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Humanstuck Vriska Shipping Prompt
Offline 04-21-2016, 08:34 AM
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Humanstuck Vriska Shipping Prompt
I have it up currently buuuuuuuut just so you guys know which Vriska I am (there appear to be a few right now) I'll drop the full text of it here too. Enjoy:

Aaaaaaaall right Cherubplay. I'll be playing a lovely Ms. Vriska Serket in this today. It will be a Humanstuck AU featuring a romance starting when our characters meet each other right before (or after) Vriska performs a concert with a band as the lead guitarist and singer in your characters town or city at a small dive bar or theater hall. She performs under the stage name "Marquise Spinneret Mindfang".

Headcanon Vriska: A tan-skinned and mid-20 something transgender woman on HRT with intent on saving up for her surgeries, fond of wearing dark blue and black clothing, some jewelry, spiderbite lip piercings. Her eyes are blue and hair is jet black with a few streaks of varying colors (orange, blonde, or red commonly) Slightly shorter than 6 feet tall with an average frame and weight. Tattooed: one spider web pattern across her left shoulder neck, and arm and an eight ball on her back between the shoulderblades. one eye is damaged and thus she normally wears a patch over it, thus standing out more than the average person.

Any characters will be acceptable for her new SO but I have a few other ideas floating around for some specific characters. A * indicates an idea I especially would want.

*For Terezi or Kanaya: A childhood friend of Vriska, the two have not seen one another for many years now, losing contact some time during senior year of highschool. Y/C sees a flier out in the streets advertising a show by "Marquis Mindfang" and decides to buy a ticket due to that name sounding familiar, if not outright remembering it was Serket's roleplay character from childhood. Because of the long gap in time, their face-to-face meeting starts of a bit awkwardly.

For John or Jade: One of these two would be a fan of "Marquis" and run a website/fanpage for their favorite musician in a growing fanbase, but had never gotten a ticket to a performance yet. Then fortune smiled upon one of these kids and they not only got a ticket, but a backstage pass to meet face-to-face. Then things develop from there.

For Karkat: Similar to Terezi, somebody who knew Serket growing up and was aware of "Team Scourge" and the antics she and Pyrope got up to, being the victim of their shenanigans a few times himself being a former boyfriend of Terezi. But he moved slightly before Vriska wound up coming out Trans (early on in High School, thanks to Karkat's Dad and the missionary trips across the globe), meaning he wasn't aware of who exactly she was until during a discussion with "Mindfang" when she points it out to him by recalling torturing him.

*For Eridan: Eridan Ampora is a former member of Vriska's band from its first incarnation who left due to "creative differences" and now heads a rival band that has booked a show the same day at the same venue as Mindfang and an on-and-off boyfriend, lingering feelings still remain despite the hurt caused by their issues with the other.

For Meenah or Feferi: The daughter of an incredibly successful business woman and the heiress apparent to the company, currently assigned to work in booking shows at the several buildings that are owned by the Peixes Corporation and scouting talent to sign to one of their several record labels, meets with Vriska to schedule the showtimes and work out potential contract terms, then they personally become close during the process.

And of course I'd be remiss not to mention that any of your headcanons are welcome! LGBT+, ethnicity, appearance, as long as you're good at representing their personality I could care less!!!!!!!! Hit me up.

OCs (Homestuck Batch):
OCs (DanganRonpa Batch): (coming soon)

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RE: Humanstuck Vriska Shipping Prompt
This slumber party organized by some people who lived together. When this party begins people start to explore ozessay reviews to each other and talk about some different topics.
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