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Paste what's on your clipboard.
Away 11-04-2017, 02:01 AM
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RE: Paste what's on your clipboard.
Notes for:
Vygotsky, Bruner, Dweck and Willingham
Venn diagram for P, V, B
Venn diagram for P, D, W
Table of differences

on Nov 16th, independent revision, criteria
Nov 21st, assessment

((oh no homework

a mole is scientific now
thx starlitEnchantress for the talksprite(s)!
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Offline 11-05-2017, 09:50 AM
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RE: Paste what's on your clipboard.

Blog: Female Fitness Fashion Models.
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Offline 11-05-2017, 11:01 AM
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RE: Paste what's on your clipboard.
N9w I realize we’ve 6een at this f9r s9me time already, 6ut at the risk 9f derailing the dial9gue y9u initiated, and may I just say h9w thrilled I am that y9u did, Karkat, I w9uld just like qualify my entire analysis 9f y9ur “Alternian culture” 6y saying that in c9ntrast with life 9n 6ef9rus, while y9ur pe9ple may have 6een engaged in vi9lent, lethal class struggle f9r milli9ns 9f sweeps, 6y n9 means d9es this imply that the 6ef9ran way 9f life was entirely with9ut pr96lematic elements, perhaps even m9re distur6ing and insidi9us f9r their lack 9f ackn9wledgement and 9pen discussi9n, particularly as a c9nsequence 9f what in my view were widely and dismayingly unexamined systemic s9cial injustices resulting fr9m the entrenched p9wer dynamics in play, dynamics strikingly similar t9 th9se 9f y9ur planet’s markedly m9re 6ellic9se iterati9n, which has 9nly served t9 fully vindicate my hyp9thesis that such a hierarchy is really predicated 9n intrinsic dysfuncti9n, and failure t9 shift all the usual narratives and undiagn9sed pr96lems int9 an 9pen, judgment-free disc9urse thr9ugh which pr96lematic issues are c9nstructively channeled int9 m9re intelligently pr96lematized avenues 9f discussi9n.

Now before I continue, it is only decent of me to warn you about certain triggers that are surely ahead in this essay. I mean conversation. Triggers include but likely will not be limited to class oppression, culling culture and violence against grubs, lusus abuse, complementary and analogous hate speech, pail filling, slurries and other concupiscent fluids, lifespan shaming, ableist slurs, prolix dissertation… Actually, maybe it would be easier for you to list your triggers, and I’ll do my best to avoid those topics, or navigate them more delicately, if at all possible? #TW #oppression #culling #grub violence #lusus abuse #hemophobia #pails #slurries #ableism
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Away 11-07-2017, 10:15 PM
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RE: Paste what's on your clipboard.

(paste this a bunch of times in google translate and see what happens)

[Image: BGEIaB.png]
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Offline 11-17-2017, 12:50 PM
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RE: Paste what's on your clipboard.

I can safely say i'm too much into yugioh

there have been thousands to walk upon our planet.
We haven't been awake to see them.

people I can maybe/definitely/probs do: john, dave, karkat, Eridan
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Offline 11-18-2017, 04:49 AM
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RE: Paste what's on your clipboard.
caw caw motherfuckers

that’s my user title

[Image: VCp3Vx7.gif]

❝ all your flaws and i still think you are perfect ❞
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Away 11-18-2017, 10:22 AM
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RE: Paste what's on your clipboard.
Soap Pasta Digest

a mole is scientific now
thx starlitEnchantress for the talksprite(s)!
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Offline 12-19-2017, 12:40 PM
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RE: Paste what's on your clipboard.
1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 55 89 144 233 477 710 1187 1897 3084 4981 8065 13046

[Image: tumblr_inline_mjh9wc3w5f1qz4rgp.gif]

it was time for thomas to leave. he had seen everything.
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Away 12-19-2017, 12:50 PM
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RE: Paste what's on your clipboard.
[Image: 232432_by_ekura123-dbx56md.png]

