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Stuck right under
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Stuck right under
Welcome, trolls and humans, to the tale that is as old as time...

Long ago, two races rulled over space. Humans and trolls. These species were incredibly diferent, but somehow they managed to coexist for centuries.
Until one day, a way broke out between the two races.
The new Empress abominated the amount of territory the humans had. With her greed and wrath, she declared war on the humans. The peace between trollkind and humankind was put to an end.

The humans fought valiently and with everything they had. They kept on going , even as their numbers disminished with every battle. It would have been stupid to say that humans hadn't been a tough oponent.
Even after all of those efforts...the trolls were victorius. They had eradicated an immense number of humans and sent the shambles of the human race to a far,far away empty planet. Afterwards, they input a barrier that should never let the humans escape and crashed every single teleportation pad.
After that, trolls have yet to try establish contact with humans. It is said that they had slowly perished of hunger and lack of resources, that their species had been erased of the cosmos completely. If any troll tried to get a ship to travel to the planet of humans...
...gets culled. The empress is always watching. Her reign over interstellar ship business is impenetrable. As so, any previous bonds the humans and trolls might have shared ended up fading away with time. Soon enough,there were only tales that included the humans as regular enemies the empire had gotten rid of.
The teleporting pads had been thrown away and buried deep deep beneath the earth, which supposedly no one should be able to find. It was said they were beyond repair,anyway.
Until one day...

Until one day, a curious little explorer ends up stumbling upon one of those pads. The curious little explorer takes it to her friend whose abilities with these kind of technologies are on point. The pad is fixed up. It doesn't take long until their little group of twelve friends gets the word. Soon enough they reunite around the pad. As the pad lights up, something goes wrong. It shouldn't have been able to teleport more than one person. Instead the entirety of the group is dispersed among the different zones of the planet.

And so a new tale begins...

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