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...S9 we're d9ing this.
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Online 06-14-2017, 06:51 PM
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RE: ...S9 we're d9ing this.
CGA: You know what else would be a crying shame? All of trollkind dying forever with no alternate timelines left.
CGA: I'd imagine that would put a dour damper on our little parade of incessant bickering and disputes.
CGA: Because, surprise surprise, WE WOULD ALL BE DEAD.
CGA: You would be dead, I would be dead, he would be dead, she would be dead, and BY GOD, there wouldn't be a single soul left because we all die of old age or whatever trivial minions the game still hasn't been exhausted dry of striking us down.
CGA: I would hope it would have been clear beforehand that there is no more winning.
CGA: There are no more chances.
CGA: We've had our shot.
CGA: It's been three sweeps. There are no ectobiology labs and there are no glitches or loopholes to find and there are CERTAINLY no cheat codes we can input to ensure victory.

CGA: We cannot exist. Our very lives are a paradox and we still cling to false hope?
CGA: How can we possibly look at ourselves in the mirror and think, "yes, I'm happy with my decision to offput the inevitable"?
CGA: Or has word not spread around as quickly as I would have expected that there is no explanation for our very existence in the first place?
CGA: Will the duty have to fall on my shoulders to explain where we came from?

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Offline 06-14-2017, 07:40 PM (This reply was last modified: 06-14-2017 07:41 PM by AncientE%cursion.)(Edited by AncientE%cursion.)
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RE: ...S9 we're d9ing this.
CCA: Oh forget all that extra mundane crap!
CCA: Let's just go knock on the Black King's door and promptly wreck his face up!
CCA: or two faces I guess
CCA: we all know that's the end goal of this whole game anyways, why not just do it?
CCA: as for the whole ectochemistry or whatever, i'm POSITIVE that the game can just throw something together and we'll be just fine
CCA: all those in favor of operation tiger shark, say aye!
CCA: come on captor, back me up here!

[Image: 9bb7pc.gif]

Do the evolution
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Offline 06-15-2017, 12:51 AM
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RE: ...S9 we're d9ing this.
AG: Porrim, why are you trying to take away my explanations?! I still can explain everything to us all! I still can!
AG: I've always wanted nothing more to help! Have you all forgotten?

#have you all forgotten that I tried healing Mituna? #I tried so hard, #honestly, #I wish I hadn't, #that feeling was as nasty as, #something that is very nasty, that was

AG: No, no, I shouldn't act like that. I'm sorry.
AG: I'm just 8eing a tiny 8it agitated.
AG: You are quite right, Kankri, I am more or less our leader and the responsi8ility is stressing me out.

#somewhat, #not much, #not much at all

AG: And sorry for not having responded to our current discussion earlier, I took some time to explain our situation to my Consorts.

#now that's some appreciative audience, #unlike some stu88orn team mem8ers we have here

AG: Anyway, we are indeed a paradoxically produced pretty people!
AG: To reitereate more on that, allow me to start from the 8eginning. This way we wouldn't 8e a8le to lose anything important from the whole picture.
AG: See, when two trolls love each other so much, and then the first troll and the third troll hate each other so much they em8race each other and
AG: Just kidding, I know Kankri will 8low his top if I start giving you all The Talk.

#again, #for the record, #it would have marked only the third time I would have reiter8ed on that matter, #this sweep

AG: What is much more important, however, is the fact that this game's players are apparently cre8ed through a complic8ed and a la8yrintine process called Paradox Cloning during the which we all should've 8een produced 8y the applic8ion of the ecto8iology la8, where our Ancestors genetic material would 8e transported to the la8 and mixed together to cre8 no one else 8ut us!

#how incredi8le is that? #the answer is, #very, #very incredi8le

AG: And that st8ment over the situ8ion concerning our hatching 8rings me to my next point.

#8efore i get to it, #Kankri, I'm sorry, #I'm sorry 8ecause I know how much you'd have appreciated the la8oratory that allows for a 8ucket-free reproduction, #I don't know why it's not here, #I wish it would, #I tried so hard, #I cannot find it

AG: Wait.
AG: I start to deviate from the topic
AG: .
AG: Porrim, I'll talk a8out death later.
AG: And Kankri, honestly, I don't see much point of private messaging anymore.
AG: I don't see much point of Cronus' ever-aggravating optimism either.
AG: Wait, no, no, I'm sorry.
AG: Sorry, I need some time to focus
AG: .

