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Heatherstuck - The Musical
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Heatherstuck - The Musical
A fic I wrote combining my love for Homestuck and Heathers! I hope you all enjoy it, and I'll post the new chapters as replys once they're done! Also, I'd like constructive critisim on it if you have any!
Summary: It's the spring of 2009, and Karkat Vantas, senior student at Skaia High, has never fit in. But one day they meet the almighty (and bitchy) clique of girls, The Alternians, and perform a favor for them, requesting only one thing back - popularity. Will things truly be beautiful, or will Karkat end up as a dead troll walking?
Notes: A couple of things before we begin: I decided to go through with my personal headcanon of genderqueer Karkat in this fic, so that’s why I use they/them pronouns to refer to them. They’re afab and are closeted though, so that’s why the other students use she/her. I know that school technically starts in the fall, but I wanted to throw in a 4/13 joke. The events of SBURB/SGRUB never happened, so there's no ectobiology or dead people (yet). Almost all of the characters will be incredibly OOC too, and that’s meant to happen. I also decided on using the ancestors as parents and teachers instead of lusii, since it'd be hard to give them dialogue.
Chapter 1 - Beautiful
April 13th, 2009. Dear diary,
A troll with scruffy hair and short, nubby horns wearing a large grey sweater and a grey skirt ran through the hallways of Skaia High School. They scribbled into their composition notebook as they ran down the halls, dodging the other students. The troll, named Karkat Vantas, despite being a senior, was much shorter than the other students, making it a struggle to get through.

I believe I’m a good person, but here we are. First day of senior year! I look around at all these kids I've known all my life and I ask myself, what happened?

Skaia High was brutal. Not just your normal “high school sucks bluh bluh” brutal. It was a mad house. Students constantly belittled and tortured each other, name calling rang through the halls every morning.

Freak! Slut! Burnout! Bug-eyes! Poser! Lard-ass!

Karkat rushed rushed through the fighting, covering their head with their husktop to avoid balled up papers and pencils being throws across the hall. Despite both trolls and humans having a everlasting truce, tensions were still high, even within their own species. Once through the chaotic main hall, Karkat pulled out their notebook again and continued writing.

We were so tiny, happy and shiny, playing tag and getting chased.

They whispered their words as they wrote, with a healthy dose of rhythm in their voice, but they soon stopped again, facing another crowded hallway.

Freak! Slut! Loser! Shortbus!

Karkat eventually gave up and pulled out their notebook, writing in it as the fighting went on around them.

Singing and clapping, laughing and napping, baking cookies, eating paste.

Bull-dyke! Stuck-up! Hunchback!

Then we got bigger, that was the trigger, like the Huns invading Rome-

They were so involved in their writing that they didn’t notice another student passing in front of them, and bumped into the student.

“Sorry,” Karkat muttered under their breath as the student brushed themselves off and marched off.

Welcome to my school, this ain't no high school: this is the Thunderdome. Hold your breath and count the days, we're graduating soon.

Troll trash!

The fighting ensued. One human student jumped onto an unsuspecting mustard-blooded troll, who used his psionic powers to fling them off and into the lockers. Karkat winced at the display but kept on walking and writing.

College will be paradise if I’m not dead by June!

Karkat let out a huff of breath before they began writing again.

But I know, I know, life can be beautiful. I pray, I pray for a better way. If we changed back then, we could change again. We can be beautiful-

A few feet away, a violet-blooded seadweller troll got pushed to the ground by a human student, and dropped his things on the floor. “ow” he called out as he hit the floor.

Just not today.

Karkat penned the period of their sentence and ran over to help the troll, putting their stuff down next to the student’s belongings to help grab things. “Hey, are you ok?” they asked.

The troll pushed his thick glasses up on his face and brushed his purple streaked hair out of his face. He saw Karkat, but then pushed them away. “Get away landdweller” he called out, and swept up his things, and walked away with an air of arrogance.

“Oh, ok.” Karkat replied bitterly, grabbed their books, and resumed writing.

Freak! Slut! Cripple! Homo! Homo! Homo!

“Homosexuality” was something new to the trolls. On Alternia, romance was split into quadrants and gender wasn’t ever an issue, but the humans had their own customs, and it seemed that having a matespritship with only a man and a woman, or “heterosexuality”, was strictly enforced, and being otherwise was frowned upon. Karkat began to quietly sing what they were writing, and finally entered the cafeteria.

Things will get better soon as my letter comes from Harvard, Duke, or Brown. Wake from this coma, take my diploma, then I can blow this town. Dream of my ivy-covered walls and smoky Earth cafes-

While daydreaming of the future, Karkat crashed into another student, a tall human senior with short blonde hair wearing a red letterman jacket with a record patch on the back. He swiveled around on his heels, revealing his aviator shades. “Watch it” he yelled at Karkat and shoved them to the side.

Karkat gritted their sharp teeth together, fighting the urge to punch the student.