a mole is scientific now
thx starlitEnchantress for the talksprite(s)!
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Offline 03-08-2018, 06:39 PM
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RE: Paste what's on your clipboard.
Feferi was glubbin cold. She had spent the morning dodging Eridans flushed advances, and Gamzee's various attempts to snap her neck because 'yOU AvoID mY MOiraIL'. This had delayed her annual trip to her sisters Meenah's house considerably and now she was trudging through frost towards the distant palace in the dark. It started to snow and her gills were freezing up. She had to get some place warm, quick. Swiftly readjusting her scarf she quickened her pace, the warm glow of her lantern proving useless in the blizzard. In the distance she could see the sillouhette of a castle.
'ITS ATROUT GLUBBIN TIM---E' she grumbled, making her ways towards it.
She reached the door and let herself in, not even bothering to knock. Meenah hates it when people knock.
Feferi sighed in relief. The candles were lit and her gills started to thaw. She dropped her bag in the main foyer and walked into the next room. Huh, weird. Since when had her sister taken an interest in nude musclebeast posters? And robotics? And metal? Jegus there was a LOT of metal. Metal furniture bolted into place, metal plates, even a metal clock. suddenly she heard a loud clanging coming from above. She crept up the stairs and into a dark room, lit only by a diamond lamp. The furnishment in the room was sparse consisting only of a diamond worktable, metal cupboard and two diamond chairs. Feferi felt uneasy all of a sudden. This wasn't her sisters palace. As she turned around to leave she heard a low voice speak "It is improper ettiquette to enter another trolls hive without permission." Feferi slowly faced the owner of the voice. He was a muscular troll with cracked shades and broken teeth, and very, very tall. His hair was straight and fell to his shoulders and his horns, no, horn, grazed the ceiling. In the dim light she could make out a sheen of sweat glistening on his skin. Thoroughly intimidated, she let out a small squeak. "I'm saury..." She mumbled. However, much to her surprise the mystery troll did not snap her neck, but instead walked out the door. "The blizzard was most une%pected. We shall speak downstairs."
"W)(ats your name?"
"Equius Zahhak."
He never asked about her name but invited her to stay for dinner.
They had dinner on the metal table, complete with salad and lususmilk. Feferi tasted it and decided that she liked it. Although she couldn't help but eye the Cholerbear steak on the table. No one said a word until a disheveled looking troll stumbled into the room blinking groggily.
"Mmmeowning." She yawned, and her mouth was an olive cavern. It vaguely resembled a cats mouth.
[I] who was this?
"Nepeta. This behaviour does not behoof a noble olive b100d of your status." Equius chided.
"Whatevs sweatquius." The catlike troll frowned and sat down, almost immediately inhaling the only meat on the table. She licked her lips afterwards and then leaned forward, using her long claws to pick out any remaining protein.
Feferi could've really gone for some roast lusus meat right then. But she figured it would be rude to intrude further.
"Who's thiss?"
"She is a guest who will be staying with us until the blizzard calms down." Equius deadpanned. He didn't seem too pleased about Feferi. Feeling embarrassed Feferi leaned over her wilted salad, her tangled hair sweeping in front of her face. A collective gasp was heard. Nepeta was the first to speak up.
"Are you a seadweller?"
