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Into the Dusk [Modern. Demons and Angels]
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Into the Dusk [Modern. Demons and Angels]
Into The Dusk

Current Status: Open. Accepting Applications.
Genre: Supernatural. Modern Day. Angels and Demons.
Setting: Portland, Oregon. Modern Day.
Made For: Original characters.


In the beginning, there was only God. A single entity of perfection and power who encompassed all of reality. And they were grand and mighty, vast and eternal, but struck with a single, despondent cord in the very core of their being. For because our creator encompassed all, they could make no other without detracting from themself. Perfect, but alone in the empty void of the beyond. So great was their loneliness, that they brought their mighty will forward, and split themselves apart, and from the pieces of the great god came their children. Eight princes to spring forth from the remains, eight princes with whom used the remaining bits to craft a world for themselves.

But as only the true god held perfection within them, their children did not all see eye to eye. As they contained good and evil, so did the princes. With faults and strengths split among them. No one remembers quite how the war started, no one remembered when or why the princes separated, and created heaven and hell on either side of the beautiful earth where the True God once resided. So long had they been battling, that the facts became muddied and corrupted, twisted by the ravages of time and emotion. They only knew that they fought.

And just as humans became to get caught between the two, the princes of heaven stepped forward, generating a powerful spell between the four of them, and all of their angels, and using this spell, they bound themselves and the princes of hell onto earth, trapping them all into the minds and bodies of humans. Forced to forever reincarnate, locking the war into a stalemate as the demons and angels continued to battle it out, with neither side gaining an inch as the millennia marched forever onward.








  • Original characters only. Not Fandom, not canon, original. Human or humanoid characters only. You can't roleplay a cat or an inanimate object.
  • Humor, of course, has it's place. But this roleplay is serious so please take it as such. Also, please remember that this roleplay is not kittens and rainbows. It will be rife with more adult topics and potentially triggering content. Nothing will be forced on you if you do not want it, but keep in mind that many problematic things have a possibility of, and outright will, happen within this roleplay.
  • Obvious general rules. Do not force a ship, do not power play, do not puppet, so on and so forth. Recognize that some characters will be more powerful than others, especially the princes. No one stands equal to a completely released prince except another released prince.
  • Just because a character does something problematic does not mean the roleplayer feels the same way. We are not our characters. Do not shame someone for something their character does unless there was no ooc consent.
  • If you have an issue, please take it up with your local moderators. We care about everyone's comfort and we will do our best to answer questions. But we are only human, so please have patience with us and we will have patience with you.
  • There is no waiting list to be removed, I will take characters out and free up slots on a case-by-case basis. On that note, there is no strike system. You will be disciplined based on the severity of your behavior and potential repetition in mind.
  • Respect the moderators. Being rude is not going to win you any bonus points, you will not be able to bully main mod into doing anything they do not want to do. Don't try. Talk to me reasonably and with respect and I will do the same to you.
  • This is a roleplay group, it is for roleplaying. Please keep your real life personal issues out of the chat. We are mostly strangers here and it makes everyone uncomfortable. If you are having an emotional fit, the main mod *will* silence you. We are not your therapists, we do not have to deal with it. You will be unsilenced when you calm down.
  • No explicit sexual content within the main chat.
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RE: Into the Dusk [Modern. Demons and Angels] U/C
Character Applications

You are free to edit and alter this format to suit whatever fancy design you'd like. Just please remember to keep it legible. You can add information, but you cannot remove anything here, thank you!

.......YOUR INFO
OOC Name:

Elemental Alignment: (nonhumans only. Water, Fire, Earth, or Air.)
Species: (Human, Demon, or Angel.)
Role: (Hunter, Civilian, ranking in heaven or hell, status as host if one)
Reference: (Either a picture, or a written description, or both.)
IC hex Color: (( For example, #408acc ))


Abilities: (With combat or magical abilities or so on. Skills.)
Weaknesses: ( Weaknesses, fears, and so on. )
Weapons: (Anything they are known to carry or what kind of weapons they know how to use.)

