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Memo Shits n Giggles: A Challenge
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Offline 07-23-2017, 05:39 AM
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RE: Memo Shits n Giggles: A Challenge
--CURRENT grimAuxiliatrix responded to this memo RIGHT NOW--

CGA: This memo seems to go off the deep end at this point.
CGA: Should we go back on the supreme topic on hand explaining why Caliborn is a malicious person?
CGA: Or we could waste our time talking about other silly things that happened in our adventures throughout Sburb?
CGA: I figure the former, since John wanted to actually open a memo for the first time and have this "Cherub" wanting to defend his cruel act upon us all.
CGA: In no way is he innocent at all. His adult persona is Lord English, who recklessly destroyed thousands of thousands of dream bubbles, making us realize ghosts can die more than once. Absurd, but the truth.
CGA: The point is, should we get back on topic? I feel that way, but for everyone else, that is.
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Offline 07-24-2017, 04:29 AM
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RE: Memo Shits n Giggles: A Challenge
TG: Kania
TG: i don't think that he ever said
TG: that Caliborn was innocent
TG: in fact
TG: he conceded that if anyone needed fingers pointed at
TG: it was caliborn
TG: but
TG: i agree with him
TG: that finger pointing is useless
TG: most of us are now immortal
TG: save a few acceptions
TG: no offense.
TG: if we are fighting this early on
TG: it wont take to long
TG: that we have our first world war
TG: heck
TG: all the wars in ancient Rome
TG: if i remember my mythology correctly
TG: were some how related to gods warring
TG: i dont want to do that
TG: to these poor people of can town
TG: can't we all just get along
TG: even if we are not all inocent
TG: also the topic of this was not
TG: to point fingers at caliborn
TG: the topic was to see
TG: if anyone could entertain john
TG: so i take you up on your challenge
TG: with a picture of a cat

[Image: img_8302.jpg?width=367&height=276]
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