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A Victory Guaranteed [Hiatus]
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A Victory Guaranteed [Hiatus]

This fanventure was created long, long time ago, but in another format, in another language and even in another fictional universe. Homestuck was not even a thing back there and then ^__^

This is an attempt to adapt it, to retell the story weaved by five people almost 10 years ago in the format of MSPA Adventures.
So, naturally, SBURB is going to be here.

This is the first attempt of the author at such endeavors and therefore, some hidden pitfalls may occure, the ones that will make telling this story far, far harder. If something like that to occur - even the bad experience is still an experience.

As for now - thank you for starting reading this.

-- Foreword end --

Chapter Select

> Prologue

> ACT 1

> Intermission 1-1

> Intermission 1-2

> ACT 2

Before Anything
Allow me please to present to you this story. After all, stories, books and movies require some sort of presentation to the people, deciding to engage with them, are they not?

This particular story happened a while ago, yet, simultainiously, far in the future, even happening right now, as I greet you, the reader here. Now isn't it peculiar? It happened with just five kids, who decided to play the game. The game that they were destined to win, a rare occasion, is it not? After all, this game usually is about overcoming the impossible and winning, even though you shouldn't

Alas, this is not a story about that. Or at least, this is not precisely the point of this story.
It will be a tale about the friendships and the treachery. The joy and the pains. A tale about lovers despising each other and enemies finding a common ground. A tale about friends turning enemies.
A tale about fire and iron
About the endless struggle between life and death
Order and Chaos
And of course - light and darkness.

Are you interested still? After all, as I said, five people were gathered to play a game, and the victory was all but guaranteed.

The question is, however, whose victory?

A strange light. A blue dot, looking more like a dead pixel on the screen right now, drowning in the endless ocean of dark space. The place is not just devoid of light, the idea of it is foreign, forbidden even, around here. And yet, this blue light, this seemingly one broken pixel still shines.

A mistake, it never should have existed. It couldn't have.
The very though of it being there is just...wrong. Yet this is what happening right here and right now. Despite the overwhelming odds this small, tiny, insignificant in the grandiose scope dot exists still, and the life is thriving in there. Stories weave and unravel, surrounded by the everlasting darkness, never to be heard or seen by anyone or anything. They will dissipate into the silence, consumed by it's vastness, devoid of feeling.

Right now you are READER and therefore you have the power of Vision Narrative, meaning that whatever is important to the story you will be able to see. What will you do?

> Move toward the blue dot [Prologue Start]
> Ask about White Text
> Be White Text
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RE: A Victory Guaranteed
> Ask about the White Text

[Image: Zb9ZfgY.gif]
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RE: A Victory Guaranteed
> Inquire about the white text

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RE: A Victory Guaranteed
> Ask about White Text

> Inquire about the white text

Ask about? Whom are you even going to ask? As we established before you are now in the COLD dead space with just that tiny, one pixel-sized dot blinking somewhere in the distance. are not even sure if you would be able to hear anyone in here if you asked about the white text. Because, you know, vacuum and all that other stuff. Or you do not know. After all, only you know what you know and not me. I am just a text describing the events that are about to TRANSPIRE.

Either way, it seems as if no one will be able to answer you about this mysterious WHITE TEXT person right now

Allow me?

Or not. It seems that mysterious WHITE TEXT person contacted you

Wow. That was kinda smug. And condescending. Ugh, this type of people. You know what, if you want we can still change this WHITE TEXT person to another, what do you think reader?

> You are okay with it. No need to change. Let's look at the blue dot [Prologue Start]
> You are not okay with it. Change this WHITE TEXT person
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RE: A Victory Guaranteed
> No need to change, let's look at the blue dot.

[Image: Zb9ZfgY.gif]
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RE: A Victory Guaranteed
> Be White Text ;)

[Image: tumblr_nwgd2uqHwK1sg6teeo2_540.gif]

have you read this shit?)

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RE: A Victory Guaranteed
> Be White Text

You try as hard as possible to be the WHITE TEXT person but unfortunately you cannot be them. It seems as if that option is now LOCKED for a time being. If only you could have seen this before this mysterious being decided to introduce themselves...
... If only. Wait, this smug bastard is contacting you again

Well... This certainly was a decent attempt. Unfortunately, the WHITE TEXT person is not entirely wrong about that. You cannot be them, until any kind of further notice. You may try to do this once again. But this won't be a successul attempt

It is decided that you stop even thinking about being the WHITE TEXT person for a while. Later we might learn their name, rank and role in this adventure. But as they said, you have a show to watch.

Or rather - a scene to observe

> Reader: Look at the blue dot


Millions, if not billions, of years prior to the events that are about to transpire a faint blue dot blinks, defying the darkness that surrounds it, shining like a faint, dying beacon of light and hope in this endless ocean of absolute Nothingness. This is where one story ends, story filled with, take my word, a lot of shenanigans and emotions.

And where one story ends, another starts. This is but one of oh-so-many rules of the narrative. You decide that this is one of the rules of the narrative. It sounds poetic and about right. You also decide that you MIGHT look it up later, just to make sure.

You concentrate your Vision Narrative and the dot is now closer to you. A crystal dome, covering a rock, stranded in the literal middle of nowhere. The crystal appears to be ice, absolutely clear, cold, protecting whatever is inside from anything and everything as well as ice usually does. Which is to say, not very good. But sufficient for the inhabitants of this place. You concentrate more and now you are inside the dome, it is a small, snow filled planet, far, far smaller than ours, with meteor craters all over it. They must be old. There are no meteors in here, besides, they would shatter the ice, wouldn't they?

