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Late Night ChatX2
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Offline 02-28-2016, 04:55 AM (This reply was last modified: 02-28-2016 04:56 AM by Mightbeinmyblood.)(Edited by Mightbeinmyblood.)
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Late Night ChatX2
*drops some Life-y magic on my chat*

It's back.

Rules are simple.

1. No being an overall dick or you will be silenced.
2. OCs welcome but please, nothing overpowered! Also provide a ref/description.
3. Listen to the mod(s)!!!
4. Auto-silence will be turned on after we reach ffifteen people. It gets really chaotic after fifteen.
5. Do NOT force any ships of any kind! Especially if said ship makes the person uncomfortable.
6. Either completely avoid triggers/triggering topics, or put them in spoilers and tag them correctly.
7. I don't mind sadstuck; I really don't! But I have zero tolerance for overdramatic pity parties IC. Have a problem OOC and you want to rant? Just say so.
8. Do NOT, under ANY circumstances, godmod. "Tries to do x" or "attempts to x" is best. Do not automatically assume that your character can do something unless the other RPer says it's fine.


Hallo! I go by Rhea.
Big Gulp. Nn.
The Dynamic Duo of Rea and Nick.
Derived from the time Rea and Nick skipped 1st period, and went to spend their $3 at 7-11. Rea had something in her wallet that sparked ideas in both hers and Nick's heads, having to do with their Big Gulp drink.
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