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DDM Revived » Vinhalla «
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Rainbow DDM Revived » Vinhalla «
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This is a semi-serious fantasystuck-based chat that takes place on an island known as Vinhalla. The main focus is on dragons, or more specifically the Talath, but we also offer a wide variety of other mythical creatures. If you have any questions feel free to check the FAQ or ask the mods in the chat! Thanks for checking us out and we hope you plan on joining us, Vinhalla awaits your arrival!



You can see the lore and info about each creature here



Ethan - Psiioniic
Prince - Lil Hal

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RE: DDM Revived » Vinhalla «
[Image: embed.php?text=Damara%20Megido&n...lor=A10000]
: Age :
Died at 22
: Height :
: Species :
: God Tier Aspect :
: Reference :
[Image: LLPC546.png]
: Additional Character info :
*She absolutely detests being sober, and is often seen smoking.
*She was corrupted by the deadly sin of lust.

: OOC Name :
: OOC Pronouns :
: Contact Info :
Just PM me on the forums!
: Timezone :
: Character Bio :
Damara grew up in Eastern Japan a few hundred or so years ago. Aside from the tired eyes of an overworked mother and the vague silhouette of a boy who never loved her, she can't remember much of her life, or her death, for that matter. The majority of her past life is just as much of a blur, days and years consuming one another, as time and sin begin to wear her down, malforming her into something else.
Damara knows she used to be kind and caring, perhaps a bit too much. Nowadays, she's angry. Just angry. Angry at those from her past, angry at the sin that corrupted her, angry at the world filled with people who get to live a full life.

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RE: DDM Revived » Vinhalla «


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RE: DDM Revived » Vinhalla «

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