History: (Please attempt to avoid using other named characters unless they are already taken and you have asked for permission to do so. You can insinuate it may be a specific character, but you cannot name who it is in case their headcanons or history do not align with yours.)

Example Application

.......YOUR INFO
OOC Name: Error/ Avid
Pronouns: She/ her

Name: Lyka Adamens
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Elemental Alignment: Water
Species: Human
Role: Host to Leviathan
Reference: [Click] Lyka stands at 6'2" and has a generally lean, in shape build with long legs. His hair, once brown, has become more of an ashy white, though it's retained some degree of it's messy waves. His bangs are long and messy, like the rest of his hair, and tend to fall in front of his face, obscuring one or both of his eyes. His eyes were once brown as well, but have since become a vivid blue, with snake-like pupils. His horns are large and dark gray, and curl out the back of his head, two sapphire rings are pierced into the right horn. He has six dragon like wings, which range in color from a deep blue to black. He also has a spade-like tail. His tail, wings, and horns are typically invisible to all, only appearing when he wishes them to do so.
IC hex Color: #408acc

Sexuality: He has a preference towards girls, but anything goes really. Pansexual.
Hobbies: He's an avid musician (music soothes the savage beast, after all) with a particular fondness for the Cello. He also enjoys swimming, and has an admiration for the arts. With his awakening, he has rediscovered a love for poetry as well. He also makes a hobby of toying with angels.
Abilities: As a prince's host, as Leviathan himself, Lyka possesses... incredible, terrible power. His abilities are vast and constantly growing thanks to the weakening of his seals, and include such things as being able to change his form, being able to turn his body into water to achieve some method of transportation through large bodies of it, control over the weather and the moon, control over water, ice, and most kinds of moisture. Manipulation of reality and illusion work. Incredible strength, speed, and agility. He can heal his wounds nigh instantly and survive things that could cause any average human instant death. And so on, his ability is only limited by his imagination and power reserves, which grow by the week. He can also drain energy from other demons or angels, though he must be touching them, or in contact with the same body of water as they are. Every time he devours someone, they become another entity trapped within him, adding to his total power.
Weaknesses: He is weaker during the day than he is at night, and especially vulnerable to sluggishness during bright, sunny days. The heat tires him out, and being out of the water for too long exhausts him and makes him unwilling to expend his time on fighting.
Weapons: He needs nothing more than magic and his own two hands, and his teeth.

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RE: Into the Dusk [Modern. Demons and Angels]
.......YOUR INFO
OOC Name: Honey Lemon
Pronouns: She/Her

Name: Catarina Alvaro
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Role: Host to Asmodeus
Reference: [Check It] Catarina stands at a solid 5'10", though usually looks taller because she is almost never caught without a pair of heels on. She has an hourglass figure to knock Marilyn Monroe to her knees, with a cinched waist that transitions into curvy hips and toned thighs, legs for days, and a bust befitting the finest of porn movies. Her hair falls to just under her ass, though is usually up in some form, most often a pony tail. Here is a more accurate coloring of Catarina's hair. Black at the base, but fades into sort of a weed green at the tips, though the back of her hair is, for the most part, entirely green.

