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Offline 11-07-2013, 04:47 PM
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A message from Nadia:

"I'm looking for a backend programmer who is not just familiar with, but extremely knowledgeable and proficient with Python, Redis, MySQL, and Nginx.

Let's repeat that on separate lines:





And on another line: Python, Nginx, Redis, MySQL

I really don't feel like getting twenty messages from people who have read a single tutorial about HTML and wonder if they can help. No. I know HTML and CSS. Knowing HTML and CSS is of absolutely no use whatsoever in bringing up the website."

So yeah. Reply to this forum if you meet the requirements and you want to help get stuff back to normal!

Pop pop, brrrrrap!
I'm Y.V. I have one non-Homestuck OC. Message me if you need something or want to RP for whatever reason I guess, and remember to report posts that violate rules!
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