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Herostuck anyone? (CHAT TO GO UP SOON)
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Herostuck anyone? (CHAT TO GO UP SOON)
I, for one, LOVED this chat with all my heart. It was such a shame to see it ebb away, though, and I'd love a revival! If you were in a previous herostuck (so long as i hosted it) please, let me know, and I'll reserve you ahead of time!
The chat will likely start tonight, if we get 5+ rpers. anyone that ticks one of the top two options will be sent a message when the rp starts to be alerted!


A hero of the government- who's gifts are mostly kept in line by ruling powers. They are the ones that get the keys to the city, and make speeches. They are, however, occasionally subject to criticism, as some think that letting the government decide how they handle crime to strip them of the essence of a hero.
A vigilante-esque hero- one who picks for themselves who they help and win. In the eyes of those higher up, they can be just as bad as the villains that they work against. If the identity of these people is leaked, they can face harassment to become a "pet of the government" and/or arrest.
An oddity- these people have powers akin to a hero or villain, but either choose not to use them, or don't know of them. They blend in exceptionally well (most of the time, anyway) and refrain from picking sides for their own personal reason - most attempt to live a normal life, but they are easy targets for the government and for villains looking to trim down on possible threats.
A villain- someone who has taken the opportunity provided by either wealth or unnatural powers to get the upper hand over the common person. They are often cruel, and will do virtually anything to reach their goal (whether this goal is something physical or mental is up to the rper.)
An abomination- The one who uses their powers for evil. Not to seek power, wealth or fame, but just simply because they can. Because they find joy in ruining the lives of others in as many ways as he can. They are objects of fear to anyone that encounters them, be it a hero or a villain. This class is unpredictable, violent, and above all else, the textbook definition of their name.
The everyday joe- A completely normal person. To the public, heroes endorsed by the government are the only heroes - all others are kept on the down-low unless they can be successfully reasoned with. Some are much more capable to defend themselves in case of an emergency. Some are the very people that work to pat down the vigilantes, and some live alongside these powerful people without ever batting an eyelash.

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RE: Herostuck anyone?
I've been in one of the herostuck chats before as Rose, it was a while ago, though. But it was also extremely fun!

Yes sir, that will cost oH GOD WHAT IS HAPPENING

I roleplay as John, Dave, Jake, Dirk, Vriska, and can pull off Eridan.
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RE: Herostuck anyone?
so how do i join this exactly?

[/i] Loving wishe$ from e$
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