Fight the urge to strike a match and set this dump ablaze!

They forcefully grabbed a lunch tray from the tower next to them, and walked in line, right next to the human in the jacket. In one quick movement, he smacked their tray into the ground with a clatter.

“Oops” he said sarcastically, holding onto the “o” sound a little too long for Karkat’s liking, and only irritated them more.

To one one in particular, Karkat started to recite their diary entry. “Dave Strider. Third year as linebacker, and eighth year of smacking lunch trays and BEING A HUGE NOOKSUCKER.”

Dave spun around and shot a glare at Karkat from underneath his shades, his red eyes shining. “What did you say troll” Dave rose up his fist, threatening to harm them

Humans could be dangerous, not as dangerous as some trolls, but dangerous nonetheless, so when their species was being used as an insult, he backed off. “Aah, nothing,” he exclaimed. Dave Strider was someone you wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alleyway. Being linebacker and co-captain of the football team, he had muscle that he would use at will for whatever reason he saw as useful.

Karkat got back in line, several people behind Dave, and started to sing again.

But know, I know, I know, life can be beautiful. I pray, I pray, I pray for a better way. We were kind before, we can be kind once more. We can be beautiful-
A tap on the shoulder broke Karkat out of their trance and spooked him back into reality. They spun around and found their best friend, Jade Harley, behind them. “Ah! Hey Jade!” they said, trying to keep their cool.

“Hey!!!” she replied back. Jade was a tall, slender human girl with long arms and legs, and towered over Karkat and most people. She wore a white skirt under a green sweatshirt with frogs on it, and it was covered in glitter.

Karkat spoke again. “Jade Harley, my best friend since we were grubs. She’s got a huge heart, but around here, that’s not enough.”

Jade tapped them again. “We on for a movie night?” she asked.

Karkat smiled. “Yeah, you’re on buttered crunchies detail.”

Jade smiled and pulled a DVD out of her backpack. “I rented The Princess Bride!!!! :)”

Karkat chuckled. “Again? Don't you have it memorized by now?”

Jade smiles sheepishly. “What can I say? Im a sucker for a happy ending.”

Just as she finished her sentence, another human student with jet black hair and a blue letterman jacket with a green ghost patch on the back went running by and stopped in front of the pair. “Jade Snarly! Make room! Haha!” The student smacked Jade’s lunch tray and DVD onto the ground with extreme force and he stood and laughed.

Karkat sighed and comforted Jade. They soon resumed speaking, this time quieter so the arrogant bully wouldn’t hear it. “John Egbert. Quarterback. He is the smartest guy on the football team.” Karkat let out a sigh for emphasis. “Which is kind of like being the tallest dwarf.” As John started to walk away, Karkat called back at him, pointing at the lunch tray on the ground. “HEY! Pick that up right now!”

John, much like Dave beforehand, swiveled on his heels and faced Karkat. “I’m sorry, are you actually talking to me?” he sneered. He wasn’t as tall as Dave, but he stood several inches above Karkat, trying to be as intimidating as you can when you have buck teeth.

Jade ran behind Karkat, scared of being ridiculed like before, or worse, being hurt. Karkat didn’t seem to mind though, and immediately shot back at him with some sass. “Yes, I am. I wanna know what gives you the right to pick on my friend. You're a high school has-been waiting to happen. A future automobile recharge station attendant.” They stood there with their arms crossed, waiting for a response.

Dave came up behind John and whispered something in his ear, and John’s face light up. He poked his finger on the tip of Karkat’s short nose and laughed. “You have a zit right there.” He backed away and broke out in laughter, along with the rest of the class, and even some staff. Karkat blushed bright red and rushed out of line, covering their nose with their hand.

Once away from the commotion, they began to work on their entry again.

Dear diary: Why?

Karkat listened in on the students - both troll and human - surrounding them, each lamenting over their own problems.

Why do they hate me Why don't I fight back? Why do I act like such a creep?


Why wont he date me?? Why did I hit him Why do I cry myself to sleep?


Somebody hug me! Somebody fix me! Somebody save me!

Send me a sign, God! Give me some hope here! Something to live for!

All of a sudden, all speaking stopped and attention when towards the entrance of the cafeteria. Three female trolls sashayed their way into the room, each proudly wearing their blood color on their preppy outfits, the teal-blooded one with short hair and sharp, cone-shaped horns using a dragon cane walked on the left, a fuchsia-blooded seadweller with long braided hair and inward-curving horns walked on the right, and a cerulean-blooded troll with flowing hair and one bent horn and the other with a crescent end wearing glasses walked in the middle. All 3 trolls wore blazers and miniskirts of their respective blood colors, along with knee high socks and high heels. They made their way through the doors and into the room, “oohs” and “aahs” coming from the mouths of both students and staff. These 3 trolls were known as The Alternians, and everyone was echoing their names.