#at least I haven't forgotten to put the period at the end of my sentence

My fan adventures:

Troll Jailbreak

Trolls but no SGRUB

A kid in some strange world
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Offline 06-15-2017, 03:30 AM
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RE: ...S9 we're d9ing this.
CTA: i agree with cronustsh
CTA: wyh cant we just go to Derse and fcuk up the black king?
CTA: we could probably beat him!!!!!!!11!11
CTA: i can hlep!

CTA: also, abuot the ancident..,.,.,
CTA: yuo're welcome for me savign you, and im sthhory for fuckign up.

don't talk to me unless you relate to this on a spiritual level
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Offline 06-15-2017, 03:35 AM (This reply was last modified: 06-15-2017 03:36 AM by RandomWriter.)(Edited by RandomWriter.)
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RE: ...S9 we're d9ing this.
Prince of Rage

[Image: giphy.gif]

#about the scratch? some of the stuff porrim's been talking about :o)

#you're not the only one who does their homework

#also, that 'healing' experience was bad for everyone

CTC: [Image: giphy.gif]

#i am and will likely be unneeded at the scratch's occurrence

#but then again, i might be there to pacify damara

#prince of rage n all :o)

#sure, i can come to your planet

CTC: [Image: giphy.gif]

#never fear

#I'M STILL ALL IN :o) :o(

#also please continue giving the talk while kankri is in the memo aranea

#do it for tuna, who did stuff for you

#honestly it'd be cool to see him burst into laughter at kankri's suffering

Quote:Hoi! -Temmie, upon greeting thee.

[Image: QQXjfM8.png]

Three Entrybound characters. Coming soon!
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Offline 06-15-2017, 12:06 PM
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RE: ...S9 we're d9ing this.
CAT: alr1ght, alr1ght, 1 th1nk we all m1ght need to calm down a b1t here...
CAT: we're not gonna get anyth1ng done 1f we keep f1ght1ng l1ke th1s, haha
CAT: 1'm w1th porr1m on th1s one... the scratch 1s k1nda our last opt1on
CAT: sorry cronus
CAT: 1f what aranea sa1d 1s r1ght, s1nce we can't f1nd the lab, we can't really be born 1n th1s sess1on
CAT: 1 d1d get that r1ght, r1ght?
CAT: 1 mean 1 don't l1ke the 1dea of not ex1st1ng e1ther, but 1f 1t's the only way for our race to surv1ve...
CAT: 1t could g1ve us a chance to start over on... some th1ngs...
CAT: and 1 can d1g that, 1 guess

[Image: SatisfiedAdmirableCaracal-max-1mb.gif]
thanks starlitEnchantress for the sprite!
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Online 06-15-2017, 03:28 PM
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RE: ...S9 we're d9ing this.
CGA: You make a fair point, Rufioh, and I don't say that simply because you're on board.
CGA: Calming down would be advisable, for all of us.
CGA: Myself included.
CGA: Aranea especially. Your typing is suffering and I wouldn't imagine your physical state is faring much better.

CGA: Ah, I should likely elaborate on something; mentioning Aranea did spark a sudden memory I'd almost lost hold of.
CGA: In order to initiate the Scratch, we require a key item.
CGA: The Quills of Echidna.
CGA: What their exact purpose is, I'm not 100% certain, as I wasn't even allowed to gain access to them.
CGA: But they're evidently intended to be used in conjunction with the device that initiates the Scratch, the likes of which are located on Damara's planet.
CGA: So if we didn't need her on board before, we certainly do now.
CGA: Especially considering she refused to hand them over until the entire team agreed to initiate the Scratch.

CGA: I'm sure my frustration is quite evident at this point. So many conditions and prerequisites.
CGA: So much fussing and tugging to make ends meet, and now this.
CGA: If I had any interest in exaggerating the exasperation I would offer the notion of me literally being on my knees and praying that we find an easy solution to this barrel of conflicting interests of ours.

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Offline 06-15-2017, 04:16 PM
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RE: ...S9 we're d9ing this.
AG: What's the point, what is the point?
AG: what is the point of all this?
AG: Dying was bad enough 8ut it fueled my ascension.
AG: 8ut it was a controlla8le death with my dreamself already awakened!

#I'm sorry, #I really don't feel like explaining on the effects of my ascension to the god tier

AG: Here it is worse than a mere death - we all would 8e rewritten!
AG: It'd 8e as if we've never existed in the first place, some other things replacing us!
AG: We were a8out to change the world, to make a 8etter place!
AG: And now what - we would 8e worse than a 8ackground characters!
AG: We would 8e straight-up erased with literally no one aware of our stories!!!!!!!!

