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Fate of the Forums
Offline 08-16-2017, 06:33 PM (This reply was last modified: 08-16-2017 06:35 PM by why-am-i-here.)(Edited by why-am-i-here.)
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RE: Fate of the Forums
Any news on people willing to work on the technical aspect, coding and all? I know...... next to nothing about coding, I can hardly edit my own tumblr theme, but if I can study what's going on here and try, and a few people would be willing to at least kinda try with me, then I think that would probably be better than nothing. If other people have offered, they definitely know more than me and I will immediately step back, but I don't see anything to that end on this memo, and this site is important to me, so there's my attempt to be helpful. Like..... shit, when it comes to transferring over old features, can I start from..... I don't know how this works, copy-pasting existing code and hammering it together?

I'm like. I opened codecademy once, maybe. I'm opening it again now, but if I sound completely incompetent, it's because I'm very, very minorly underselling myself and am only mostly incompetent.

A walking choo choo catastrophe striving for horizontal width longening.
aight check it - Broadwaytier's looking for new talent!
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