Terezi, Meenah, and Vriska…

Karkat sighed as the girls walked past their table and began writing and talking again. “Then there's The Alternians. They float above it all.” The Alternians made passing glances at the others, some students falling horns over heels for them.

I love Terezi, Meenah, and Vriska!

The teal-blooded one stopped for a moment and made a cutesy pose with her cane. “Terezi Pyrope. Head cheerleader. Her mom’s loaded - she’s a legislacerator.”

I hate Terezi, Meenah, and Vriska!

The fuchsia-blooded troll also stopped, putting her hands on her hips, but not before pushing up her breasts for everyone to ogle. “Meenah Peixes. Runs the yearbook. No discernible personality, but her mom did pay for implants.”

I want Terezi, Meenah, and Vriska!

The cerulean-blooded troll and leader of the group stopped as well in front of the two other girls, and blew a kiss to a random troll student, who immediately fainted. “And Vriska Serket. The almighty.”

I need Terezi, Meenah, and Vriska!

Karkat let out a sigh. “She is a mythic bitch. They’re solid Teflon - never bothered, never harassed. I would give anything to be like that.”

As The Alternians began walking again, people started to talk again, and the crowd would reply.

“I want to be their matesprit” said the seadweller with the streaked hair from earlier. “That would be beautiful.”

Another troll in a green sweater and a black skirt with long hair looked longingly at the group. “If I sat at their table, guys would notice me.” “So beautiful.”

Jade walked up to Karkat and sat next to them. “Id like them to be nicer” she said. “That would be beautiful.”

A mustard-blooded troll with shaggy hair popped up from the crowd. “I'd like to kidnap an Alternian and photograph her naked in an abandoned warehouse and leave her tied up for the rats” The crowd didn’t have - or need - a reply after that comment.

Once The Alternians left the cafeteria and made their way into the bathroom, the commotion died down. “I gotta go, I’ll see you,” Karkat said to Jade, running into the bathroom.

Once in, Karkat found Terezi and Vriska standing in front of the mirror applying their makeup, but Meenah was nowhere to be found. Vomiting could be heard from one of the closed stalls. Vriska put the finishing touch on her blue lipstick and turned towards the stalls. “Grow up Meenah, bulimia is so last sweep." Meenah’s head poked over from the closed stall door.

Terezi turned to face her. “Maybe you should see a doctor, Meenah”

“Yeah Terezi maybe I should” Meenah hopped off the door and back into the stall.

As soon as she did, a teacher walked in. It was Ms. Maryam, Women’s Studies teacher, wearing one of her extravagant dresses, which was covered in patterns of dark green. Karkat sunk into the corner to avoid being seen. Ms. Maryam tapped her pencil on the door of a stall - coincidentally, the one Meenah was in. “Ah, Terezi and Vriska-” More vomiting came from the stall, and Ms. Maryam backed off. “-And Meenah. Perhaps you didn't hear the bell over all the vomiting. You're late for class.” Karkat, observing the whole ordeal, began scribbling on a spare hall pass they had in their notebook.

Vriska faced the teacher and shot her a faux-sympathetic look. “Meenah wasn't feeling well. We're helping her.”

Ms. Maryam laughed. “Not without a hall pass you’re not. A week’s detention.” Vriska and Terezi looked at each other with disbelief.

Karkat came out of the corner with the hall pass in their hand and gave it to Ms. Maryam. “Actually, Ms. Maryam, all four of us are out on a hall pass.” They paused for a moment. “Yearbook committee.” Karkat sunk back into the corner with their hands behind their back.

Ms. Maryam closely looked at the pass, looking it over. She sighed and handed it to Vriska. “I see you're all listed. Hurry up and get where you're going.” She made a shooing motion and left the bathroom.

Vriska analyzed the forged pass and stared at Karkat, who was still standing in the corner. “This is an excellent forgery. Who are you?”

Karkat was startled. “Uh, Karkat Vantas. I crave a boon.” They spoke extremely fast, matching the pace of their heartbeat.

Vriska crossed her arms. “What boon?” Meenah came out of the stall, popped a mint into her mouth, and started to whisper into Terezi’s ear.

Karkat took a deep breath. “Um, let me sit at your table at lunch, just once. No talking necessary. If people think that you guys tolerate me, then they'll leave me alone.” The Alternians laughed at Karkat, causing them to blush, but they quickly perked up. “Before you answer, I also do report cards, permission slips, and absence notes-”

Meenah interrupted Karkat. “What about prescriptions”

Vriska lightly slapped Mennah on the cheek. “Shut up Meenah,” she ordered.

“Sorry Vriska” she obeyed, rubbing the pinkish hand mark on her cheek.

Vriska closed in on Karkat, observing their face closely and using her finger to measure her nose, the space between her eyes, and more. She finally stepped away, giving Karkat some space. “For a greasy little nobody, you do have good bone structure.”

