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A Roleplaying Guide For The Sylph Of Space
Away 05-13-2016, 01:39 PM (This reply was last modified: 07-04-2016 09:09 AM by kanadia413.)(Edited by kanadia413.)
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A Roleplaying Guide For The Sylph Of Space
Alright so I found there aren't too may roleplaying guides for Kanaya so i thought I'd add my input on the subject. I did my reasearch and looked at all of Kanaya's interactions and dialog but I may have missed anything other characters said about her. I will try to keep my own ideas on her character out of this, however some may come up also spoiler alert to those who have not read all of homestuck.

Quirk, Writing Style, & Other Tips In Writing For Her
Kanaya is pretty verbose so having an above average vocabulary is preferred, however the manner in which you write is also important as Kanaya uses proper syntax and grammar save for punctuation. However make sure your sentences flow well and aren't too awkward unless you are specifically trying to do so.

One trick to roleplaying as Kanaya is to skirt around the meaning of your words. Just try to make your sentences as overly complecated as possible. Much of what Kanaya says is a lot less complex than it sounds, she just talks about subjects as precisely as she can and is never as concise as she could be. Vivid imagery and metaphors are also used by her quite often and she words them to be extremely detailed. Her style could be compared to riddles, as she style is a bit cryiptic and can be a bit of a pain to write quickly, so a good Kanaya does take some time to perfect. She also likes to restate what others say as if trying to confirm that she has properly understood their meaning, and that ususally means explaining them in greater detail than originally given. She states the fact then goes back over them in more detail and explain them.

She also has a habit of asking for confirmation, such as saying something like "Dont You Think" or "Wouldnt You Agree" and such.
Though she does not use punctuation she does try to create a flow to her sentences by starting a new line instead of using a comma, and uses all caps to express anger or when raising her voice. The only time punctuation is used is for "pregnant pauses" or to show silence and occasionally exclamation marks or question marks for shock anger or confusion and uses punctuation for faces but not as often as other trolls. She also uses quotation marks much as we use them for emphasis or sarcasm.


Kanaya attempts to be a mediator at most times and will try and help others solve conflicts and her drive to do so can end with her being a bit pushy and "fussy" as Vriska stated.
Kanaya has been known to ramble as Rose indicates in one of their later conversations so dragging out your sentences and adding in some extra joys details of thoughts of Kanaya. Getting a bit off topic or broaching what could be considered a tad awkward is alright for rambling.

Kanaya quite motherly and acts accordingly, looking after others and meddling with them but usually because she is worried or concerned. This is shown in many of her encounters with Vriska, Aradia and Rose. She will get into others business and attempt to help in whatever way she can, she is rather mature for her age but is still only a teenager and does make mistakes in her advice. Depending on the timeline she may have grown more and learned how to help others in a more helpful manner.

Sass is a staple of Kanaya's brand of comunication and should be used heavily, however sass and sarcasm are a bit different though Kanaya grows to be adept in each. However in sarcasm Kanaya's brand tended to be much more deadpan especially in the beginning as she want quite sure of what she was doing. She got the hang of it later in the timelines. Kanaya has stated though that she believes humans take to sarcasm more naturally and comfortably.
GA: Its Meaning I Think Exists At The Inscrutable Nexus Of Semantic Space Where Humor Chafes Against Soft Malice
GA: A Place Perhaps The Human Mind Occupies More Comfortably I Dont Know

Kanaya is not one to be aggressive she is naturally more passive
An important aspect of Kanayas character is her rainbow drinker habits, unlike other trolls Kanaya is not nocturnal and can actually handle the Trolls sun in fact she seems to thrive in it.
Compared to other Trolls Kanaya's likes and habits are closer to that of humans. She is actively appearance conscious and makes and designs her own clothes, remember her normal attire is in fact her "work clothes" and she does not see them as fancy at all.
She also enjoys gardening and aesthetics which is uncommon in troll culture.

Of all the romances Kanaya is most interested in auspistice, having been shown with clubs in her eyes on numerous occasions, though she has said a few times that she does not feel she is that good at auspicticing, and most of her attempts have not worked out well.
Kanaya also takes things pretty seriously especially before she encountered the humans, keep in mind that she had never been exposed to sarcasm used in normal conversations as trolls only use sarcasm when they are trying to be mean which Kanaya actually stated when talking to Jade about the topic.