"mm)(mm." Feferi blushed. Equius spared no time in noticing the color of her cheeks.
"And a fuschia b100d at that!" He started sweating and crushed the metal cup in his hand out of stress. "Pardon my impudence, Heiress." He got up and bowed low.
"Equiuhiss! Stop that! We talked about thiss, remempurr?" Nepeta whisper shouted.
"Nepeta, bow this instant or we may be culled." Equius muttered.
"O)(. O)(! No! No don't bow! Its ok! TH---ER---E IS NO! N---E---ED! TO! BOW!" Feferi got up from her seat and waved her arms around frantically. "I won't cull you guys! You've been so nice to me! SO STOP GLUBBIN BOWING!"
"Is. Is that an order?" Equius started to sweat.
"Uh, yes?"
Equius promptly resumed his seat on the table.
"Told you so! Her Meowjesty won't hurt anyone." Nepeta flashed a grin and then bounded over to whisper something in Equius' ear. Feferi noticed that Nepeta was just barely shorter than Equius. Equius blushed and rubbed the back of his neck in response to whatever she had whispered. Nepeta in turn giggled coyly and resumed her seat at the table.
"Are you bot)( Matesprits?" Feferi inquired.
"Nope! We are just Meowrails! So don't be afuraid to put any moves on sweatquius here. You have my apurroval!" Nepeta winked.
"NEPETA YOU ARE BEING ABSURD AND CRUDE!" Equius slammed his fists on the table. Only the industrial screws on the table prevented it from flipping through the roof. He stood up suddenly and left the room, irked. Feferi could practically see the cartoonish steam coming from his ears.
"Whoops. Sorry." Nepeta looked at Feferi and shrugged, not a hint of regret in her expression. Then she resumed cleaning her teeth. Feferi felt kind of guilty about the whole incident, so she politely excused herself from the table and went back to the entrance hall to pick up her bags. To her surprise they were not there. She heard a soft whinny behind her and turned to face Aurthour. Aurthour led her to an empty respiteblock, complete with a recuperacoon. Her bags were in the corner of the room. She turned around to tell Aurthour that she couldn't sleep in a recuperacoon but he had left already. Oh well. Guess she had to sleep in the recuperacoon.
Her hands were on the hem of her shirt when the door opened. She jumped.
"Whoa! We're you changing?"
"W)(ale... I was gonna..."
"Ok, but meow you gotta listen to me."
As tired as she was, Feferi's curiosity swept away the fatigue.
"Okraaaaay." She said cautiously.
"Its about my Meowrail. Equiuhiss is very, very lonely. All he has is me! An though I might be an excellent meowrail if I do say so myself, i only come over during winter. He still needs a Matespurrit. And I think he likes you anyways. So. Give it a shot." She finished awkwardly.
"At least you're upfront about it." Feferi said cautiously. She didn't want to tangle herself up in other people's affairs just yet. Nepeta slinked away, certain she had effectively found a matesprit for her moirail.
Feferi turned on her palm husk. Shit. There were a million messages from Meenah already.
--CC∈: Fef? W)(ere are you.
--CC∈: F----EF.
--CC∈: YOU B--ETTA NOT )(AV---E FROZ--EN OUT T)(---ER---E!
--CC∈: Fef im sorry please come back.
--CC∈: FIN---E!
CC: I'm )(ere! I'm )(ere.
--CC∈: Took you long ---ENOUG)(.
CC: I got lost! And I'm in some ot)(er trolls )(ive now.
--CC∈: W)(AT.
CC: T)(ey're reely nice.
--CC∈: Girl get yo glubbin ass )(ere T)(IS INSTANT!
--CC∈: >380
CC: W)(ale I couldn't even if I WANT---ED TO. t)(ere's a blizzard out )(ere. I'll leave w)(en it's over.
--CC∈: Gill you got yo trident on you?
CC: B---ETTA B---ER---E---EF I DO!
--CC∈: Good gill. Spear em all afterwards.
CC: M---E---ENAH!!!
--CC∈: Hehe.