Terezi popped up from behind Vriska and poked Karkat in the chest with her cane, and slid out a small compartment, showing a glimpse of metal. “And a symmetrical face. If I took my cane down the center of your skull, I'd have matching halves. That's very important. >:]” She brought her cane down and cackled, noticing Karkat was sweating profusely in fear.

Meenah just looked at Karkat in disgust. “Of course you could stand to lose a few pounds” Karkat looked down at their feet. My body image and self esteem are bad enough, do I really need more criticism? They thought

Before anything else could be said, Vriska stuck her arms out in front of the other two girls, walked up to Karkat, and started to sing.

And ya know, ya know, ya know? This could be beautiful.
Mascara, maybe some lip gloss, and we're on our way.
Get this girl some blush, and Meenah, I need your brush.
Let's make her beautiful!

Terezi and Meenah had huge grins, and started to pull out all of their makeup, ready to apply it onto Karkat.

Let’s make her beautiful!

Lets make her beautiful

Vriska pointed her blush brush at Karkat. “Okay?” she asked.

Karkat smiled. “Okay!”

It was another hellish day at school. Fighting ensued as always, and today Dave and John were beating up on the mustard-blood for yesterday who made the off-key comment.

Out of my way geek!

I don’t want trouble

Youre gonna die at 3 pm

The boys shoved the troll away and he collided into an incoming group of human girls, a tall blonde and a plus sized brunette who yelled at them with disgust.

Dont you dare touch me Get away pervert!

What did I ever do to them

Things were more chaotic than usual. People were losing it, and they didn’t know what to do. Nobody had it under control, not even the teachers.

Who could survive this?

I can't escape this!

I think I'm dying!

Ms. Maryam was trying to break two humans up when she saw something out of the corner of her eye. Teal, pink, blue … and grey? “Who’s that with The Alternians?”

Everyone turned towards the entrance. The Alternians graced the cafeteria with their presence once again, but someone else was with them. They wore the same blazer, miniskirt, socks and heels of the other members, but in a shade of anonymous gray instead of a bright blood color.

Terezi, Meenah, Vriska-

“And someone” the blonde human girl from before added in.

Terezi, Meenah, Vriska-

“And a babe!” A different seadweller troll was looking the new person up and down, adoring their body as they walked through the room.

Terezi, Meenah, Vriska-

Jade burst through the crowd. “Karkat?!” she exclaimed. The crowd reveled in the new member of The Alternians’ name.




Karkat broke off from the group, smiling proudly and started to join in with the cheering.

And ya know, ya know, ya know life can be beautiful.

You hope, you dream, you pray, and you get your way!

Ask me how it feels looking like hell on wheels.

My God, it's beautiful!

I might be beautiful

And when you're beautiful…

It's a beautiful fucking day!

The crowd was ecstatic. A new member of The Alternians, and it was a common troll like them? Things couldn’t be better! The party continued, the name being called out again and again.

Terezi! Meenah! Vriska! Karkat!

Terezi! Meenah! Vriska! Karkat!





