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Skaia High (Demonstuck!)
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Skaia High (Demonstuck!)
[Image: tumblr_static_skaia_high.png]

Both trolls and humans are capable of living peacefully together on a recolonized Earth, hundreds of years after an inexplicable event by the name Sburb, or Skaia as most people call it.
However, demons have invaded this planet, and are trying to conquer Earth. The humans and trolls fought back, and the war has lasted for decades, almost always at a deadlock.
And eventually, the standstill came to an end. Demons started to take over, their territory gradually increasing over the past few years.
To make matters worse, some trolls are revolting against humans and the economy is in complete ruins.
The government then built a few schools to train soldiers and prepare them to fight demons. In return, bags of grain would be sent to their families.
Some demons have infiltrated the academy, however, and who knows which side they're on.

In Skaia High, there's an entry exam that determines what class you start in. The classes are A, B, C, and D, Class A being the highest class, and D being the lowest. Most people start in Class C and D and anyone can move up a class or down one at any time. As an incentive, those in the higher ranks (Class A and B) receive better living conditions and food. Those in the lower classes (Class C and D) receive adequate living conditions and food.
If you are unable to use weapons well or are unable to form adequate strategies and such, you'll be placed in Class D. If you're adequate, you're placed in Class C. If you are good at one, but not the other, you are in Class B. If you're excellent at both, you're placed in Class A.
As for courses, you choose which ones you want to go in. The courses are: health, survival skills, close combat, long distance weapons, guns, blades, hand-to-hand combat, and magic. (Some classes can be created if needed.) All of these except magic have the levels Basic, I, II, and III (e.g. Guns Basic and Blades II). Magic, because knowledge of it is limited, can only be taught in the basic form, and is one reason why demons are getting the upper hand.


Reference (try to have 2 or less):  

[spoiler=RP Example:]

OOC Name:
OOC Pronouns:
Mun Ships:
Time Zone:


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RE: Skaia High (Demonstuck!)
[align=center]Name:Rose Lalonde
Weapon(s):Knitting needles/throwing knives

Personality:Coy, loves playing mind games. Very impulsive and quick to anger under her facade of calm. Has few close friends, as many see her as cold and unwelcoming.
Reference (try to have 2 or less):
Relationships: Roxy, Dave, and Dirk are family if it's okay with them.
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RE: Skaia High (Demonstuck!)
Zane [aka Zedge] Lycann
Monte Carlo
Zane tends to be rather rude to everyone he meets at first, usually showing just his anger but sometimes he can be nice to people he thinks he can stay friends with. Overall... He's just a rather mean cinnamon roll.
Idiot Aussie
Doesn't have any relatives of sorts, besides having a stray/wild Stoat he has
- Likes to cook -
- Hates having his personal space being invaded -
- Likes water, a lot. -
- Is Australian, has a lingering accent. -

OOC Name
OOC Pronouns
Mun Ships
Almost about all of them
Time Zone
(Central Time)
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RE: Skaia High (Demonstuck!)
[Image: 4605926.png]




Dragon cane sword

Standing at 31 inches in length, the Silver Spike Dragon Head Walking Cane is unique with a realistic dragon head cast in aluminum with red eyes. The shaft of this cane is black in color and has a slight textured feel to it. This is a sturdy cane with a rubberized tip at the base that makes for a soft landing and helps with balancing while walking. Impress others with this cane in your collection. This cane is a great example of craftsman ship and durability. Please note that the cane does not come with a blade. Overall Length: 31 inch


First and foremost in Terezi's mind is her concept of justice. Despite living in a society where survival of the fittest is practiced from a young age, Terezi has developed a set of strict moral values--at least for a troll. These boil down to a belief that the innocent should be left unharmed, while the guilty should be punished to the fullest extent available. There is very little gray area in her world view.

She often envisions herself as a vigilante meting out payment to the 'bad guys' that deserve it. She takes special interest in "orchestrating the demise of the wicked", especially if it involves a great deal of subtle mind games and a worthy adversary. This holds true for both her real life and the make-believe ones that she plays out through roleplay, which happens to be one of her favorite hobbies.

Despite having no powers, Terezi is very good at manipulating people. Unlike most other trolls, she is observant and quick to pick up on what bothers people the most. She has no problem twisting any sort of emotional weakness to suit whatever her agenda might be, given that it doesn't involve innocent bystanders.

