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Star Wars! (reboot)
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Star Wars! (reboot)
Star Wars the Old republic.

The galaxy is at war! With the surprise return of the Sith Empire, everything spirals into chaos. The Republic is pushed back with each new attack, the war has just started. With the Sith Empire, retaking the Sith home world of Korriban things only seem worse for the Republic.

Times grow desperate, but who are you? And what is your place in this galaxy?

Are you a Sith, aiming to rise up in the galaxy?

Are you a Jedi, set on keeping things in the side of the light?

An Imperial trooper, willing to die in the name of the Emperor?

A Republic soldier, fighting for god and home?

Or, are you a Trandoshen Barber, just making your way through life?

Who knows? But, it all starts here.

Events! This chat will follow a plot line, that will steer away from Canon depending on the RP that takes place. Currently, the Sith Empire has only been on conquest in the outer rim and far reaches of space.

Galactic Map, Capitols and Fleets for the Empire and Republic.


Character Application ------->

Any questions? Ask a mod.

Main Chat
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RE: Star Wars! (reboot)
Yo this should be at group connections

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RE: Star Wars! (reboot)
I also like the star wars game and I play online this game in my free time when I stressed with my writing work. I found this post when I was writing my assignments with the help of website. I was very excited to saw this game post. Thank you so much for sharing this post with us.
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