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If you have clicked the memo that means you are interested in DanGanStuck! This is an AU mixed with Dangan ronpa! Now don't just abscond because you haven't heard of the game before!

There's one simple rule here at "Skaia Academy of Hope".


You're trapped in a school, no way to get out. No one to hear you scream. You're trapped. No communication.

No wait. There's one way to get out.

Kill someone and don't get caught. Then you can leave.

Good luck

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Haven't you noticed that I'm a star?
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RE: DanGanStuck
A DanganRonpa AU! Those are rare nowadays.... Mostly because not a lot of people want their character to die. But hey, I'm fine with it, so here goes nothing!

Name: Tavros Nitram


Height: 6'5 (standing) or 5'1 (sitting)



Title: SHSL Animal Tamer


OOC Name: Chandy
Pronouns: He/Him/They/Them
How to contact you: Through forums
Anything else?: *is fandom trash*

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I am the Swiss Chandelure of MSPARP. I can play as tAVROS, John or jade. Or as a Chandelure
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RE: DanGanStuck
ACCEPTED! Head into the OOC Room!!!

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Haven't you noticed that I'm a star?
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RE: DanGanStuck
Oh man this sounds so cool!! :D I hope no one kills me though..

Name: Jade Harley

Age(high school age): 15

Height: 5'3"

Personality: Jade is usually bright and bubbly, often seeming sociable and happy. She tends to smile a lot and enjoys being silly sometimes, too. However, despite her energetic attitude, she can be a bit of a downer sometimes and can be pretty bitter and unsympathetic to others. Her interests are easily shown in her room: plushies and fauna posters decorate her shelves and walls, her rifle leaning against the wall in the corner, and a few gadgets on her desk. Jade is a skilled markswoman, but she seldom uses her rifle unless someone harms her or someone she cares about. Jade also likes gadgetry and nuclear physics, but takes a stronger liking to horticulture.

Ref: Here! and here!

-> She's pansexual and a demi-girl
-> She has some Asian blood in her
-> Jade really dislikes swimming
-> The tips of her hair are dyed a bright green

Title: SHSL Horticulturist


OOC Name: Tori/Cyndy
Pronouns: she/they
How to contact you: through the forums!
Anything else?: nop :)

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RE: DanGanStuck
[Image: 4605926.png]


First and foremost in Terezi's mind is her concept of justice. Despite living in a society where survival of the fittest is practiced from a young age, Terezi has developed a set of strict moral values--at least for a troll. These boil down to a belief that the innocent should be left unharmed, while the guilty should be punished to the fullest extent available. There is very little gray area in her world view.

She often envisions herself as a vigilante meting out payment to the 'bad guys' that deserve it. She takes special interest in "orchestrating the demise of the wicked", especially if it involves a great deal of subtle mind games and a worthy adversary. This holds true for both her real life and the make-believe ones that she plays out through roleplay, which happens to be one of her favorite hobbies.

Despite having no powers, Terezi is very good at manipulating people. Unlike most other trolls, she is observant and quick to pick up on what bothers people the most. She has no problem twisting any sort of emotional weakness to suit whatever her agenda might be, given that it doesn't involve innocent bystanders.

She also doesn't put a lot of stock in the concept of friendship itself and it doesn't bother her to use it as part of her tactics, but she does care about her actual friends a good deal. Deep down, she really is a good person at heart, but that's a side of Terezi that most people don't see.

When she's not in her rare serious-business mode as described above, Terezi enjoys getting a rise out of just about anyone. If she can find a chink in a person's mental armor, she will often exploit it in a mostly good-humored fashion. However, she's careful not to push the banter to the point of being legitimately offensive.

Typically, this rank is a very big deal. For Terezi? It means nothing. She doesn't seem to care about this color-based caste system. Ironically, despite her being somewhat of a highblood, she is obsessed with the color red, and frequently calls it the most delicious color. Among the people she likes and associates with are trolls with blood from nearly ever color of the spectrum. She befriends all of colors. All of them.

None at the moment right now :,D

The SHSL Ultimate Justice

The ground was hard when Terezi awoke. Not that it wasn't usually hard, but typically her face wasn't pressed flush against it. She ran her fingers along the smooth tile, then pushed herself onto her knees...and had to fight down an abrupt bout of panic.

It was missing. The licorice wafer scent of the lab building, the charcoal blackness of the Veil, the acrid taste of those computers and wires that Sollux fussed with--it was just gone. She couldn't smell anything. She couldn't taste or hear anything for that matter. Even the frantic clacking and heckling of the other trolls was gone. What the hell was going on??? There was nothing here!

No, that wasn't right. There was something. Something was there, it was just... bland. It was incredibly bland, like... paper! It was like opening a pack of fresh computer paper and having a taste. (Not that she would ever do that...again.) There was substance, sure, but the taste and smell were so bland--so dull--compared to the Veil that she almost didn't catch it.

Coming to this realization settled Terezi's nerves. Being in a room meant she wasn't dead, right? Standing, she took a step towards the wall and placed her hand against the smooth surface. She just needed to assure herself that she wasn't imagining things. Starch white, cream white, yogurt white. She had to concentrate on the metal furnishings--cold and bitter--just to keep her bearings straight. This was going to drive her crazy. What kind of shitty room was this?
:OOC Name:
Rax rax

Any idgaf

:How to contact you:

:Anything else?:
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RE: DanGanStuck
=>>A P P L I C A T I O N ; ;

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RE: DanGanStuck


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Haven't you noticed that I'm a star?
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RE: DanGanStuck

[Image: 1449486851051161000.gif]
I am the Swiss Chandelure of MSPARP. I can play as tAVROS, John or jade. Or as a Chandelure
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RE: DanGanStuck

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Haven't you noticed that I'm a star?
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RE: DanGanStuck - {MOD ONLINE!}
Name: Nepeta Leijon

Age(high school age): 16

Height: 5'0

Personality: Nepeta is a quirky girl who tries to befriend everyone and is usually a sweet and friendly girl. But, you shouldn't underestimate her. Just because she's small and innocent-looking doesn't mean she is all the time. Mistreat her or her close friends and she will KICK YOUR BUTT. She likes to engage in friendly and SAFE roleplaying and she really enjoys cat puns, she also likes shipping people together in different types of relationships even if they're silly.

Ref (up to two):
Headcanons: -Nepeta always wears her hat. Always.
-She has a cat back at home named Pounce De Leon the Second
Title: The SHSL Huntress


OOC Name: Gavin
Pronouns: He/Him and They/Them
How to contact you: Forums
Tumblr: blazechu
and just ask for Skype and Kik! :)
Anything else?: Nope!

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