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BE the savvy haxxor chick
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BE the savvy haxxor chick
[Image: tumblr_static_1oehjj89mjs0o4ks4kkc400c8.jpg]
I'm somewhat new to the MSPARP forums, although I've been messing around on MSPARP and Trollplay (i feel old) for a while. Couldn't help but notice a lot of people want to learn how to play ya girl rolal, and she is one of my favorite characters and main muses! So I thought I'd try and offer up some tips.

Firstly, her typing style:
Roxy talks in all lowercase with no punctuation, unless she wants to emphasize something. (ex: hmmm mayb if someone wasnt being sucvh a STICK IN THE MUSD.........we could hop on the buisness abt this shizz)
She uses things like ellipses, tildes, asterisks, and emoticons for dramatic effect and to express herself (ex: oohlala siree u got me coming down w/a mightly case o the vapors~~~ *SWOONS all breathy like ;)*)
Roxy will abbreviate words frequently, (you=u, because=bc, someone=some1), but she doesn't do this all the time. Sometimes she types out the whole word.
The more intoxicated she is, the more she will typo. She will sometimes then correct them with an asterisk, but she doesn't always bother, and actually just leaves them most of the time. Also, when rather tipsy, she will sometimes attempt to correct her typos and just fuck it up again, which is always amusing. I find that a good trick to making more natural typos is just to have your fingers move a little heavier and don't look at the screen while you're typing, if that makes sense.
Rox actually quit drinking after she entered the game (although a lot of fans still think she is nothing but a drunk girl -_-), so she doesn't really typo very much anymore then. She still abbreviates things a lot, uses slang/curses, and has a playfully overdramatic way of talking, though.
I would actually describe Roxy's way of talking as similar to a much peppier Dave. Like Dave, she has a colorful vocabulary and likes to use a lot of detailed metaphors in her speech (ex: wat do U think he would say to this fuckin salaciousss shit *looks at you pensively while stroking my metaphorical sagely wizard beard all tryna gain insight in2 the inner machinations of ur PSYCHE*) She also has a slight tendency to ramble and likes to cuss a lot, again much like her ectodadson.

her ttly^MAXIMUM charming & witty personality
Roxy is very sociable and extroverted, she cares very much for her friends and always revels in interacting with them. If one of her friends seems down about something, she might try and coax them to open up to her. She herself has an upbeat and overall optimistic personality, so she might try to cheer them up with humor. If she does happen to be moping about something, she will usually mask it in a lot of irony, and she generally doesn't tend to mope for too long.
Rox is also flirtatious, and likes to playfully flirt with her friends for fun. She will typically be very silly and ironic about it, and will use a lot of humorous puns and roleplaying.
One thing I feel people neglect about her is that she is extremely intelligent. She is exceptionally creative and has a rather wide vocabulary, and she loves coming up with stories as well as learning complex pursuits like hacking and science. She also has a useful knack for critical thinking and problem solving, especially when all of her friends have their heads up their asses. She is also rather socially intelligent, and pretty good at picking up on what other people are thinking.

If I think of anything else I will add it!
TG: toodles my most studious pupils i hope u absorbed a lot of wisdom from ur shrewd n megasassy prof rolal

official mom lalonde friend
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RE: BE the savvy haxxor chick
shit, i needed another roxy guide. also bonus points for putting savvy in the title ;)
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RE: BE the savvy haxxor chick
thank you for this!
it'll help a lot :)

hey! I rp as roxy, and sometimes other characters if i feel like it!
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