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Fan Decents n junk
Offline 06-01-2017, 06:46 AM (This reply was last modified: 06-04-2017 11:27 PM by Unidroplets.)(Edited by Unidroplets.)
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Fan Decents n junk
So.. i may have had too much time on my hands. So i made fan decendents. These are the decendents of the main 12 trolls. This is set in a timeline ((domed or otherwise)) where Sgrub skipped a generation after the scratch. So instead of Karkat and his gang paying, its these dweebs. So without futher ado. here we go

Penvma Medigo
Trolltag: coruppetedAnthrpologist
God Teir: Thief of Time
Land: Land of Chimes and Granite
Topepi Nitram
Trolltag: agicultureGod
God tier: Bard of Breath
Land: Land of Pumps and Systems
Didyma Captor
trolltag: crossstreamTechgod
Godteir: Seer of doom
Land: Land of Changes and Hives

Kavour Vantas
trolltag: crustationCostilation
Godteir: Heir of Blood
Land: Land of Spectrum and Tiles

Ankana Leijon.
trolltag: alusiveTracker
God teir: Slyph of Heart
Land of Matches and Paint

Parthe Maryam
trolltage: tastefulGestures
God tier: Rouge of Space
Land of Canyons and Frogs

Osfris Pyrope
trolltag: confessedGuillotine
God Teir: Witch of Mind
Land of Beats and Stream

Pincae Sekret
trolltag: goryCobwebs
God teir: Maid of Light
Land of Lamps and Fences

Alogos Zahhak
trolltag: tyrantApature
God tier: Prince of Void
Land of Constilations and Tarps

Kranio Makara
trolltag: tarnishedChuckle
God Teir: Kight of Rage
Land of Huts and Masks

Dochei Ampora
trolltag: anchoredCrosshairs
Mage of Hope
Land of Solitude and Wishes

Evepul Peixes
trolltag: trappedThoughts
Page of Life
Land of Glass and Glitter

well. thats done with. I need to make sprites and list quads but ye. I was mostly bored so if anything seems off. thats why.
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