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rambling is my passion
Offline 03-13-2017, 08:27 AM
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rambling is my passion
been coming out of my cage and ive been doing just- [gets dc'ed on]

TG: hey dude are you still up by any chance
TG: i mean for one i know how prone you are to konking out without bothering to switch your online notification
TG: poor emote dude just eternally frothing with rage while you snooze it up
TG: whole lotta anger just getting doled out 24/7
TG: where does he get it all from we may never know
TG: maybe needs to take a chill pill
TG: or an anger management class
TG: deep breaths assuming trollian emotes actually breathe
TG: meditate up in the mountains tryina find an ounce of fucking zen
TG: its like a mankey except he just straightup never chills not even when hes cruising solo
TG: maybe its some kind of batman situation
TG: some mysterious tragic event left a stick lodged so far up his nonexistant ass that most people have lost hope its ever gonna slip on out of there
TG: just permanently waddling around with a pole straightup shoved up the ol rectum
TG: little dude needs some closure
TG: gotta let it go
TG: anyways
TG: i guess i mostly wanted to check on you
TG: hows shit

think i came out of the gates a little too strong? Tongue
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Away 03-15-2017, 03:31 PM
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RE: rambling is my passion
I know you're probably joking with your last statement, but this is some premier Dave RPing. Maybe you came out of the gate too strong, but this is incredibly in character and amusing so it works regardless. Good job on this and I look forward to what you put out in the future!

Don't tell my mom I like homestuck.
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Offline 03-29-2017, 03:51 PM
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RE: rambling is my passion
Gr8 af dave mang top notch shit and dont worry bout the rambling causing the dc, they jus cant handle the dave-ness

[Image: Screenshot_2016_05_23_11_04_27_1.png]

MY FANVENTURE! Check it out:
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