Kanaya is also not afraid to do some dirty work for the good of her friends as she was the one to chop off Tavros's legs on the meteor and knock out Karkat so he wouldn't get into any trouble during to main battle at the very end of the comic. She will hurt her friends to a minimum if she believes it is for the best.
She is quite intelligent being able to properly understand quantum mechanics to a degree and engineer a universe, however flawed. She is a bit unconfident especially before the game, her relationship with Vriska may have had a bit of a role in that, as she harbored red feelings for her but never confessed and acted very much as if she were friend-zoned.

Another tip to proper Kanaya roleplay is to decide where on the timeline your Kanaya is going to be this helps start up roleplays with people who are unsure of where to take a conversation especially when you run into an unmodified canon troll or human, where conversations usually are treated as a pesterlog chat. You should also establish sooner then later if it is indeed a pesterlog chat or an encounter in person. Kanaya is a passive character in both personality and role (if we are categorizing a sylph as the passive role to the active role of witch). Kanaya will try and mediate from the background and at least before she awakened as a Rainbow Drinker she had never been one to get into a fight or conflict physically or in a more aggressive role. In conversations with Aradia Vriska and Rose, Kanaya shows that she disagrees with what they are doing and though she could have chosen to further argue her point she backs down and makes no further attempts to argue. Depending on where in the timeline you choose to roleplay your Kanaya will act differently, more naive and honest before the game and a bit more sarcastic and knowledgeable after her encounter with humans. After the events of Gamzees snap and her awakening as a Rainbow drinker Kanaya will be more forward and outgoing here is where she would begin to act more aggressive toward others but at heart she will still be kind and driven to smooth over conflict. She is also more prone to anger or letting her anger affect her actions, overall she becomes more likely to get into a fight or even start a fight, but she probably would not act without any provocations. During the 3 years on the meteor Kanaya's relationship with Rose really begins, they were flirting a bit and getting closer with their chats before but any actual red relationships would have really began to develop and begin on the meteor so keep that in mind and don't reference any relationships with Rose if you are still in the act 5 timeline.

Depending on which timeline you are in is another aspect of writing your Kanaya with Vriska's presence in her life being a variable based on timeline, choosing what timeline you are from can change how Kanaya acts around other characters though Roses role in her life only changes based on if she turned to alcohol or not. A lot of these roles and such must be decided for you and if you don't want to stick to the canon timeline you have to figure out how changes in the timeline will affect Kanaya and her relationships with others.
Speaking of relationships here is a quick guide to Kanaya's relationships with characters, I am going with both the timelines so I will try to specify which timeline I am talking about, some relationships don't change with the timeline so any not specifying otherwise are those types. I will also say whether or not she would regard them as a dangerous player.


Kanaya's relationship with Karkat is probably the most positive one when compared to others. At the beginning she was one of Karkat's closest friends and he acted the least crabby when talking to her. She regarded him as a good leader and looked up to him a bit. She even went to him for a bit of romance advice and trusted him a lot. Though not official she did act similarly to a morail with him though not exactly and may harbor some type of pale feelings for him it's up to you to decide that. Though she did cannonly harbor a auspistice crush on Karkat and Gamzee, as well as for Dave and Karkat at one time, though that ended being unrequited. She grew a bit more distant from him on the meteor as she spent more of her time with Rose but in the original timeline she did take on the role of a friend and the person who Karkat would talk to when others weren't available. She is also especially protective of Karkat, in the time before John's retcon she tried to protect Karkat from Jane, though did fail due to getting riled up by Jane. Something similar happens in the final timeline when she knocks Karkat out to keep him from fighting in any of the dangerous fights with The Condesce or the various Lord English's. She fails here too as Karkat ends up almost fighting Lord English in the dream bubbles but wakes up just before. Kanaya would not have regarded him as a threat except to possibly himself.

Though these two did talk a bit, they were not particularly close or at least not while Aradia was dead. Their relationship was rather cold, and it can be implied that Kanaya had attempted a few times to talk her out of some things but knew very well that she could do nothing and what Aradia would do was imperative to their timeline. Before her death Aradia had gone to Kanaya to have her fix the Lil'Cal doll she had found meaning they were on good terms and Aradia could actually get to Kanaya's hive as SGRUB had not started and I don't believe there was a post office or anything in Alternia. So to deliver the doll Aradia had to physically visit Kanaya. It can also be assumed that Alive Aradia was on better terms with Kanaya than Dead Aradia. Kanaya would view Aradia as a bit dangerous, but a necessary danger.

