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...S9 we're d9ing this.
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Offline 06-12-2017, 05:37 PM
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...S9 we're d9ing this.

--CURRENT circumspecticalGabblant [CCG] RIGHT NOW opened memo on board: d3l1r1ous b1zn4sty (no fun zon3)--
CCG: Well, um.
CCG: I would like to clarify a few matters before we begin.
CCG: If everyone could just sit tight while the foundational background of this memo is being typed, just like that, that would be great. Thank you, really appreciating the cooperation.
CCG: And that's the thing, cooperation, really dovetails nicely with the next point I have so conveniently outlined in my notes, which is...
CCG: (Referring to the outline, please hold.)
CCG: Teamwork! Cooperation, and hence teamwork, right. I just felt now was appropriate to say how much I appreciate the constant underlying thread of teamwork, even in trying times like these, when circumstances have become so divisive. Teamwork would be, in fact, one of at least the top three things which I have most neglected to appreciate, seriously nice work everyone.
CCG: Did you know we missed the third anniversary of the game (gameversary? gamiversary? is that what the more pun-inclined among us dubbed it?) last week? I know, I had lost track of time myself, but it looks like I've still got the ping reminder set up on my husktop, look at that.
CCG: If, of course, it's something you want to look at. Should you prefer to ignore the crushing forward trudge of time with or without us, that's entirely understandable, consider the concept thoroughly and immediately dashed.
CCG: But, with a brief [tw: the crushing forward trudge of time with or without us]: I understand that I have been something of an obstructionist toward those who would rather, well, end it, and it's come to my attention that boundless optimism can only assuage the concerns of a unanimous dissenting crowd for so long.
CCG: I'm onboard with the Scratch. That makes twelve of us, if I'm not mistaken.
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Offline 06-12-2017, 06:29 PM (This reply was last modified: 06-12-2017 07:43 PM by Alienoid.)(Edited by Alienoid.)
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RE: ...S9 we're d9ing this.
--CURRENT germinalAstraea [CGA] RIGHT NOW responded to memo--
CGA: I'll skip the preamble I had prepared after skimming through your bush-beating about teamwork just this once.
CGA: If the circumstances surrounding your sudden change of heart were any different than as of right now, I would likely comment that it's about time you turned around.
CGA: Less so because of how offensively obvious it is that our options are less than limited (granted, that still remains an issue), but more so on the matter that you've been fussing about this issue for quite long enough.
CGA: I say that generously, mind you.
CGA: However, by all means, don't let me be the one to stop you from leaning closer to common sense, as depressing as the prospect is when you take its context into account.
CGA: All I can do is give you my congratulations for hopping on this little four wheel device of hype with the rest of us.
CGA: The grimthroes of celebration shall unravel their juxtapository tendrils and ensnare our party sooner than later, I never thought I would say, but here we are.
CGA: I do believe waiting for Aranea would be a wise idea, though, before much more discussion takes place. She's the expert on this particular area of knowledge, after all.

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Offline 06-13-2017, 02:48 AM
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RE: ...S9 we're d9ing this.
Prince of Rage
Current theopneusticCarnifex [CTC] has joined the [/size][/b][/font]memo.

[Image: latest?cb=20130218212050]

CTC: :o)


Quote:Hoi! -Temmie, upon greeting thee.

[Image: QQXjfM8.png]

Three Entrybound characters. Coming soon!
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Offline 06-13-2017, 04:06 AM
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RE: ...S9 we're d9ing this.
---CURRENT troubleArrived started responding to this memo RIGHT NOW.---
TA: took be honeskt?
TA: i dnot know what thiusth scratch thign is, but if it gets usth out of here im on board
TA: latula'sth cominmg, rihgt?

don't talk to me unless you relate to this on a spiritual level
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Offline 06-13-2017, 11:12 AM
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RE: ...S9 we're d9ing this.
--CURRENT acclinatingTauromachy [CAT] RIGHT NOW responded to memo--

CAT: 1'm w1th m1tuna on th1s one
CAT: 1've got no 1dea what th1s scratch 1s supposed to do...
CAT: sounds l1ke some crazy sh*t 1f you ask me
CAT: but 1'm on board 1f 1t means we're gett1ng out of here }:)