Sexuality: Pansexual.
Hobbies: Dancing is by far her greatest passion. It's helped her through times of strife and stress, and she can often be found dacing by herself if she ever needs time alone. it's how she expresses herself when she can't hold, or can't convey, what she feels inside. Makeup is also something she's very fond of, and has become quite adept at it since her entrance into the United States. She also enjoys fashion and is mildly talented at sewing, is a wonderful cook, and oddly has a fondness for fishing.
Abilities: With the position of Prince, the limits of her powers may very well be relatively unknown. Her powers are amazing and horrible, awe-inspiring and terrifying. Her seals have yet to be broken, so as it stands, she seems no different from an ordinary human. Should the seals crack and crumble, a raging storm of powers would be released. Absolute manipulation of fire, light, heat, able to summon it at any time or control it from pre-existing sources. Inhuman speed, stamina, strength and durability would be granted to her, as to be expected. Bending the desires and cravings of others to her will, bringing their lust and cravings for the sweetness of warm flesh to the surface, making that desire a *need*. Her powers are a canvas and her mind is the brush, and as she grows more powerful, Catarina will discover this for herself, and may be given the choice to revel in her newfound abilities.
Weaknesses: Being alone, failure, old age. As a Prince with the core of Fire, she's stronger in the daytime, under the bright heat and light of the sun. It's warmth brings her energy and life, but being in the dark under the light of the moon tires her out if she expends too much energy.
Weapons: Known to carry a knife and pepper spray, and a taser in the shape of a lipstick tube. As Asmodeus, she knows how to use staffs, blades, swords, and whips. Blades and whips are the favorite.

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RE: Into the Dusk [Modern. Demons and Angels]
Catarina Alvaro is accepted.
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RE: Into the Dusk [Modern. Demons and Angels]
.......YOUR INFO
OOC Name: Chaos
Pronouns: He/Him

Name: Bryan MacClure
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Role: Hunter
Reference: Bryan is fairly tall at 6'5" with broad shoulders and a stocky build to match. He has short red hair with a well-groomed beard and mustache. Wears black thick frame glasses and has green eyes. Has various tattoos of dragons and such covering his left arm and back.

Sexuality: Bi with a preference for guys.
Hobbies: Studies language, history, and mythology of many cultures. A writer by trade and has actually had one or two fantasy novels published. Considers himself a bit of an expert on different coffees and teas. Maintains a small garden that somehow doesn't die while he's away. Spends a lot of his time on trips that he says are for inspiring his novels but in actuality, he's trying to hunt down one of the ghost weapons.
Abilities: He has a pretty quick reaction time and is fairly fast and nimble on his feet. Has a good mind for riddles and puzzles. Average in most other areas.
Weaknesses: Can sometimes be a bit too willing to accept someone for face value. Has his head in the clouds at points and may be oblivious to what's going on around him. Is somehow fine with demons and angels but is afraid of bugs and ghosts.
Weapons: Can mainly be found carrying two normal steel daggers or two handguns with blessed and cursed bullets. Is trained in axes and is currently training in using shields for defense and combat.

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RE: Into the Dusk [Modern. Demons and Angels]
Bryan MacClure has been accepted.
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RE: Into the Dusk [Modern. Demons and Angels]
.......YOUR INFO
OOC Name:Todd

Name: Argo
Age: Too old for this shit, human form looks to be around 35
Gender: Male
Species: Angel
Role: Scholar Angel (Scholar of Smithing)
Reference: Argo's huamn form is that of a short man, about 5' 7" in height. His hands are those of a hard working man, one who crafts things.
Sexuality: Sex is not something he normally thinks about, choosing instead to focus on his craft. But he does experience attraction to angels of any gender
Hobbies: Argo is a smith and his work is also his hobby. He enjoys crafting art of metal or similar substances.
Personality: He is known for being incredibly kind to all creatures, believing that everything, even demons have their place and reason for existing in God's creation. That is not to say he likes demons however, they are still something he detests. He simply recognizes they have a reason to exist.

Abilities: He's not one for fighting, but when pushed he can call upon the fires of his forge for magic type fire attacks. In his human form, he tends to use his smithing tools if he needs to wreck house. He's prodigiously strong, even in human form as well. But again, fighting is something he tends to stay away from.
Weaknesses: He fears that one day the world may turn from the light of God. His kindness can be considered a weakness as well, he often tries to become friends with those he shouldn't
Weapons: His weapons of choice would be hammers. He carries one similar to this in his human form, and one similar to this in his angelic form

