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remember oldparp?
Offline 01-11-2018, 03:15 PM
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RE: remember oldparp?
(06-10-2017 09:14 AM)Dasva Danya Wrote:  OLDMSPARP is the only reason I even managed to get into NEWMSPARP at all.
Well that, and the fact it was being shut down, and all the alternative roleplay sites were, quite frankly, crap.

I'd have to agree with you on that one.
OldParp really was one of the most fun RP sites I ever went to. You could go into a casual chat filled with mostly Homestuck characters as someone like Stimpy J. Cat, and you'd actually be able to have fun roleplaying!

Hell, I even had some fun with the early days of newParp! Whenever it was Being able to goof around as a canon character in undertaie, or pulling off some lighthearted shenanigans as Wander in multifandomroadtrip, or just being comedic with canon muses (Caliborn's Food machines and Klogg's quest for a better burger, anyone?), there was at least a little wiggle room to make sure everyone had fun roleplaying, even if I did make a dumb mistake or two, but hey, it was all a part of the fun!

Eventually, Homestuck ended, the hype died down, and a little while after that happened, those days started becoming relics of an old age... I'd have to be lucky to even find a decent Multifandom chat nowadays, and if I do find one, it's swamped with rules ensuring that my style of RP (bring in basic prompt, improv everything from there) won't even slightly work.

Most chats are Fansessions/OC chats now, only allowing, well, OCs, which kinda sucks for someone who only has one very unused Undertale OC. Others are either 1-fandom chats, which is almost always a popular one I'm not interested in, or a canon/Fandom AU where most of the muses I'm good at (if any) are already taken.

And even if I do find one that fits my tastes, it's pretty much dead half of the time, if not all the time, and that's not even counting all the abandoned chats I see frequently in the forums.

I wish more people would come here to roleplay again; I really do miss being able to improv your RPs and generally have fun roleplaying.

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Offline 01-13-2018, 08:02 PM
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RE: remember oldparp?
(08-25-2017 03:19 AM)Milomus2 Wrote:  I was fortunate to be directed pretty quickly to better roleplay, though I was bothered by the continued existence of the "gamquius is canon" message.

I'm bothered by the fact it's GONE. :'0 If you don't know (or anyone that doesn't know) what that was about, if I remember correctly, back when parp was in early development and the devs were still testing it, two of them went on as Gam and Eq, and the thing wouldn't connect them. I think that's how the story goes? Don't quote me on it and rather correct me if I'm wrong. So "gamquius is canon" is a nod to that.

But damnit I do miss the gate thingy while parp searches for a partner. Now it's just a spinny M.

What's more is that in one oldparp chat I had with a friend for about a year, we got to user numbers like... 40 or more, I think.

Not to mention I constantly went around as Gamzee. Still remember my first RP on there though, which was with a... Stole your last cookie! Nepeta, if I remember correctly. It was pretty cute.

Sualute to oldparp tho.

Also called Doodlana.

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Offline 01-17-2018, 03:17 PM
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RE: remember oldparp?
I'm pretty much a cryptid at this point in time, but I remember back when parp didn't have that fancy front page. I remember when the front page was still a white page with black text and it didn't even look like much. I remember having to bookmark the groupchat so that I wouldn't lose it and I could come back to it in the future. I remember groupchat advertisements and all those shenanigans I got into. Then the update happened and I was in awe at how pretty the site looked, with its new logo and everything. I really miss the people I met on here and everything I did, ahah. It was fun while it lasted. \o7

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