The atmospehere is chilling, and it's not surprising: there is no sun to be seen around. Not even the glimmer of light from the outside. The thick layer of ice doesn't help either. Yet, somewhere in here, there is still life.

You concentrate harder, you are almost at the limit of your Vision Narrative. You are now at the one of the meteors. This is where the story ends. And begins again.

A cloaked figure, a small one, covered in snow after being outside, a blackened power-armor can be seen underneath the grey colored rags is walking decisively through the dimly lit corridor. The face of the cloaked figure is now obfuscated by the black helmet. The figure inhales, sharply, loudly. This is all wrong. This cannot be the only way. Cannot be something that they HAVE TO do. The weapon of their choice, a crossbow, infused with powers beyond even the most wild imagination, trembles a little bit. Even now, thinking about what is going to happen. The place of the meeting is here. The TERMINAL is also here. Fitting is it not.

You, unfortunatelly, cannot see any closer. You will strain yourself if you try to use your Vision Narrative any longer.
It is suggested that you be this cloaked figure.

> Be Cloaked Figure


Unfortunately, you will not get a proper introduction until far, far later down the line. But for right now it doesn't really matter. You have more urgent things at hand than just dilly dallying and talking about yourself. That would be the most asinine thing you could possibly do in this situation.

Time is a precious commodity and you are dirt poor.
You have a meeting to attend. An unfinished buisness to get over with. Your last chance to make things right again.
You are not going to waste it.
But it seems right now that you are alone on the meteor. You scowl and ponder. You cannot possibly be not where you agreed to meet. And the other person is not known for backing up on their deals. Yet they are not here.

What will you do?

> Cloaked Figure: Go Deeper
> Cloaked Figure: Get Outside
> Cloaked Figure: Contact the other person
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RE: A Victory Guaranteed
> Get outside.

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RE: A Victory Guaranteed
> Cloaked Figure: Get Outside

It is suggester that you have to get outside. You scowl under that blackened helmet. But you literally just got in here! And you are absolutely, one hundred percent sure this is the right meteor. The TERMINAL is here, for crying out loud. Yet you decide to listen to this suggestion and hurry up outside. There is a possibility, a faint one, but a possibility nontheless, that you just got in here first. Despite all their strength in that regard, the other person is not omnipotent. Not yet, anyway.

The outside is freezing cold. No, freezing cold in here lost all meaning. Freezing cold would be a summer in the Death Valley of this place. If you knew what a Death Valley is. Everything is darkened, the only faint lights are the other survivors, if you can call them that and the facilities that still have energy source. It is not infinite, you know that. Sooner or later this lights too will be extinguished and all of you will be frozen forever.

You also know that it will happen real soon. The other person knows that too. It is their job to know. And knowing that, this is the last chance to act for both of you.
You do not, however, see their light anywhere, and the SIGNALIZER of your Heads-Up Display is not picking their signal. It seems that they are inside one of the meteors, or use some sort of jammer. The latter one is less likely.

You stand, observing the planet, you remember it, so long ago already, it seems, it looking much different. Lush with colors and life, with all these fancy little creatures all over the surface.
But there are no more colors. The abyss consumed them. It munched away life and there are too many graves of those colorful creatures, killed by your associates, meteors and cold.

> Cloaked Figure: Look around the Crater

You decide to look around the crater, but as soon as you take a couple steps into the blizzard, there is a message on your heads-up display blinking. You decide to answer. You know who is talking

> Cloaked Figure: Answer

Well, now you know that the other person, this CT asswipe is already there. Awaiting for you. This is their main ability - to know and to predict. By all the gods that may dwell into this darkness, you despise the smug bastard.
No point standing here, then, freezing every bit and piece of you outside. You PARTISAN armor may be able to withstand extreme temperatures, but this is on the verge of it's capabilities. Without it you would be dead in minutes. Now - until the battery runs out.
But it won't happen, you always prepared for the worst and made sure to charge it as much as possible with the limited energy that you have.

> CC: Proceed into the Facility

You proceed back inside and dwell deeper into the facility. It is now lit a little less dimly, it seems that CT have listened to you. Or didn't, after all, they need the power to use THE TERMINAL. You will not let this happen. This is why you are here.

A step, another, one more. Your armored boots click on the ground, the sound is echoing, the dust muffles it a bit. You are determined to put an end to this. Peace talk, right, you know very well what peace talk with a slime like this one will bring you. A sense of regret, if only you acted earlier, nothing like this would ever happen. But you did not. Decided to indudge in pretty lies, not the ugly truth.

The other person stands there, in front of THE TERMINAL, it's screen blinking, the only bright light source in a circular room, some sort of mural on the floor. Too dark to see clearly, too busy to care.

CT looks even worse than the last time, pale, frail, almost dead. By the looks of it it is a wonder they are even alive, that it is hard for them to stand up. But you know that it all but a trick, beyond that frailty is a devil of strength unimaginable. They turn around, face - without any emotion, cold as the air above the crater, eyes piercing, hollow. They gesture to come closer, to talk.

What will you do?

> CC: Let's talk
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RE: A Victory Guaranteed

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