[Image: SatisfiedAdmirableCaracal-max-1mb.gif]
thanks starlitEnchantress for the sprite!
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Offline 06-13-2017, 03:50 PM
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RE: ...S9 we're d9ing this.
CCG: ...And, there it is, the long-coming [tw: physical violence] slap in the face that is hindsight. This is the part where, in any memo without time constraints, past-Kankris would be just teeming around all this ill-reasoned red in the metaphorical conversational waters.
CCG: See? There, right there, those were my reservations. What exactly is it about my leadership that suddenly inspires the previously unreachable ability to question authority? Do the enticing curves of my neat little 6s and 9s awaken some hidden capacity to dissent? Does the concept of agreeing with Kankri Vantas light some discomfited rebellious flame? That's it, eureka, my true skill in pedagogy can manifest only as a devil's lawyerviscerator.
CCG: These were, to the letter, my concerns.
CCG: That none of you understood knew what we were doing.
CCG: I agree, one would hope willing participants of any democratic organization, such as our own, would strive to be aware of the potentially devastating nature of their decisions, and frankly choosing quiet consensus over conscientious debate is, if you ask me, moderately problematic. But I'm sure when shoutnubs is skreeching about your own manipulation as information is consistently withheld, let alone begging you to question - well, that's just less interesting, isn't it?
CCG: I am going to step away from the husktop, momentarily, to breathe.

CCG: [tw: existentialist themes]
CCG: The Scratch is, as I understand it, a full game reset.
CCG: One in which, somehow, this session will be "overwritten."
CCG: I appreciate the questions, and encourage everyone to keep that curious nature - really, holding your informants accountable is crucial in any environment and particularly times such as these - but answers beyond that have been withheld from me as much as from you. Without naming any names, and while maintaining good faith that said names will come forward - it's not my Choice.
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Offline 06-13-2017, 04:00 PM
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RE: ...S9 we're d9ing this.
-- CURRENT ardentlyGarrulous [AG] responded to the memo RIGHT NOW --

AG: Why thank you Porrim, your interest is much appreciated!
#i guess
AG: Now, first of all, allow me to ela8orate on the current situation AND provide some insight into the means we have at hand and pro8lems we're a8out to encounter.
AG: As we all know, our current state is far away from 8eing the most optimal

#far enough to land in the opposing direction
AG:First of all, it turned out that the game threw at us too many too powerful opponents.
AG: Now, please, I ask you not to get me wrong, I'm all up for the fact that violence should stay in the virtual world, it's just the fact that it feels a 8it too real for the comfort is making me sad.

#speaking of videogames, #i still find myself playing that old game a8out pirates, #no idea why, #i guess it 8ecame somewhat of a comforting game for me, #playing a pirate feels right, #for some reason
AG: Then there is the pro8lem located on the inside, namely, the interpersonal relationships.
AG: Which are, to 8e frank, a8solutely mindnum8ingly horrifyingly 8loodchurningly fla88erghastingly mangled 8eyond any repair

#if you ask me, #who am i kidding, of course you all already asked me, #::::)
AG: There's also that strange situation a8out an ecot8iology la8. According to my sources there should 8e one except that it is NOT HERE!
AG: Which 8rings me to our first pro8lem. And trust me, this is the least of the pro8lems we have at hand.
#tw: hand jokes, #wait, Rufioh, you've regained your hands, #haven't you? #not to 8admouth Horuss' handcraft, of course
AG: Nevertheless, the pro8lem of a lack of an ecto8iology la8 is the smallest one 8ecause there is literally nothing we can do a8out it. Aside from initiating The Scratch, of course.
AG: Then there is the trunk8east in the living room that is what he flying fuck has happened to Mituna.

#there, i said it, #some8ody had to
AG: Our third pro8lem is that The Scratch must 8e performed 8y the team's Time player. And something tells me she isn't likely to 8e in a helpful mood. I am not going to point touchstu8s and state who is responsi8le for her current situation, however
#8ecause I'm a good friend and can let 8ygones 8e 8ygones
AG: Wait, Kankri, you stated, and I quote, "the makes twelve of us"? Did you actually managed to talk to Damara? Did you also manage to convince her?
#or are you just still in your hopeful mood
AG: Speaking of disagreeing, Kankri, you know that me and you hardly ever agree on anything 8ut honestly, I find it to 8e rather charming. After all, a good de8ates are hard to come 8y.
#especially given how
AG: Anyway, I have also discovered a thing called the Tumour, wait, no, I'll talk a8out it later.
AG: I have forgotten to ela8orate on the Scratch!
AG: So
AG: The Scratch is
AG: I mean
AG: Well, 8asically
AG: Thak you, Kankri, on explaining what The Scratch does. It actually feels nice not to reiterate a8out it.
AG: Yes, yes, I know, I am quite aware of my overall fondness of exposition and my reluctance of agreeing with my constant de8ating partner, I'm just
AG: Somewhat
AG: Worried.