Hope to me is all about believing in stuff. If you believe in stuff then everything feels like its going to turn out ok. -Jake English
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RE: Heatherstuck - The Musical
Note: If you're wondering, I have a copy of the script, so that's where I get all the dialogue from, and it's exactly the same with a few changes. I also was debating about changing Jade to fit Martha better (body type and what not), but I decided against it, since I love my headcanon of skinny and tall Jade, and I didn't want to go against it.
Chapter 2 - Candy Store
Dear Diary: It’s been 3 weeks since I’ve become friends with the Alternians.
Karkat leaned on the wall of the hallway writing in their diary. They stopped and thought for a moment, deciding to cross “friends” out.
“Friends” isn’t the right word, exactly. It’s more like the Alternians are people I work with and our job is being popular and shit.
Karkat finished their sentence and looked up. They locked eyes with Jade and she came up to see them. “Hey Karkat.” she said.
“Hey,” Karkat replied. There was silence for 30 seconds
Jade sighed and smiled, breaking the silence. “You look really beautiful these days!! :)”
Karkat chuckled. “Yeah, well, it’s still the same me underneath.”
Jade bit her lip and looked at the floor. “Are you sure??”
Karkat grabbed Jade’s shoulders and looked her in the eyes. “Look, I’m sorry I flaked on movie night last week. I’ve had a lot going on.”
Jade smiled, trying to hide her sadness. “I get that. Youre with the Alternians now. Its exciting!!!”
Karkat sighed. “It’s- whatever. But we’ll hang out soon. I promise.”
Meenah marched into the room and pulled Karkat’s arm. “Karkat Vriska says to haul ass to the caf pronto”
Karkat sighed. “How very.” They waved goodbye to Jade and walked away with Mennah. In the cafeteria, Vriska and Terezi were sitting at a table with paper and a pen.
The two trolls stood up and walked over to Meenah and Karkat. Vriska shoved the pen and paper into Karkat’s hands. “Karkat, I need a forgery in Dave Strider’s handwriting. You need something to write on. Meenah, bend over.” Meenah obeyed without any fuss, and Karkat leaned on her while writing the note as Vriska recited what to write. “Hi honey, I’ve been watching you and thinking about the good old days. I hope you can come to my homecoming party this weekend. I miss you, Dave.” She paused for a moment. “Put an XO after the signature.”
Karkat finished the letter. “What’s this for anyway?” they asked.
Vriska smirked. “You remember how Dave used to hang out with Jade Snarly?”
“Well yeah, in kindergarten. We all did.” Karkat replied.
Meenah interjected. “We didnt all kiss on the kickball field” She smiled cruelly, baring her sharp teeth.
Terezi’s face light up. “Oh my God, that’s right! I totally forgot. Dave kissed Jade Snarly.” She cackled. “It was disgusting! >:]”
Vriska plucked the note out of Karkat’s hand. “Perfect,” she said. Dave and John are sitting across the room, and Vriska yells at them. “Dave, come here!”
The two boys look at each other before walking over. “Whaddya think Vriska wants” Dave asked.
John laughed. “I bet she wants you to set her on your johnson and spin her around like goddamn pinwheel!”
Dave let a small smile slip. “Hell yeah Punch it in” The two boys fistbumped before walking over.
Vriska sauntered to the boys and handed Dave the note. “Be a sweetie and give this note to Jade Snarly.” She gave them puppydog eyes to help convince them.
Karkat looked at her with disbelief. “What? No!”
Vriska and Dave ignored their pleas. “Since when do you talk to that nerd” he asked.
He started to open the note, but Vriska closed it with her long fingers before he could see anything. “Don’t read it.” She whispered into Dave’s ear, but loud enough so the rest of the group could somewhat hear her. “She’s having extra heavy flow and I’m passing this on from one of her friends who’s in a class of mine.”
“Ugh” Dave cringed and threw the note onto the floor.
Karkat bent over and picked it up. “Jade’s had a thing for Dave for like five and a half sweeps now, this will kill her. C’mon Vriska. You’re bigger than this-”
Vriska cut them off short and laughed.
Are we gonna have a problem?
You got a bone to pick?
You’ve come so far,
Why now are you pulling on my dick?
She got more and more agitated as she spoke, and got into Karkat’s face.
I’d normally slap your face off,
And everyone here could watch.
But I’m feeling nice.
Here’s some advice.
Listen up, biotch!
Immediately, the Alternians sashayed down the tables of the cafeteria, and circled around Karkat, and broke into song.
I like!
Looking hot
Buying stuff they cannot

I like!
Drinking hard
Maxing Dad’s credit card

I like!
Skipping gym
Scaring her
Screwing him

I like!
Killer clothes
Kicking nerds in the nose!
The Alternians continued to dance as they sang, and did a high kick on ‘nose’, almost hitting Karkat.
If you lack the balls
You can go play dolls
Let your mommy fix you a snack

Vriska was mocking Karkat, trying to be as bitchy as possible and to get on their nerves, and it was working. Karkat was seconds away from socking her face, but held back, not wanting to get detention.
Or you could come smoke
Pound some rum and coke
In my Porsha with the quarterback!

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
The Alternians stepped onto a table and got into their signature order again, Terezi on the left, Meenah on the right, and Vriska in the center. They continued to dance, and it gathered the attention of several students.
Honey, whatchu waitin’ for?
Welcome to my candy store!
It’s time for you to prove
You’re not a loser anymore
Then step into my candy store!
They grinned at the attention they were getting, and continued on.
Guys fall
At your feet
Pay the check

Help you cheat
All you
Have to do
Say goodbye to that noob
Vriska tilted her head in Jade’s direction, implying that she was the noob they mentioned.
That freak’s
Not your friend
I can tell in the end

If she
Had your shot
She would leave you to rot!
The Alternians jumped off of the table and approached Karkat, Terezi coming to the front, then circling back to her position.
‘Course if you don’t care
Fine! Go braid her hair
Maybe Sesame Street is on

Or forget that creep
And get in my jeep
Let’s go tear up someone’s lawn!
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
Karkat was backing away from them, and trying to find Jade and to make sure that she wasn’t hearing this.
Honey, whatchu waitin’ for?
Welcome to my candy store!
You just gotta prove
You’re not a pussy anymore
Then step into my candy store!
Meenah came up and snatched the letter from Karkat, and passed it down a line of students until it reached Jade. Karkat saw this and rushed over to her to try and take the letter, but it was too late, Jade got the letter, and she opened it and read it intently.
You can join the team
Or you can bitch and moan
You can live the dream
Or you can die alone!
You can fly with eagles
Or if you prefer
Keep on testing me
And end up like her!
The Alternians pointed at Jade, who was grinning ear to ear at Karkat, showing them the letter. “Karkat, look!!! Dave invited me to his homecoming party. See? I told you there was still something there. This proves he’s been thinking about me!!! :)”
Karkat sighed and looked back at the Alternians, who were smirking at them while bouncing on their heels. “Color me stoked,” they said sarcastically.
Jade ignored their sarcasm and grinned, bouncing with happiness. “Im so happy!!!”
The Alternians got back to their song, but Meenah decided to go on her own and stpped in front of Vriska
Honey whachu waiting fo-
Vriska marched over to her and shoved her to the ground. “Shut up, Meenah!” she yelled. Once she hit the ground, Vriska stood up on the table and started belting.
Step into my candy store!
Time for you to prove
You’re not a lame ass anymore
Then step into my candy store!
Meenah got up and joined Terezi and stood up on the table with Vriska.
It’s my candy store,
It’s my candy,
It’s my candy store,
It’s my candy,
It’s my candy store,
It’s my candy store!

