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Don't say that about my muse!
Offline 02-13-2018, 09:32 AM
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RE: Don't say that about my muse!
Mm, yeah, i guess i'm kinda salty about all the hate he gets, and consequently, the people that like him. Because as soon as you like a "problematic" character like Bro, you're labelled as so many bad things. I'm just upset over the fiction=reality mentality. :/

Also called Doodlana.

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Offline 02-19-2018, 06:38 PM (This reply was last modified: 02-19-2018 06:42 PM by Dolorosa.)(Edited by Dolorosa.)
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RE: Don't say that about my muse!
can people please stop assuming that the dolorosa is really meek and, as said, a prude. i dont do nsfw rps but i find it really entertaining to play her as flirty. she's porrim, after all?? it makes sense. she has a fucking spine, christ. if she apologised everytime a highblood told her off, she wouldn't have been one of the heads of a rebellion?

i really really hate it when people just shove a grub at her randomly in a roleplay. like,,, i didn't COME here for that. if you want to do a grub rp put has a grub! as a modifier or something so we can actually discuss stuff. i'm really not a fan of rping her being forced to take care of children shfbiuaoip
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Offline 10-18-2018, 11:35 PM
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RE: Don't say that about my muse!
Just a few tiny things that irk me to no end about the only muse I've ever really managed ok.

-Oh she's kinda an airhead! (what? no? how does one even get that?)
-She's one dimensional and does nothing but make weeb references and cat puns while shipping people (I just... ew. EW. Ok yes, she's probably into anime and such in aus, I can understand that, but why can't she have a moderate actual personality? Cat puns don't have to be thrown every ten seconds, and shipping people can be easily shown as being able to notice when a pair would be good together. But over-reacting to every little 'ship' or shoving cat puns into every sentence? Bleh)
-She doesn't ship with anyone besides Kurloz!(The amount of times I've had to either address this or ignore it is just way too high. Outside of canon she should be able to ship with anyone that the mun pleases, if the other person agrees! Personally I wont even ship with a Kurloz rper until I know them better, since sometimes the whole thing gets one sided or creepy. And the sheer amount of people that wont even look at her twice beyond an add on to Kurloz is... annoying.)
-She's totally a pothead! (... Just... no.)
-She gets overexcited about anything! (No, people can have normal reactions and extreme reactions to different things.)
-She's got dark hair all the time (Personally I've gone through both a blond Meulin and now she's a red head for me. What ticks me off the most is when I try to go on search and someone literally goes 'that looks nothing like Meulin!' and leaves because they can't reconcile their personal ideas with someone else's. Had a Kurloz do that to me and I was livid)

There are probably other things that tick me off but none of them are coming to mind at the moment.

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