Though these two did not talk very much they did seem to be on good terms as Kanaya tried to help him out by keeping Vriska at bay. Though she did witness him and Vriska kiss it doesn't seem like she ever felt any resentment towards him most likely realizing it would have been Vriska who initiated anything. She likely feels bad for him due to his bad luck with attracting anyone (i.e. Gamzee and Vriska) and the loss of his legs. Kanaya did not see him as a dangerous player at any point in the timeline, if anything he was in need of protection from the dangerous players.

Kanaya implied that she and Sollux use to talk in the past and she would be the one to leave after getting fed up with his nonsense, she also seemed to be on well enough terms with him and like others did not believe him about his visions of the future. She seemed to be quite surprised at his sudden change in attitude and became more unsocial. She also goes to him if she has any technological problems. She didn't seem to regard him as a threat.

Kanaya had no canon interactions with Nepeta that we saw but it can be assumed that Kanaya had roleplayed with her as Nepeta had stated in a conversation with Equius where she stated everyone else would roleplay with her. Seeing how Nepeta and Kanaya act it is most likely that they would have gotten along well. Kanaya would probably be there to talk with Nepeta if she needed it. Kanaya would not have seen Nepeta as a dangerous player.

Though they did not really talk or have a history, I believe they would get along especially if in the game over timeline as there they would both feel a strong distain for Gamzee both have talked of going "clown hunting" for similar reasons, however Terezi's unpredictable manner may cause Kanaya to view her as someone to watch much as she did with Vriska(but not in any red or pale ways). In the retcon timeline she may feel a bit bitter toward her for getting close to Vriska, but it would not affect her view of her much, if anything the topic of Vriska would be a good direction to take conversation. Kanaya would view Terezi as potentially dangerous but would feel her mind powers may help keep her from doing anything too dangerous.

Vriska is one of Kanaya's closer friends and a love interest for a while. Kanaya's flushed crush on Vriska possibly influenced her choice to stay as her morail for so long, though the main cause is that she feels the need to monitor Vriska and make sure she does not get into too much trouble, though seeing how she killed one person, blinded another and paralyzed an other one, she was not doing the best job, though seeing what she was dealing with she did fine. Vriska's relationship with Tavros leaves her a bit shocked and when given an opportunity to auspisticize them she could not properly do so due to her feelings. She finds Vriska funny and attractive, and also a bit endearing,at certain times at least. If you set yourself closely after the Tavros events she would act a bit cold and more annoyed towards Vriska, to the others confusion, and likely try to avoid the subject. The best time to be if you want to rationally set the two up would be soon after the 3x Showdown as both would feel some attraction to each other. On the note of the 3x showdown, this event shows that though attracted to Vriska she is not unable to physically injure the other. If you are in the game over timeline she would be even more pissed at Vriska for starting a relationship with Meenah as she dislikes Meenah quite a bit, if you set it after their breakup then she would likely not comfort Vriska at first especially since she is getting over her at this time and in a relationship with Rose. Retcon timeline is a completely different story, here they would get along better seeing how she is in a happy matespritship with Rose and Vriska may by forming some sort of relationship with Terezi. Her feelings would still be there much she would be mostly over them and friendship would be their main feelings for each other. Kanaya has stated that Vriska is a dangerous player however dangerous players like Vriska and Rose seem to be attractive to Kanaya and she enjoys monitoring them.

Kanaya never interacts with Equius in canon so it's harder to gauge how they would interact but she would probably find him a bit, disconcerting and would try to act polite but try to interact as little as possible. Though Equius can be violent I do not believe Kanaya would regard him as a dangerous player.

Kanaya hates Gamzee and not in the black way but in the "Fuck That Guy" way. On the meteor in the beginning she went around searching for him "Clown Hunting" really and had the intent of inflicting at least a very painful wound on him but not to kill. Overall she loathes him in a completely platonic and non romantic way just pure slightly homicidal hatred. Before he snapped Kanaya may have seen Gamzee as a humorous character and got along relatively well. In the game over timeline Gamzee witnessed Kanaya and Rose's first kiss, not really sure of that's important but its something. Overall if you run into a sober Gamzee treat him with anger and violently, a high Gamzee should be humored and treated a bit like a child. Kanaya would have known Gamzee was a bit of a threat with his blood color in mind but would not have seen him as a truly dangerous player till his breaking point was reached.