#not much, #I'm as calm as, #as, #as something that is very calm, #very, very calm
AG: If the Scratch is going to reset the world, will we remem8er what happened during these three sweeps? Will we keep our memories? Or will they 8e replaced, and, by extension, will that replace us? Will we 8e replaced 8y new us with new memories?
AG: I'm sorry, I
AG: I shouldn't have 8een talking a8out it.
AG: I've just 8een thinking a8out it and
AG: I'm a little 8it
AG: Nervous
AG: .

My fan adventures:

Troll Jailbreak

Trolls but no SGRUB

A kid in some strange world
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Offline 06-13-2017, 04:29 PM
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RE: ...S9 we're d9ing this.
CCG: Good, hey, I'm glad we can all open up here.
CCG: Seriously, it's nice to see you willing to address one of the thousands of flaws inherent in this tenuous half-plan and emotions behind them, and would like to reaffirm my support through such doubts, especially now that such support can no longer be branded transparent ploys to disrupt team commitment to the Scratch, which they weren't.
CCG: I'd like to counter you, briefly, on that point about relationships, though. If you'll entertain the digression - or, actually, if you won't, because it had been repeatedly established that I do not need permission to talk - as our resident Blood player, I am uniquely qualified to say when all unity is lost. And it isn't! We've hit some stumbling blocks, but I have full faith we can still turn this around and keep moving straight forward, should we choose to.
CCG: I object, as always, to the notion that bad things happen for a reason, but trying times do bring us together: after all, just look at that surge in empathy after [tw: Mituna] Mituna's bloody, terrifying traumatic brain injury, really unifying stuff. If that can turn us around, I'm sure a crisis point such as this one can present the perfect opportunity to get right back into the swing of things, and with my newly refocused social leadership role already set up for the ideal level of guidance.
CCG: Should, that is, we as a team collectively duck out of this effort, which is no longer anything I have any interest in lobbying for.
CCG: The floor is just, you know, very, very open for anyone else who would like to.
CCG: Should the fancy strike you.

CCG: And no, I have no word from Damara in the Scratch's favor, but have received several momentary menacing looks from a distance while past-me advocated against it, so being socially gifted as I am with interpreting implications, I think I know where her stance lies.
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Offline 06-13-2017, 04:44 PM
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RE: ...S9 we're d9ing this.
CGA: Easy, Aranea. Easy. We went over this when we consulted Echidna, did we not?
CGA: I suppose I should have seen this outcome coming. You did comment that you couldn't understand a word she said.
CGA: For convenient reference, everyone, that is far from the story I would and am about to tell. I understood her perfectly.
CGA: (I will quietly add to the record that for once, I'm on board with Kankri on a topic, and that particular topic very centrally revolves around the lack of understanding regarding the Scratch. Truly concerning, given the direness of our lives right now.)
CGA: (Leave it to a Space player to tell people how the world works.)
CGA: Give me a moment to sum my thoughts up.

CGA: For those not in the know, Aranea and I consulted with my denizen, Echidna, about how to initiate the Scratch.
CGA: The core reason being what Aranea mentioned just now - the lack of an ectobiology lab.
CGA: I won't bother going into the semantics of it for fear of joining these two in the ranks of Wordy Miss Smartymouth, but I will say this.
CGA: We cannot win. There is no possibility.

CGA: Aranea asked for my help to research the Scratch, a way to 'reset' our universe in order to hopefully get a better dice roll of circumstances. Perhaps the players of the session in our new rebooted universe would be successful where we failed.
CGA: Note how I did not refer to these players in the first person.
CGA: You all had better be sitting for this.
CGA: These are Echidna's exact words.

CGA: By resetting the universe, we too will be reset. This was implied earlier, but I am stating this for the record right now, because I will not stand for friends of mine blindly signing their lives away without even realising it.
CGA: By agreeing to this, you all have agreed to sacrifice your lives and lose all memory and growth you've gained in the last three sweeps to give our species a second fighting chance.
CGA: To allow a new universe to grow to fruition and let our species prosper where it once faced extinction.
CGA: This is literally our only option. We have no chance at attaining victory, not now, not ever.
CGA: I don't want to give the impression that I am forcing anybody here to die. We've had quite enough of that as of late.
CGA: However, it is absolutely imperative that you all understand that it's this way, or no way.
CGA: We live and die in this broken universe, or fade into nonexistence to allow some hope for our race.

CGA: Are we clear on this, everybody? We'd better be.

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Offline 06-13-2017, 10:49 PM
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RE: ...S9 we're d9ing this.
TA: syto, doign tihs scratch thing means we all die!?1/>/!?1?>
TA: fcuk that! i dont want anythign to do with thaht!
TA: if it mens i never get to see all my freinds again... i dont kwnow what ill do 8((except crobnuts)

don't talk to me unless you relate to this on a spiritual level
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