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A Fanfic/Xreader ^^
Offline 10-22-2016, 08:00 AM
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A Fanfic/Xreader ^^
Hiya! So, I don't exactly have a name for this one yet...ok, yeah I do, but I don't particularly like the name I have so I'm just going to label this as Untitled.
So, I'm not really going to give a description of the book because:
1. I'm not done with it, so I will be posting chapters at a time
2. I'm terrible at descriptions.

So, yeah, enjoy!

...p.s. I'm very bad at beginnings, so my bad if the start of the book is boring.

ACT 1, Prolouge.
:(Your Chumhandle) began pestering turntechGodhead:

YC: Sup asshat?
TG: nothing really just working on a new sweet comic and listening to some jamz
YC: Haha, nice. You make any new songs yet?
TG: nah man not yet
TG: but after this comic i will
TG: and im done with it

YC: Well that was quick. Were you almost done when I pestered you?
TG: i had actually just started when you texted me
YC: -_- You really don't put forth as much effort with those things as you do with your beats.
TG: what can I say
TG: these comics are just a small thing for me to pass the time when im not jammin
TG: so what have you been up to

YC: Nothing really, just ordered some pizza and I'm working on some new songs as well.
YC: Earlier today Sollux helped me download some new software onto my computer to help me with some programming so I can make my own music applications and stuff like that.
YC: He also hacked into my ITunes account and transferred a bunch of money from John's to mine so I bought a shitload of music <(‾︶‾)>
TG: oh damn
TG: really?
TG: i did the same thing to john once when we were playing spurb
TG: but that was with grist and stuff
TG: he had a fuck ton of it
TG: it was like he just became the richest mother fucker in all the lands
TG: and all the salamanders worshipped his windy ass

YC: Haha! So I've heard a thousand times.
YC: So, new school year starts tomorrow.
YC: New year, new people to meet.
YC: And new days to hear dumbasses scream everyday when they see their friend.
TG: oh god
TG: like whats the point in screaming like that
TG: you saw your friend yesterday
TG: stop screaming like karkat on helium and walk faster
TG: I swear
TG: if I have one of those guys in my class that does that

YC: You're gonna do a pirouette off the handle and land aboard the nope train to fuckthatville?
TG: pretty fucking much
TG: i might have to stow away in a back car or something
TG: tickets are hard to come by these days

YC: Oh bleugh.
TG: what
TG: i know that wasnt my best line but I thought it was pretty damn nice

YC: Oh, no. Not bleugh to you, I said bleugh cause I'm getting pestered by Equius.
TG: oh what
TG: what would he want

YC: I don't know, must be something involving Nepeta or some weird fetish thing with his robots again.
YC: Imma see what he wants, then log off for the night.
TG: alright then
TG: see ya tomorrow

YC: Yeah, see ya later.

:(Your Chumhandle) ceased pestering turntechGodhead:

You click out of your chat box with your friend Dave and open up the Trollian app, where someone appears to be Trolling you.

: centaursTesticle began Trolling (Your Chumhandle) :

CT: D--> (Y/n) tell nepeta to listen to me
YC: And hello to you to Horse Hassler
CT: D--> this is not a joking matter
CT: D--> she refuses to see that I am trying to help her

YC: Help her with what??
CT: D--> help her to act like her class
CT: D--> she is e%ceptionally STRONG for someone of her standard
CT: D--> yet she still refuses to accept my offers for her to join my ranks

YC: Oh dear Gog
YC: I have said this time and TIME again Equius,
YC: Nepeta gives no shits
YC: Whatsoever
YC: About the Trolls social hierarchy
YC: Plus, this is a new universe and you guys can go and leave all of that bull shit behind you.
CT: D--> how dare you even entertain the idea of such a thought
CT: D--> its so vile
CT: D--> and that language
CT: D--> apologize for having such a disgusting tounge
CT: D--> thats an order

YC: *facepalm* Well EXCUUUUUSE me princess. It’s not my fault you're such a stiff neck Pansy with an arrow up your nook.
CT: D--> how dare you
CT: D--> oh no

YC: ??
CT: I I need a towel
YC: -_-|| Good bye Equius.

: (Your Chumhandle) ceased trolling centaursTesticle :

You rub your face as you stretch after you exit the conversation. Honestly, you and most of the Trolls were great friends, but sometimes they just got waaaaaaaay to weird for your taste. Oh well, what can you do? They're your friends...your weird, sometimes creepy friends.

I guess that it's time for some introductions. Ahem, A young adolescent sits at her computer desk in her room. Today is the final day of her very eventful summer vacation, and she is sad to see it go. Ah, all the memories over the past few months. Oh well, it's just how the law works, forcing young adults into a large building for 8 hours full of preps and mostly imbeciles. Now, what is this young girls name?



Fuckgirl Mcgee_
Fuckgirl Mcgee

You throw a small trash bin the direction of the reader. Oh hell to the no. Try again asshat.



(Y/n) (L/n)_
(Y/n) (L/n)

You nod in approval towards the reader. That's better, try not to give everyone a fucky name like the first one, OK? Now that that's out of the way, what do you look like (Y/n)?



(Y/n) looks like a homeless baboon wearing a trash bag full of old food. So unappealing. _

-_-! You throw your desk chair at the reader. Bro, be serious. I can't be homeless, I'm literally standing inside my home right now! Is this how you create all of your OC’s? Try that again, but without the dumbassery.



(Y/n) is a (small girl, tall girl, ect) with (H/L)/(H/T), (H/c) hair. Your (small, large ect eyes) eyes shoot the reader an annoyed look as you smile slightly as she retrieves her desk chair and puts it back where it belongs. You are a (Race) human, who has a strange grasp of almost all Troll knowledge that her friends have told her. You understand everything about Troll romance and many other things, really, you're one of the very few humans that does. You actually prefer the Trolls romance to that of the humans. You even has someone whom she is in a Morailiegence with, but we will meet him later. You may have someone that are somewhat, as the trolls put it, ‘Flushed for’, but you are still trying to fully comprehend that feeling.
You are also an orphan, unable to remember anything about your parents or the guardian that raised you up until you were 6, then you began to stay with a troll named ‘Signless’ who was what the trolls called a ‘Custodian’, which were basically parents to young trolls. You met Kankri and Karkat Vantas, two what you just called brother trolls, since they basically behaved like siblings.You still don’t understand why Signless took you in for as long as he did, but you were grateful nonetheless. You moved out in 7th grade and into an old hive that the Vantas family used to live in, back when Kankri and Karkat were just grubs. It was a fairly large hive, small enough for one person, but big enough for guests and such to stay as well. When you entered middle school you met your friend Dave Strider, and a few years later his friends John Egbert and Rose Lalonde began going to your middle school and you became friends with them as well. In 8th grade you met a few of other trolls and became friends with them...well, most of them.

You look at your clock on your computer.

9:54 P.M. it reads.'ll have to set your alarm fairly early, since it takes you about 5 snooze buttons until you wake up fully. Oh well, you suppose it wouldn’t hurt to work on a few of your songs before you go to bed. It couldn't possibly take that long.

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RE: A Fanfic/Xreader ^^
Please continue?

Diamond I hope you find this day/night/afternoon pleasant and enjoyable. Feel free to contact me. Heart / Diamond
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