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Game of Skaia: The Legion
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Game of Skaia: The Legion


In the far reaches of time and space, was a planet known as Alternia.
Highbloods ruled over the low, and low did all the work.
But, when the rebellion broke loose and caused a chain of events that had been hidden from the history books, that's where the real story was.
We start our story off with a small group of highly skilled "Sellswords" who didn't care about blood, but about money and the heat of battle.
Our first hero, was an olive blooded troll named Roscoe, who was currently drinking away some stolen faygo. He was a fighter, and someone you don't usually mess with.

ROSCOE: <Agh- Th1s taste l1ke h1ghblood p1ss>... <1 w1sh we had stolen a better flavor.>

[Image: sig_by_ekura123-dbatol2.png]

Art By Ekura
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