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Group chat MASTERPOST!
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Big Grin Group chat MASTERPOST!
Now, I know there's plenty of information on how to do this stuff and you can learn from examples. But I have some stuff to potentially add AND i will compile some useful memos here, too! A cite-my-sources kinda thing.

[Image: PkNoe17.png]
[Image: gnVOg62.png]
[Image: KhD7v9R.png]
[Image: 6XSJX3C.png]
Please contact me with anything i should add (links, info, etc.)
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RE: Group chat MASTERPOST!
Thanks for sharing these memos with us. I am a website developer and I am going to add a forum page on my client website which is an And for that my client wants me to add some memos on his forum page. So, I am looking for the examples online and I am glad I have found your post.
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