#was it all for nothing

AG: And you know what, Makara?
AG: I at least tried helping Mituna to heal.
AG: What things of use have YOU done?
AG: Wait, I know! You sewed your mouth shut finally freeing us all from your inane clown ram8lings!
AG: I 8et even Meulin got sick of it!
AG: !!!!!!!!
AG: And you know what, I'm with Cronus and Mituna!

#i am willingly agreeing to go with our resident o8noxious Troll Gandalf and Mr Unintelligi8le, #I guess there is something not right with me right now, #hell if i know what, #wait, I know! #I don't want to die, #to die in a complete o8scurity

AG: Oh, and Porrim, I
AG: I didn't know you were stressed out as well
AG: .
AG: how could I know anyway?
AG: *How
AG: My empathic a8ilities only work when the people are located near to me.
AG: I just
AG: I am just a 8it.
AG: I am only a little 8it scared.
AG: and lonely.
AG: can we all just
AG: Can we all just meet together?
AG: Hang out, that kinda thing?

#yes, I am well aware that most of you still regard me with a lukewarm contempt at 8est, #and a flat-out scorn at worst, #save a couple of my friends, #feeling that still 8eats feeling nothing from you all through text

AG: I'm just scared, I just want to get together, to tell you a story or two.
AG: I have to admit, talking to my consorts helped me realise that explaining helps me focus.
AG: Wait, I forgot.
AG: Spwaking of explanations, there is an o8ject called The Tumour. It is stated to 8e a 8ig 8om8.
AG: I 8elieve that this humongous 8om8 can 8e of use against The 8lack King.
AG: We only need to retrieve it!

#what do we have to lose now anyway, #we will win!!! #Cronus, do you have a petrific8ing wand? #this way we could win the game AND have a petrified 8lack King as our collective trophy! #>::::)

My fan adventures:

Troll Jailbreak

Trolls but no SGRUB

A kid in some strange world
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Online 06-15-2017, 04:43 PM
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RE: ...S9 we're d9ing this.
CGA: Aranea.
CGA: Aranea Serket, are you listening to me?
CGA: Calm down.
CGA: Calm. Down.
CGA: You're getting hysterical.
CGA: No, that isn't accurate. You're already hysterical.
CGA: If you don't apologise to not only Kurloz, but Cronus and Mituna as well, right this instant, there are going to be words had between the two of us of a very dire nature.
CGA: Please, just, be quiet for a bit. The less panicking, the better.

CGA: I will, however, take a moment to raise you a hypothetical scenario. Bear with me on this one.
CGA: Let's assume we did acquire this big bomb, and let's assume that we DID beat The Black King, as far-fetched as that reality is right now.
CGA: What happens if we win? What happens if we leave this universe and into the next?
CGA: Might I remind you that we shouldn't exist? What if we emerge from our victory only to completely tear apart our newfound space-time continuum?
CGA: You might be scared to die, but are you not scared to never have been born?
CGA: Stew on that for a little while.

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Offline 06-16-2017, 03:37 AM
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RE: ...S9 we're d9ing this.
Prince of Rage

[Image: giphy.gif]

#thanks, porrim, but as much as i like seeing a total babe such as yourself defending me in this situation


#still friends though aranea

# <3<

CTC: [Image: giphy.gif]

#before i get off topic into a screaming rant on how ive been quietly helping out with several social disputes or events because not everyone needs to be in the spotlight, the tumor thing sounds cool


#now, onto the rant

CTC: [Image: 1234567890_by_melspontaneus-d5lknqk.gif]





#while i understand that you tend to dislike me due to my riddles n japes n clown stuff that seems to piss you off


#remember when kankri kept getting into trouble due to his attempts to negotiate a peace between prospit and derse

#does anyone recall any mime being in the area BECAUSE I DO

#remember literally every time cronus and mituna would be at each other's throats but no one would care because kankri was way too busy dealing with his consorts and woman troubles, and because of the drama that was rufioh, horrus, and damara that started from literally day one and only got worse and worse until that one fateful game night

#who do you think kept tuna from blasting em and who kept cronus from being too angry by helping him with wizard stuff

#there are many, many other examples

#also, you want to talk about meulin? you really want to dig up old relationship stuff. you really want to sink that low.


CTC:[Image: tumblr_mxivdbD7Hr1qhcj5zo1_500.gif]

#okay, rant over. :o)

Quote:Hoi! -Temmie, upon greeting thee.

[Image: QQXjfM8.png]

Three Entrybound characters. Coming soon!
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