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SBURB Bug Help Desk
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RE: SBURB Bug Help Desk
(04-05-2019 09:41 AM)EmotionallyEmotionless Wrote:  --- PAST ScuttilingBugs [SB] is responding to the memo ??? from the past ---
SB: Zzo uh
SB: I guezz thizz would be (Your Denizen and You: Why Is The Boss All Weird)
SB: Zzo
SB: I went to meed my denizzen (Who the conzzorts zzay izz erizz) along with 2 other playerzz
SB: When i got there, the 2 other playerzz became catzz
SB: And my Denizzen izz now an apple
SB: Help Pleazze.

LC11: Eris, huh? Yeah, you're dealing with the Apple of Discord quest.
LC11: The cats your friends have turned into are gonna fight over the apple. You need to find a way to deescalate the conflict.
LC11: Either that or someone dies, and it's not gonna be Eris.
LC11: Keep them alive and the apple out of any game constructs' sights (any game constructs that have ever seen it, including cats formerly known as players, will be forever drawn to it and very aggressive about having it) until you can cure your friends from a bullshit quest line given to you by a Consort doctor.
LC11: Once they're back to being players, they should stop going after it.
LC11: As for your Denizen, she's hidden away. Probably in some part of the map you won't be able to access until you're done.
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