn’t straight up mean ‘good’. These two are divided distinctly on philosophical, and in turn moral grounds.
Malevolent cherubs normally promote either a more pessimistic, selfish or ruthless philosophy. While some believe that they should be free to take what they want, regardless of other people others have simply taken to a more pessimistic view on life, that people are generally bad and thus not worth helping or that existence is generally a painful thing to experience. Although not all of them may not act on this philosophy in their youth they may be given to act on it as adults. They might be prone to jealousy and spite however, which also makes them tend to move towards evil.
Benevolent cherubs believe the opposite, they have an idealistic, or selfless philosophy. Some believe in just generally being helpful or beneficial to other people and others simply love life and believe that we should be able to take on the world with open arms. With their strong and charming beliefs, they might end up being taken advantage of or unable to say ‘no’ to people.
‘Punishing’ means that the Malevolent Cherubs works to reduce the number of kingdoms as well as stop the development of societies which cannot play sburb. They actively hinder and reduce functional behaviour in these societies. While a Destructive Malevolent Cherub might just destroy the planet outright (the worse ones might even do this for fun) a Creative Malevolent Cherub would probably take protection of the society, and create a way to resist their development, being seen as someone kind of Tyrant. Some might build up a rival faction and encourage war between them.
‘Reinforcing’ means that the growth of the society is encouraged. A Creative Benevolent Cherub might physically create a new society, or give boons to societies which are already developing and can play sburb whereas destructive ones will remove anything that might be preventing the society from developing such as destroying dictators or changing the outlook of the people within the societies.

Negative (Chaotic/Destroying) vs Positive (Lawful/Creating)
Here, again ‘Destroying’ and ‘Creating’ aren’t really comprehensive terms. Destroying can also mean radically changing something, or dramatically shifting something to unrecognizability. Creating can also mean stabilizing something and protecting current laws or figures put in place. Both can be used maliciously or benevolently.
However Negative means that normally something is taken away, this thing can be the simple comfort of consistency or it could be something large and dramatic like a whole section of the planet. Benevolent Destructive cherubs often need to be sure that what they are doing for the greater good, although because of their considerate nature’s most don’t cross the line any way. Benevolent Creative cherubs are more likely to be careful with their powers, although this might slow them down on their mission to promote and support good.
When not content with smashing the planets to bits outright, Malevolent destructive cherubs can produce grand dramatic shifts within the planet’s landscape or politics and see how they cope with it, or see them slowly disintegrate. While a creating one could slow down a society’s development to the point of freezing or preventing it completely.

Judge (Neutral)
Judges are rare in cherub culture, nobody knows how they come into existence but it’s thought to be through some kind of mutation. Judges don’t react to the other planets across the universe or their management but only manage other cherubs. When one has gone too far, they have permission to temporarily, or even permanently cease the usage of their powers. They are expected to be totally impartial, and growing up entirely alone with not even their sibling for company many end up developing rather stoic dispositions or hardly show any emotions at all.

How do I work out canon results then?
This depends on your results from the earlier test and should be easy to work out.

Lime, Blueberry, Blackberry or Apple = Lime (In true canon)

Cherry, Orange, Lemon or Grape = Cherry (In true canon)

If you got a neutral result the look at your score for portion 2:
If it's more than 100, then go with Lime.
If it's less than 100, go with Cherry.

If it is 100, go with your gut instinct and make the decision yourself.

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RE: (The Grand) Cherub Blood Colour Test! (Canon and Non-canon results)
Portion 1: 36, Portion 2: 51

bow before me, peAsants

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RE: (The Grand) Cherub Blood Colour Test! (Canon and Non-canon results)
Benelovent creation (Lime).

Honestly, the reason why I am not making any "proper" self-inserts is because it'll have the most boring alignment and personality ever.

My fan adventures:

Troll Jailbreak

Trolls but no SGRUB

A kid in some strange world
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RE: (The Grand) Cherub Blood Colour Test! (Canon and Non-canon results)
137, 174!

Shruggy shrug!

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RE: (The Grand) Cherub Blood Colour Test! (Canon and Non-canon results)
i got blueberry :0

i'm uncommon apparently lmao

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RE: (The Grand) Cherub Blood Colour Test! (Canon and Non-canon results)
I got blueberry! :)

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nyan nyan nyan (*^w^*)
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RE: (The Grand) Cherub Blood Colour Test! (Canon and Non-canon results)

I am the PUNISHER! Damn I would love watching the world BURN :D

(Also really happy I got something uncommon ;) )

OC count: 91 (and counting)

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RE: (The Grand) Cherub Blood Colour Test! (Canon and Non-canon results)
Section One: 19
Section Two: 120

I barely got Blueberry, was pretty split on Q10 in Section 2.
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RE: (The Grand) Cherub Blood Colour Test! (Canon and Non-canon results)
First section: 98 Second section: 119 Final result Judge (Which is very appropriate for my god tier)
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RE: (The Grand) Cherub Blood Colour Test! (Canon and Non-canon results)
Section ONE: 51. Section TWO: 29

Mmm, gotta love that smell of cherry, right lads?

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