She also doesn't put a lot of stock in the concept of friendship itself and it doesn't bother her to use it as part of her tactics, but she does care about her actual friends a good deal. Deep down, she really is a good person at heart, but that's a side of Terezi that most people don't see.

When she's not in her rare serious-business mode as described above, Terezi enjoys getting a rise out of just about anyone. If she can find a chink in a person's mental armor, she will often exploit it in a mostly good-humored fashion. However, she's careful not to push the banter to the point of being legitimately offensive.

Typically, this rank is a very big deal. For Terezi? It means nothing. She doesn't seem to care about this color-based caste system. Ironically, despite her being somewhat of a highblood, she is obsessed with the color red, and frequently calls it the most delicious color. Among the people she likes and associates with are trolls with blood from nearly ever color of the spectrum. She befriends all of colors. All of them.


Relationships with other Pyrope

-Blind as f- :,D
-Not a Demon yet

:OOC Name:
Rax Rax

:OOC Pronouns:
Any idgaf :,D

:Mun Ships:
Anything im up for any of the ships :D

:Time Zone:
Canada Central Time

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RE: Skaia High (Demonstuck!)
You're all accepted! Head into the OOC Chat when you can!

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RE: Skaia High (Demonstuck!)
Name: Johnathan Quentin Egbert

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Height: 5’8”

Weapon(s): A wonderfully adjusted sledgehammer and a pair of throwing knives typically hidden within the soles of his boots.

Personality: While times are indescribably horrific, John manages to harbor a purely optimistic nature, equipped with an unnaturally bright outlook on whatever situation he may find himself in. It may be rare, but he has his fair share of outbursts caused by irritation or his own blatant stubbornness. However, the ways of his late father never cease to guide him to do what is right; more often than not, that means to assist any friend in need.

Reference (try to have 2 or less):

Relationships: Perhaps distant cousins with Jade, Jane, or Jake.

Extra: Here and extra queer, cap’n.

OOC Name: Bam

OOC Pronouns: He, His, Him

Mun Ships: I've got experience with JohnRoxy, JohnDave, JohnKat, JohnDirk, and JohnVris, but I'm up for expanding my horizons!

Time Zone: Central

[Image: tumblr_n62rxcvuoe1r2gwz1o1_500.gif]
"Thank You."
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RE: Skaia High (Demonstuck!)
So is this based off of a chat named victory high?
Is it a continuation?
There are some similarities between the chats.
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RE: Skaia High (Demonstuck!)
Head into the OOC Chat when you can :)

(03-01-2016 11:57 AM)DarkCola23 Wrote:  So is this based off of a chat named victory high?
Is it a continuation?
There are some similarities between the chats.

Yeah, actually it's based off of it :)

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RE: Skaia High (Demonstuck!)
Tavros Nitram
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Height: 5'9"
Weapon: Lance
Personality: Tavros can tend to be a bit on the shy side. He is nervous when talking to people he doesn't know, but he can be more talkative if he is chatting with a good friend. He has problems believing in himself and has confidence issues. He doesn't know if he is good enough.

Tavros is excellent at making strategies, thanks to spending most of his time playing card games. He likes planning ahead and thinking things out, rather than rushing in head on.

Tavros will listen to anyone if they wish to speak about their worries or their problems. He is an overall good friend to almost anyone. Tavros does get mad at some people, but only if they're being a straight up asshole.

(Ref in attachments)

RP example: Tavros Nitram looked around and checked his surroundings. He made sure that no one was watching him. He opened a book and started scrawling messy handwriting all over it. After a few minutes, it was finally complete. He took a deep breath, and counted himself off. He read the lyrics off the book. "Aw, yeah. Fire. Nothing that expires. My words cut deeper than a saber, my powers are so much greater, gonna get you with my laser. Just remember me when I drive by, cruise control set on fly by. Aw. Yeah."

Relationships: other nitrams, Gamzee (good friend/love interest?), Vriska (friends/hatemates?) (only if it's ok with the others)


OOC Name: call me Nathan or Nate
OOC Pronouns: he, him
Mun ships: I like almost anything!
Time zone: central time zone

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RE: Skaia High (Demonstuck!)
Head into the OOC Chat when you can :)

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