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Gossamer's Regex Quirkshop
Offline 03-17-2018, 07:21 AM
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RE: Gossamer's Regex Quirkshop
(03-17-2018 07:08 AM)gossamerGadgeteer Wrote:  
(03-17-2018 07:05 AM)JaspurrCat Wrote:  
(03-17-2018 06:14 AM)gossamerGadgeteer Wrote:  
(03-17-2018 05:52 AM)JaspurrCat Wrote:  im using mxrp for this one! here is the screenshot. Maybe it's something with the case? I double checked to make sure it wasn't in simple, and even changed the case a few times to see if it'll work

That image link isn't working for me. Can you provide a working link? You might have accidentally set the image to private or deleted it.

this work?

Ah, I see your problem. You pasted too much of it into the left side. It should just be ([A-Z])\B on the left and $1- on the right. Does that make sense?

oof I should've double-checked that as well. But thank you so much! I appreciate it!
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Offline 06-25-2018, 02:16 PM (This reply was last modified: 06-25-2018 02:18 PM by histronicMuser.)(Edited by histronicMuser.)
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RE: Gossamer's Regex Quirkshop
JEEZ thats confusing but i feel like its really helpful for more complicated quirks then again i dont yet have a set-in-stone quirk so
though i cant figure out why the "o"'s at the beginning of words skip the space and stick to the words before it sometimes
example: WORK OF up there by BEAUTY
and yes theres a space just in case anyone was gonna ask

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