Kanayas relationship with Eridan is one she most likely finds tedious, not really enjoying their conversations especially if they involve Feferi, before his killing spree she saw him a nuisance even making him a wand to shut him up. She sees him as having a royalty complex and as taking her help for granted. She seems to antagonize him a bit with sass and sarcasm, and truly finds him as distasteful. After he killed her...kinda, her opinion of him changed from a nuisance to a threat and took him out with passion, she would likely have regarded him with a bit of spite especially since he also destroyed the matriorb and to her dooming her races hopes of repopulation. She regards him as rude and would act with extreme snark if she spoke to him before the whole killing thing. Though she thinks of him as a bit of a joke she still would know he would have been a dangerous player with his past plans of genocide and all.

Kanaya was on good terms with Feferi and had stated she was impressed by her ability to deal with Eridan as a morail. She spoke with less scorn or sarcasm and it seems is influenced by her bubbly nature and in term becomes much more upbeat. She also feels a bit sad for her as she has "A lot of burdens in the fire." It is unclear whether or not her opinion of Feferi is influenced by her blood color or not so that can be up to the you. She would never regard her as dangerous but may regard her lusus as a threat.

Rose is Kanaya's current and as far as we know her first matesprit. Though her initial view in Rose was not good as John made her seem incredibly dumb and unintelligent. Her second encounter however changed all her views. Seeing Rose's true intellect and prowess in sarcasm. She also showed that she was capable of understanding temporal mechanics and other complex ideas. The change in basically everything about Rose made Kanaya curious about humans and their potential and ended up continuing her attempts at communication. After going to Dave for advice Kanaya tried trolling Rose again which ended in Rose and her starting a sort of friendship, most of this we did not get to see but it can be assumed that during this time she would have been very inquisitive and still slightly attempting to troll her. Conversations set around this time will be a bit chilly both still trying to figure out each other. Later soon after Rose asks for Kanaya's name their relationship will begin to get better as they begin to realize more about the other.
Flirting will begin around this point as they start to get more comfortable with each other and later as they get closer and closer to Rose going grimdark Kanaya will try more and more to talk Rose out of it. Once they meet again in the meteor they will start a more personal relationship that probably starts off with spending a lot of time together more flirting and shenanigans will ensure but Kanaya does not quite know what to call their relationship so it would border friendship and romance eventually dating begins and bit to long after Rose's dependence on alcohol begins. Kanaya does not approve of Rose's drinking habits and finds drunk Rose sad and in need of help, any flirting done by Rose would not be well received. Their relationship in game over and retcon timelines is similar however it is not really shown if in the retcon timeline Rose ends up turning to alchohol. From there they continue to be happy together for the most part and their relationship is strong as it is the one that over the whole comic as persisted and not been broken. In the new universe the humans create Rose and Kanaya are still show to be together. Kanaya finds Rose to be her intelecutial equal and looks up to her especially after learning about her hand in creating the walkthrough Kanaya used. Kanaya finds Rose to be a enjoyable partner in conversations and picked up much of her knowledge and usage of sarcasm from her. However Kanaya sees Rose to be the dangerous player of the humans sessions as her communication and trust of dark gods is worrisome and dangerous to the session.

Jade as Kanaya has pointed out is most similar to Kanaya in many aspects, their Prospit experience, role in the game, likes and even to an extent their personality. Kanaya acts mainly as an mentor and teacher for Jade and her role to create a new universe. They also connect on their connection to Prospit both having seen it as a home and having spent most of their dream life's on it. Kanaya has stated that she thinks of Jade as the most sensible and reasonable of the humans. Their relationship is good both seeming to like each other enough, in the retcon and game over timeline they did not speak much after the scratch and after Jade went grimbark any speaking was hostile but I don't consider that as Jade as she was basically possessed by the Condesce and not thinking straight. Jade never was what Kanaya considered a dangerous player and if anything Jade was the one human who played by the rules best.

John was Kanaya's first exposure to humanity and set off her view of humans badly. Kanaya sees John as a joke at times and he is a jokester. To her he is the least intelligent member of the humans and cannot understand anything about temporal mechanics. Though she doesn't view him as an intellectual equal she does find him an alright person not regarding him with any hatred. She does not see him as a dangerous player.

In Kanaya's initial conversations with Dave he trolled her a lot, and in some of her first conversations she had been new to the whole "human sarcasm" thing and took a lot of what he said literally. Dave acts as her source of Rose information that is not Rose herself, and in a way Dave is her wingman. She regards Dave well and a bit too highly in the beginning as she overestimates him due to his title as the knight of time. Dave is Kanaya's informant on human stuff especially when Rose is inebriated. Overall Dave is not dangerous to Kanaya though he can be a bit antagonistic at times with his irony and sarcasm.

