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Fate of the Forums
Offline 08-16-2017, 06:33 PM (This reply was last modified: 08-16-2017 06:35 PM by why-am-i-here.)(Edited by why-am-i-here.)
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RE: Fate of the Forums
Any news on people willing to work on the technical aspect, coding and all? I know...... next to nothing about coding, I can hardly edit my own tumblr theme, but if I can study what's going on here and try, and a few people would be willing to at least kinda try with me, then I think that would probably be better than nothing. If other people have offered, they definitely know more than me and I will immediately step back, but I don't see anything to that end on this memo, and this site is important to me, so there's my attempt to be helpful. Like..... shit, when it comes to transferring over old features, can I start from..... I don't know how this works, copy-pasting existing code and hammering it together?

I'm like. I opened codecademy once, maybe. I'm opening it again now, but if I sound completely incompetent, it's because I'm very, very minorly underselling myself and am only mostly incompetent.

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aight check it - Broadwaytier's looking for new talent!
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Offline 05-12-2019, 05:38 AM
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RE: Fate of the Forums
(06-20-2017 08:42 AM)centaurstesticle Wrote:  I got in contact with epithetic who designed and used to moderate the Forums and they strongly suggested taking them down. Now I am really torn about what to do so I wanted to get input from the Forum community.

I cannot maintain these boards myself. I know that I will not be around consistently enough to do so, I have to manage MSPARP still on a number of fronts. I started back at my old job recently and have other life obligations as well. Besides that, I'm worried that my presence here might encourage people to come and cause problems since I have drawn a lot of fan ire recently. I really do not want to be a reason why people who enjoy using this website have to deal with problems or harassment. You guys deserve to have a good time and relax cause life is full of stress, but fandom should be full of fun.

So what should we do guys? Is anyone willing to step up? We may not be able to continue hosting if we need to dissociate the site completely from the Forums and the name of it might need to change (along with the logo.... even though the logo is so cool), but I believe there are free services out there that would let you host the site and I'd be willing to help find them.

Whatever the case, if we do need to close them, I want to leave them up as a read-only archive at the very least. We would also wait until we had a way for people to download their threads and perhaps transfer them somewhere else. I know there are a lot of people who have ongoing fan adventures here. Maybe, at the very least, we could shut down some of the boards that are used less frequently and keep the fan adventures sections up?

Please let me know what you guys think.
is there any way i can help? i haven't been on here for long but it is so nice and amazing!! i really don't want to loose this site or any of the great content from creators on here !

"grief is love in it's most savage forms"
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Away 05-13-2019, 02:06 PM
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RE: Fate of the Forums
You're several years too late, unfortunately. The forums are pretty much abandoned save by those zealous enough to check every day or those bored enough to check once in a blue moon. Several people have offered to help moderate the site but none have been accepted for reasons undetermined.

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Offline 05-18-2019, 06:28 PM
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RE: Fate of the Forums
The mods literally don't exist anymore on here. Hell, I'm not even sure who actually owns the site any more. Good luck trying to get in contact with everyone- they've all scattered and moved on.

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