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Overseer2 Session | REDONE
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Overseer2 Session | REDONE
Howdy Pumpkin!

Welcome to the REDONE Overseer2 Session. REMAKE of my previous failed one.

Just some need-to-know notes:

• No need to have knowledge on Overseer2, I like to help teach people this stuff.

• Skype! Make sure you have it. PM or reply to this your Skype name.

• I'm in control of the chain. You might not get partnered with a friend!

• Overseer2 Session title is Yomamaquest and password is doodle.

• It's fine if you have school, we might just go on without you though (sorry!).

Thats all of the notes. All thats left to read is a spoiler of taken tiers!

- バブル -
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