A List Of Vocabulary Words That Are Useful In Practicing The Art Of Vocalizing As Kanaya (aka good words to use as kanaya)
Abhor- Hate
Bigot- Narrow Minded Person
Hamper- Hinder, Obstruct
Placid- Calm, Peaceful
Engender- Cause
Tangent- Going Off On The Main Subject
Abasement- Humiliation, Degradation
Harangue- Noisy, Attacking Speech
Replete- Full
Abrogate- Cancel, Deny, Repel
Harbingers- Indicators
Labyrinthine- Complicated, Highly Convoluted
Plaudit- Statement Giving Strong Praise
Ensconce- Establish Firmly In Position
Laceration- A Cut
Blighted- Damaged, Destroyed, Ruined
Lachrymose- Tearful, Sad
Enshroud- Cover
Tedium- Boredom
Crepuscular- Active At Dusk And Dawn
Enunciation- Clear Pronunciation, Accent, Articulation
Abstemious- Self Denying, Refraining For Indulgences
Rescind- Retract, Repeal
Boorish- Ill-Mannered
Poignant- Deeply Moving, Strongly Effected By Emotions
Epistolary- Concerned With Letters, Through Correspondence
Resplendent- Shining, Glowing
Braggart- Someone Who Boasts
Epitomized- Typified, Characterized, Personified
Languish- Decay, Fade Away, Get Weaker
Obsequious- Servile, Submissive
Polemical- Causing Debate Or Conflict
Equivocate- Speaking Ambiguously, Avoid Telling The Truth
Larceny- Theft, Robbery, Stealing
Ponderous- Weighty, Slow And Heavy
Timorous- Cowardly, Fearful
Decorum- Dignified, Correct Behavior
Pontificate- Speak Pompously Or Dogmatically
Adulation- Strong Admiration, Worship
Obstreperous- Noisy And Boisterous
Titter- Giggle Quietly
Brusque- Blunt, Abrupt
Lax- Careless, Not Strict
Poseur- Someone Who Puts On An Act
Posterity- Future Generations
Torpor- Dormancy, Sluggishness, Inactivity
Degradation- Depravity, Poverty, Debasement
Officious- Domineering, Intrusive, Meddlesome
Posthumous- After Death

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Offline 05-14-2016, 08:33 AM
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RE: A Roleplaying Guide For The Sylph Of Space
Oh, dear! :o

This is pretty informative, omg. As an avid Kanaya roleplayer, it's honestly so exciting to see new guides pop up about her here and there! She's an intriguing character, and there's so much more to her than "fancy" words!

I really liked the way you described her relationships with everybody. Good job. ♥︎

[Image: mm85pys]

FEFERI: Aww! Look )(ow cute )(e is!
ERIDAN: yea ... ♥
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Away 05-18-2016, 01:32 AM
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RE: A Roleplaying Guide For The Sylph Of Space
I'm considering doing another one of these for Rose, still unsure if I should or not. Anyone want to share their opinions on whether this guide was helpful or not? If anything I might do more analysis on characters relationships opinions and canon interactions.
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Offline 05-18-2016, 01:44 AM
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RE: A Roleplaying Guide For The Sylph Of Space
This is extremely well done, both for experienced Kanaya rpers and newbies. You covered a lot of things, both the basics and some of the heavy details, and I'm very happy to see some Sylph of Space appreciation. ^-^

As for Rose, I know there are some great Rose guides out there already, but nothin really recent that takes the most recent Homestuck developments into account. :o) I would say give it a go!

x1 x1(list)
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RE: A Roleplaying Guide For The Sylph Of Space
I've been thinking of picking up Kanaya as a muse lately, and just je su s. With how extensive this guide is, I think I'm going to have this open whenever I play her as a reference

I can't speak on the behalf of a more experienced mun, but it's really great for a beginner like me :0

[Image: usDxVcS.png]
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Away 05-20-2016, 02:59 PM
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RE: A Roleplaying Guide For The Sylph Of Space
I'm going to put a bit more information into this guide including some of my experiences roleplaying kanaya around the forums as well as an update to her relationships with others including the alpha kids and at least a few of the dancestors. Once again thanks to those who read and enjoyed this guide.
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