Hope to me is all about believing in stuff. If you believe in stuff then everything feels like its going to turn out ok. -Jake English
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RE: Heatherstuck - The Musical
Chapter 3 - Fight For Me
After their musical number, the Alternians walked out of the cafeteria, leaving Karkat behind standing alone, taking everything that just happened in.
“You shouldn’t have bowed down to the Swatch-dogs and Diet-Cokeheads. They’re gonna motherfuckin crush that girl,” a gravelly voice said from behind them. Karkat turned around, and a troll was sitting at the lunch table. They had messy hair and long horns, and they wore a black trenchcoat over a dark purple shirt and jeans, and had white makeup on their face. They were reading from a book, Baudelaire’s Flowers of Evil.
“I’m sorry, what?” Karkat replied. They tried to see if they knew the troll from anywhere, but they didn’t recognize them.
The mysterious troll continued, still looking at his book. “You’ve clearly got a soul. You just need to work harder keeping it clean. We’re all born marked for evil.” They way he looked at it seemed as if he was quoting directly from it. Once he finished, he stood up and walked away, his coat flowing behind him.
Karkat tried to stop him. “Okay, don’t quote Baudelaire at me and walk away, excuse me? Didn’t catch your name.”
The troll turned around. “I didn’t throw it.” He continued walking, and Karkat smiled, intrigued with him.
John and Dave sat at a table not far from the mysterious troll, talking to each other. “Who does this troll in the jacket think he is anyways, Nic Cage?” John asked.
Dave made a slight frown. “Karkats into his act no doubt"
John looked at him with a malicious grin. “Let’s kick his ass!”
Dave sighed. “Were seniors man Too old for that shit”
John ignored him however, and approached the troll. “Hey, sweetheart,” he said, addressing him. “What did your boyfriend say when you told him you were coming to Earth?” The troll didn't answer.
Dave came over and decided to mess with him too, getting in his face. “My buddy John just asked you a question”
John turned to Dave. “Hey Dave, doesn’t this cafeteria have a ‘no fags allowed’ rule?”
The troll just smirked at them, showing his sharp teeth. “They seem to have an open-door policy for assholes, though.”
John was infuriated, and pulled back his sleeves, gripping his fists. “Hold his arms!” he barked, and Dave obliged. John went to swing at him, but the troll ducked and slipped loose from Dave’s grip. A crowd of students was starting to gather around them, causing a commotion, and it garnered Karkat’s attention. The troll grabbed a lunch tray from a student and hit John and Dave in the face with it in a single swing. The crowd started chanting at what just happened.
Holy shit! Holy shit!
Holy shit! Holy shit!
Holy shit!
Holy shit!
Holy shit!
Holy shit!
Holy shit!
Karkat made it through the crowd, and realized the one causing the ruckus was the troll from earlier. The fight continued, and they stood in awe and started to sing as the world seemed to freeze around them.
Why, when you see boys fight, does it look so horrible-
Yet feel so right
I shouldn't watch this crap, that's not who I am-
But with this kid? Damn.
The world stopped, probably due to some time-space shenanigans going on, and Karkat walked around the troll, looking at him.
Hey, Mr. No name kid
So who might you be?
And could you fight for me?
And, hey, could you face the crowd?
Could you be seen with me and still act proud?
Hey, could you hold my hand
And could carry me through no man’s land?
It's fine, if you don't agree
But I would fight for you,
If you would fight for me
Time continued, but very slowly, and punches were inching across the air. Karkat backed away to avoid being hit.
Let them drive us underground
I don't care how far
You can set my broken bones
And I know CPR
The punch landed, smashing Ram’s chin and sending droplets of blood into the air and small particles of teeth to the ground.
Well, woah!
You can punch real good
You've lasted longer than I thought you would
So hey, Mr. No Name Kid,
If some night you're free-
The fight resumed to normal speed, and the troll continued to kick ass, shoving John and Dave to the ground, as the crowed ahhed in excitement.
Wanna fight for me?
Holy shit…
If you're still alive
Holy shit…
I would fight for you
Holy shit! Holy shit!
If you would fight for me!
Holy shit! Holy shit!
Holy shit! Holy shit!

