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Boom Goes The Neighborhood
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Boom Goes The Neighborhood
-This is still a work in progress and I am up for ideas and suggestions. I'm posting this to see if anyone would be interested in a gang-based chat such as this and I'll provide a link for those that want to help or get in a good, quick rp session. Gangs can be voted in and a map may be made to help those get an idea what the city is supposed to look like. Pretty much, this is all Beta as hell and certain details, plot points and characters could change.-

Welcome to a little town called Havensburg, a crime infested city in the middle of God-knows-where. Gangs riddle the various areas of town and it's up to you to pick and choose who you will stand with, if you stand with anyone at all that is…

In this Saints Row and Grand Theft Auto inspired chat, you play as a citizen of Havensburg, either as a normal civilian, a gang member or even a cop just doing his job (or corrupted one not doing it!).

Several gangs fill the city but most notoriously are ‘The Phantom Riders'. More are rising quickly through the ranks however and may one day have a seat among the kingpins of this city.
OCs are allowed as long as they are human. We don't mind if you repurpose a character or what have you.

Setting: Tall buildings tower over the crime infested city and push out the small neighborhoods. Many businesses these days are mostly either corrupt or run by gangs, graffiti covering any back alley in the feeble attempts at smaller gangs trying to make their way up in the city. Small shops are nestled between large buildings, most carrying weaponry to protect themselves or being hit up for protection by local thugs. Whether you are in the seediest of slums or the CEO of your own business, you will always be scheming to make it to the top. The local cops are always active, so try to keep things as legal as you can, citizen...or just don’t get caught.
MAJOR GANGS: Phantom Riders


1) No God modding
2) Don't be rude OOC
3) We are a more 'adult themes' oriented chat, but there are still some things that bother people so please spoiler anything extreme.
4) No spam
5) Sexual themes are allowed but no smut. Take it to PMs if you must.
6) No eye blinding colours
7) No character bashing
8) Ask before making a gang, we can't have 10 gangs with just one or two people in each.
9) No invisible/unreadable text [Pro-tip, if you want to use black or a dark color that can't be seen, change the code to have a background color of white]
10) No Autohitting
11) No OP characters
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RE: Boom Goes The Neighborhood
Still a work in progress.

If anyone has any suggestions for this chat or would like to make more gangs, any help is appreciated in the replies.

Oh! Also, BUMP.
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