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Sufferers of failed sessions
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Offline 06-16-2017, 02:56 AM
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RE: Sufferers of failed sessions
BC: $€ra+€h i$ v£r¥ difficul+ +o €om£ in €on+ac+ wi+h.
GH: H£ onl¥ €om£$ +o m£ wh£n h£ r£quir£$ i+£m$ for hi$ €hild.
GH: +h£ HI€ i$ +h£ di€+a+or of all highblood$, and $h£ own$ B£++¥ €ro€k£r €o. $o I wouldn'+ bak£ an¥+hing wi+h +h£ir mi%£$.
GH: Ba€k +o $€ra+€h, I €an $£nd ¥ou a link +o +hi$ £mail h£ u$£$. H£ $hould r£$pond.

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Art By Ekura
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Offline 06-19-2017, 08:39 AM
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RE: Sufferers of failed sessions
SA: Oh how wonderfully amazing
SA: A clickable link to a defective text to speech program I'm currently using
SA: I think I could try to wire this up to my computer or his laptop
SA: be frank with you, Betty Crocker being this "Hic", well...
SA: That doesn't sound like nonsense at all!
SA: I'm not sure if the trolls from the previous session ever mention her or in my session...they mentioned someone else
SA: A "HER" or what the space and void troll would say, their "Lord" who I unfortunately know who they were speaking of
SA: Hell, I'm not even sure about the previous previous session if they ever mention her
SA: All they do is linger around and just, um, stand there I guess or float like sprites
SA: Maybe they are sprites...
SA: ...but this session on the other hand
SA: I just feel absolutely terrible for everything in this session
SA: As if it was also my fault for not doing my part
SA: Because...I'm the time player and I could have done something, but I never did...
SA: And now I'm haunted by the fact that I never did my mission to ensure the timelines and light the forge correctly or properly to say the least
SA: And I could have done more if I went god tier in fact
SA: But...
-- shadowAmbrosia
[SA] an error has occurred...please...zttztt --
-- ??? shadowAmbrosia [SA] has returned to the memo --
SA: Hah...sorry, it does that sometimes

And yOu ALL thOught i wAz gOne... yOu were zOreLy miztAken...

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