Hope to me is all about believing in stuff. If you believe in stuff then everything feels like its going to turn out ok. -Jake English
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RE: Heatherstuck - The Musical
Notes: Sorry for the delay on this chapter! I ran into an issue on AO3 regarding this fic, and though I won’t go into full detail, I had to take it down, but I’ll still update it here on MSPARP. Due to the issue, I took a break from writing it and worked on some other fics. I’ve also been con crunching for my new cosplays, so that’s been taking up a lot of my time as well. I decided to combine both the croquet scene and Freeze Your Brain for this chapter, since the former is too short to be on its own and the scenes can easily transition together. I’m also creating a new fic, “Not Your Typical Senior Year”, which is essentially a version 2 of Heatherstuck, except it’s more loosely based off of Heathers, has my own dialogue, and is also going to be humanstuck. A couple other things regarding this fic that deals with headcanons. I headcanon that while buckets are required by Imperial law, I think that it’s harder for lower blood castes to have them due to the caste system and wanting the richer blood castes to be more prominent. I also headcanon Alternia doesn’t have Earthly marriage traditions, and instead passes last names down based on the blood color of the grub if they figure out who the ancestor is (Ex. Karkat is a Vantas instead of a Leijon because he shares his blood caste with The Signless). I also used bain instead of (think) pan since it’s shown that highbloods use human words more than lower bloods, and (the actually reason) it was hard to think of all new rhymes. I hope you enjoy this fic and the new one as well!
Chapter 4: Freeze Your Brain
The Alternians stood in the grassy backyard of Karkat’s house, playing a game of croquet. Karkat’s parents sat at a table on the patio, their mother eating spread on a cracker and their father reading the newest issue of Weekly Troll News, which was handed out to all of the troll neighborhoods with strict censorship.
Vriska hit the ball and watched it as it rolled across the yard through a hoop. She looked up at Karkat, who was staring off into the distance. “God, Karkat, drool much? You were totally tossing a bucket at that new kid.” The other two Alternians laughed. “And from the look of your house, you can’t seem to get a replacement one.” The others laughed again.
Karkat rolled their eyes. “C’mon, I don’t even know his name.” Vriska walked up to the ball and whacked it across the yard, flying towards Karkat parents. “Mom! Dad! Look out!” they yelled.
Mrs. Leijon’s animal-like reflexes caught the ball from the air. When she got back down, she brushed her long, bushy hair out of her face. Vriska walked over to retrieve the ball. Mrs. Leijon smiled as she handed it back, and lifted up the plate of spread and crackers she was eating. “Here you go, girls. Care for some grubsauce?”
Vriska inspected the so called grubsauce suspiciously. “This isn’t grubsauce. It’s cake icing,” she scoffed.
Mrs. Leijon chuckled. “I’m aware of that, Vriska. It’s a family joke.”
Vriska stood there, her face stone-cold. “Oh. Funny,” she replied.
Karkat rushed over to make sure everything was ok. Mr. Vantas spoke up, his scruffy black hair obscuring his face. “Dammit, will somebody tell me why I read these imperial papers?”
Karkat looked at Vriska and saw the judgement in her eyes. “Cause you’re an idiot dad,” they replied.
Mr. Vantas looked up. “Oh yeah, that’s it,” he said, looking back down into his magazine.
Mrs. Leijon looked up at the two trolls. “You two. So girls, any plans for tonight?”
Karkat spoke up. “Big homecoming party at Dave Strider’s house. I’m catching a ride with Vriska.”
Vriska looked down at her watch and tapped it. “Speaking of which…"
Karkat looked at their mom. “Right. Great grubsauce, mom, but we have to motor if we want to be ready for that party.”
Before they walked away, Vriska dropped the croquet ball in the icing. “Oops,” she said sarcastically, and walked away. The other two Alternians walked away with her.
Karkat cringed at their behavior and was about to apologize when their mom grabbed their arm. “Don’t let these popular girls change you,” she said concerned.
Karkat bit their lip. “I need them,” they said.
“For what?” she asked. “You have other friends. You have Jade.”
Karkat wiggled their arm free from their mom’s grasp. “Maybe I want more to life than cake icing.”
Mr. Vantas looked up again. “Those girls seem really nice,” he said, and Mrs. Leijon stared at him in shock.