Feferi sighed. Meenah had the same trolltag as her, so Sollux had to hack trollian in order to change it. In fact everyone's siblings had to modify theirs. So CC became --CC∈, CA became ₩CA₩, AC became ◤AC◥, TC became ☚TC☛, TA became ◽TA◾, and so on.
In any case, she wasn't completely opposed to the idea of staying in this hive. Going to Meenah's almost certainly meant endless noogies, sporadic murder attempts and tripping over a bajillion hair brushes.
Feferi peered out the window. The blizzard wasn't going to stop anytime soon. She made sure to lock the door this time, undressed and then descended into the sopor. The slime was too thick fo her gills so she decided to use her lungs. It felt unnatural at first but the sopor dimmed her senses, so that any discomfort faded into thick silence. She was out like a light.
She was woken by silence. It was terribly quiet in her mind without the sweet glubbings of her lusus or malignant whispers of the HorrorTerrors. Feferi decided that sopor slime was all right. She clawed out of the recuperacoon and headed straight to the ablutionblock. After rinsing out the slime and giving her hair a much needed wash, Feferi walked out and wore the freshly laundered and pressed set of clothes Aurthour had laid on the desk. As she finished meticulously tying up her hair into three braided braids (really, she was in no hurry to face everyone else), she heard a loud knock on the door.
"Come in!" She chirped, considerably happier than before.
It was Equius, who had to stoop to go through the door frame, and was pulling a large trolley that also barely fit through the door.
"I do not have any specific e%pertise on the subject, but I believe that sea dwellers require salinated moisture every 12 hours or so. So I have prepared a gift for you."
Feferi grinned widely. "R--E--ELY? Just for ME?"
"Well I'd prefer if our house guest didn't meet their demise at my hands. It 100% as if this blizzard will continue for a few days." Equius lifted up the tarp covering a large water tank.
Feferi gasped, then hopped into the tank, smiling as much as she could. The tank was heated, and even had a few fish swimming in it.
"T)(IS IS AMAZING!!!" She mouthed to Equius who was standing outside of it awkwardly. He smiled back, a grin full of broken teeth and sharp points.
"O)(! You don't know my name yet! It's Feferi Peixes." She said, keeping only her head above water.
Feferi sincerely loved the gift and spent much of her time in the tank. She was visited frequently by Nepeta and Equius, and she found herself warming up to the two trolls.
Three days into the blizzard, whilst eating dinner, they heard a loud bang coming from the hall. Then a crack. Finally a shrill call of, "FEFERI!"
Feferi froze. "O)( dear."
Meenah Peixes had just finished demolishing some troll's steel enforced wood door. She had trudged through the blizzard for a whole day, despite the deathly consequences, and some stupid gloomy castle wasn't about to thwart her efforts anymore than the weather did.
She spotted Feferi peeking out from the corner of her eye and instinctively threw her 2X3dent. Feferi, quick as usual ducked just in time. Unfortunately Equius had rounded the corner at that very moment.
His eyes widened in panic when he spotted the weapon hurtling towards him and he grabbed it just before it impaled his abdomen. Feferi let out an audible sigh of relief, she didn't want any of her new fronds to die just yet.
"E%plain." His eyebrows furrowed as he directed his attention to Meenah. Although he was warming up to Feferi, he still didn't find the idea of a seadweller invading his hive particularly tasteful.
"YOU EXPLAIN. W)(AT DID YOU PLAN TO DO WIT)( MY SISTER?" Meenah yelled, feeling her throat bleed. Her body was already giving out.
Feferi, ever forgiving, rushed forward and hoisted her sister onto her shoulders, ignoring the somewhat forceful punches that she was being subjected to. Equius expressed some surprise at this feat but made no comment.
"Ok so you're telling me, you WILLFULLY stayed )(ere?" Meenah said concernedly to her sister. They both decide that they would settle the matter in the tank. Mostly for Meenah's well being.
"Equifis)(?" Meenah raised an eyebrow. "You )(ave a weird taste in matesprits."
"It's not LIK---E T)(AT!!" Feferi glubbed.
"I mean" Meenah started to play with her braids. "I get w)(y you pike him. He's hecka swole"
"UG)(." She put on a look of disgust. She did, in fact, have a flushcrush on Equius' Zahhak but she wasn't about to let Meenah have the satisfaction of being right.
Later that day, Meenah left, this time with adequate clothing, food and medical supplies.
The next day, Feferi decided to check out Equius' workshop. To her slight dismay, Nepeta was there as well.
"Hey! So you finally decided to pay Equihiss a visit!" Nepeta greeted Feferi with an amicable tacklepounce. Then she scampered off.
Equius paid no attention to Feferi, or so she thought. In fact he was acutely aware of her presence, and this simply worsened his perspiration. He quickly shifted a blueprint over his gift.
"W)(at are you makoing?"
"J-just a simple replica of a basic culling drone." Equius sputtered, stumbling over his words. His hair was tied back into a low pony tail, courtesy of his moirail who had been brushing his hair until now. He avoided eye contact, and was about to reach for a a towel-
"Need a towel?" Feferi retrieved a bright fuschia beach towel from her sylladex and handed it to him.
"Errr yes..." He trailed off, accepting the towel but not really utilizing it.
"O)( wow, t)(ey STILL )(aven't c)(anged t)(e design of t)(e culling drone, even after I asked t)(em too?"
"Actually, they probably have. This b100print is fairly outdated." Equius said, turning to his desk but not really paying much attention to his work. "If I may inquire, why did you want to change the design?"
"W)(ale.... W)(en I become ')(er imperious Conc)(decension', and bereef me I will, I want to get rid of t)(e )(emospectrum. After t)(at, I'll mako it so t)(at cull, means 'to take care of', so t)(e drones are gonna )(ave to be modified rig)(t? AFTER T)(AT I'LL CULL ALL OF TROLLKIND! GLUB! GLUB!" Feferi stood up and flashed her fangs, glubbing like a maniac.
At that moment, Equius Zahhak was both completely terrified and wholly flushed for Feferi Peixes.
"I don't mean to be rude, but I am somewhat of a firm believer in the hemospectrum." Equius finally spoke up after about a minute of glubbing.
"Reely? I t)(ink t)(at t)(e )(emospectrum is a dumb excuse to cull perfectly fine trolls and belittle valuble lives. Your morayeel is lower t)(an you, yet you respect her, rig)(t? I'm at t)(e very top, yet I )(aven't attempted to krill you!" Feferi asked.
"Er, yes... I suppose the hemospectrum can be inaccurate." Equius conceded.
"H-however. I still think my blood is a part of who I am..." He spoke, immediately regretting it when he saw Feferi's bubbly gaze falter.
"So W)(AT if your blood's indigo! You are MORE t)(an t)(at. If you REELY be)(aved like your bloodcaste dictated, you would probubbly cull me as soon as you saw me!"
"Hrk. I- I guess you have a point..."

Explanation: shit sorry i was posting on amino whoops
i am guilty as charged for writing fefquius fanfiction
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