History:'s called that for a reason. The greatest place one could grow up in, one full of light, laughter, song, and the Light of God. Though angels do not really "grow" as humans do. They are born fairly fully formed, though they do develop personality over time. It was this environment that helped shape Argo's personality, though his capacity for kindness and empathy raised high above that of his fellows

Argo was born a scholar and took up forgecraft as soon as the angel was able to choose his own path. He has been a craftsman ever since, crafting art for the people of heaven, and sometimes, the people of Earth. He sees humanity as an incredible species, capable of great acts of kindness and empathy, despite the cruel environment they were raised in
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RE: Into the Dusk [Modern. Demons and Angels]
Argo is accepted.
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RE: Into the Dusk [Modern. Demons and Angels]
OOC Name: Hare
Pronouns: They/Them

Name: Rory Ballantyne
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Role: Civilian

Sexuality: He's unsure of his preferences, and just dating in general, since he's never really had experiences with it; he's more so aromantic since he doesn't really think about others in any romantic way, he will think it's cute if it's between two others and he thinks they're good for each other. And be supportive all the way for a friend. He's a shipper, not one to be in a ship, is his train of thought.
Hobbies: He does still drawings and does wood burn carving. He also keeps around generic plants he gets in small packets of seeds and keeps them pretty well until he has to pluck them or take up the vegetables he keeps in a tiny green house.
Personality: Rory can be up beat and exited about a lot of things on half his days outside, having to take his medication the night before and eating properly in the morning without a high dose of sugar to interfere with his system right away, other times he can feel tired beyond belief even after getting a proper amount of sleep, which lags down his schedule he keeps an eye on most of the time, and/or consuming too much sugar. He tries to stay positive but sometimes he'll get really uneasy if it concerns him or his day plans or having to put up with high amounts of possible germs, or pressure involving work.

Abilities: He is training in a self defense class twice a week and can throw one good punch before his knuckles bother him and hurt like a bruised banana for about an hour.
Weaknesses: The smell of any cigarette smoke or similar things with the same use make his head hurt, and if inhaled too much will send him into a coughing fit for a few minutes. He has a fear of loud noises that suddenly strike, and people coming up behind him. A fear of heavily large crowds that cause people to bump against each other if not careful, and a small case of mysophobia that isn't too bad but also not normal. He takes medicine everyday due to his iron and blood levels being low, as said by his doctor, and has to take them everyday after dinner, before he goes to sleep, which is about three hours after eating. Struggles some days with nosebleeds and uses his sleeve to cover it up if there aren't any tissues or towels nearby for him to use. Not his best choice but he usually washes his coat afterwards when he gets home since it is gross.
Weapons: Pocket knife mostly used for defense in case of any possible mugging/robbery of self, or just to sharpen a pencil. He finds it could be useful half the time. He's never really used it as a weapon but it would fit for one. On another note, he also keeps a small bottle of hand sanitizer on him and uses it after touching particular surfaces he finds don't get cleaned very often, or it just looks gross in general.

History: He grew up with his grandma and mom, along with two of his aunties, and a few of his cousins and younger sister. He was brought up with sweets and general sugar, but he always moved actively outside and played with his cousins and friends, often getting hurt and either getting a few stitches or just really bad scratches and small infections that had to get cleaned out, taken the hospital for those times but never staying very long due to his grandma wanting him to be home. Through the years he grew more cautious and began to feel he should be more careful and cautious of getting hurt, and more tired, frequent to nosebleeds and passing out wherever he sat outside of his house. His mother finally brought him to a clinic and got an appointment, getting his issues sorted out and taking tests on his blood. Once they confirmed everything, he was given a few months of prescription medicine and does other check ups throughout the years, trying to keep up to date. He is still having to endure long running nosebleeds occasionally and still being heavily drowsy and dizzy some days when he forgets a few days in a row to take his medicine and consumes too much sugar early in the morning or throughout the day.

[Image: tumblr_m7k4o63N3Y1qjh13jo1_500.gif]
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RE: Into the Dusk [Modern. Demons and Angels]
Rory Ballantyne is accepted.
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