Vriska pulled up to the 7/11 and Karkat hopped out of the car. She blared the car horn before Karkat entered the building. “Karkat! Don’t forget to buy Corn Nuts! It’s not a party without Corn Nuts!”
Karkat yelled. “Yes, Vriska! Plain or BQ?”
“BQ!” Vriska bellowed back.
Karkat ran into the store and grabbed a giant bag of Corn Nuts. As they looked up, they saw the mystery troll from earlier in front of them, waving. He was holding a bright green Slurpee in his other hand. “Greetings and salutations. You want a Slurpee with that?”
“No. But if you’re nice I’ll let you buy me a Big Gulp,” Karkat replied
The mystery troll chuckled. “That’s like going to Mickey D’s to order a salad. Slurpee’s the signature dish of the house. Did you say cherry or lime?”
Karkat crossed their arms and sighed. “I said Big Gulp. I’m Karkat Vantas, by the way. You ever gonna tell me your name?”
“I’ll end the suspense,” the troll said. “Gamzee Makara. GZ for short.”
“So, GZ, that thing you pulled in the caf was pretty severe.” Karkat added.
“The extreme always seems to make a motherfuckin impression,” GZ replied.
“What brings a Baudelaire-quoting badass like you to Earth?” Karkat asked
“My dad’s work. He owns a de-construction company,” he answered.
“De-construction?” Karkat asked.
“The old man seems to enjoy tearing things down. Seen the commercial? ‘I’m Grand Highblood Makara,. If it’s in the way, I’ll make your day-” he replied.
“Right,” Karkat cut in. “Then he pushed the plunger and the screen blows up. That’s your dad?”
“In all his toxic glory,” GZ sighed.
“Well, everyone’s life has got static,” Karkat shrugged.
There was a honk from outside. “Karkat!” the muffled yelling of Vriska was heard as well.
“I don’t like your friends either,” he commented. “Bag the party. Hang here.”
“At the 7/11?” Karkat chuckled. “Swanky first date.”
“Hey, I love this place,” GZ shot back.
“No offense, but why?” Karkat asked.
GZ took a deep breath before he started to sing.
I've been through ten high schools.
They start to get blurry.
No point in planting roots, 'cause you're gone in a hurry.
My dad keeps two suitcases packed in the den
So it's only a matter of when.
GZ walked away from Karkat, and wove in and out of the aisles of the convenience store, and Karkat followed behind him.
I don't learn the names, don't bother with faces
All I can trust is this concrete oasis
Seems every time I'm about to despair,
There's a 7/11 right there.
Each store is the same from Las Vegas to Boston,
Linoleum aisles that I love to get lost in.
I pray at my altar of slush
Yeah I live for that sweet frozen rush…
GZ took a long slurp from the sugary drink, the bright red straw standing out from his grey and white painted face. He winced, grabbing his head, his hand disappearing in his messy hair.
Freeze your brain.
Suck on that straw, get lost in the pain.
Happiness comes when everything numbs.
Who needs cocaine?
Freeze your brain.
Freeze your brain…
He leaned the sweet drink towards Karkat, the straw pointing towards them. “Care for a hit?” he asked.
Karkat took their index finger and pushed it away, then smirked. “Does your mommy know you eat all this crap?” they asked.
GZ let out a sign, but with a twinge of sadness. “Not anymore,” he replied before continuing to walk and sing. Karkat cringed. Reminders of dead parents on a first date is a major faux pas.
When mom was alive, we lived halfway normal,
But now it's just me and my dad, we're less formal.
I learned to cook pasta, I learned to pay rent;
Learned the world doesn't owe you a cent.
He stopped for a moment and turned around to face Karkat.
You're planning your future, Karkat Vantas,
You'll go to some college and get into the first class.
But the sky's gonna hurt when it falls.
So you better start building some walls
Freeze your brain.
Swim in the ice, get lost in the pain.
Shut your eyes tight, till you vanish from sight,
Let nothing remain -
GZ took another deep breath before launching into the final verse, and his voice carried across the store.
Freeze your brain,
Shatter your skull, fight pain with more pain.
Forget who you are, unburden your load
Forget in six weeks you'll be back on the road.
When the voice in your head says you're better off dead,
Don't open a vein -
GZ took a sip of the Slurpee, and he winced again, but he was noticeably calmer than before.
Just freeze your brain,
Freeze your brain,
Go on and freeze your brain
GZ once again passed the Slurpee to Karkat, but this time with more force. “Try it.”
Karkat gave in, and grabbed the Slurpee, taking a long sip. “I don’t see what’s the big dea- AHAHAAAGH!” Karkat gripped their head, hands curling around their horns, in pain. Once they recovered, they soon broke down laughing. “Son of a bitch!” They shoved GZ away playfully.
They look up, and turn towards the automatic doors, where Vriska was storming in. “Karkat!” she yelled.
Karkat turned to GZ and pointed their thumb towards Vriska, who was tapping her foot on the linoleum floor. “I gotta go.”
GZ shrugged. “So I see.”
“Corn Nuts?” Vriska asked.
“Yes, Vriska,” Karkat said annoyed, waving the bags in front of her face.
She grabbed the bags out of their hand and turned around. “Say bye-bye to Red Dawn here and let’s motor.” Karkat waved as the two walked out of the store, and they got into the car and drove away to the party.

Hope to me is all about believing in stuff. If you believe in stuff then everything feels like its going to turn out ok. -Jake English
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