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Darya [OC RP]
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RE: Darya [OC RP]
Name: Sethis Lark

Age: 18

Gender: male [he/him]

Species: harpy

Bio: Sethis was born and raised in the highlands his entire life, and has only now decided to go out and explore the rest of the world. His father sheltered the harpy from a lot of the world around him, which has made him reckless and naive. He absolutely ADORES birds and loves collecting and befriending them, his father also shows his enthusiasm as he kept them around with sethis. those birds were his only friends. they even taught him to eat bugs, which is something the young harpy has not grown out of at all.

After leaving his fathers nest he decided to go where the wind takes him, and because of this he is unemployed.

Occupation: Hobo!

Personality: Sethis is a little awkward and cant really pick up on social cues due to him being sheltered from social contact for so long. Despite this he adores talking to people and is very enthusiastic about meeting new people and doing things, he gets incredibly attached to friends and likes being around quieter people so he can just talk about himself.

Weapons: sharp talons + teeth

Powers: n/a

Appearance: sethis has dark skin and brown hair, his wings are also brown and are dipped with a blue paint, he's got multiple scars and bruises all over his body from crashing into things and he wears simple leather clothes. heres a quick pic of him! he's the one with the wings ofc

Land/etc.: travels all around, but comes from the highlands

Other: he's very good at climbing! better than he is at flying

- he stands at around 5'6

Mun: screaming [me]

Mun Age: 16

Pronouns: she/her/him/he/they/them

Contact: jojo7272 [newparp name] fluffycockatrice [Da] fourms
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RE: Darya [OC RP]
Accepted m8

Bunp bumper bumpitty
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RE: Darya [OC RP]
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RE: Darya [OC RP]
Name: Abner
Age: Unknown (looks about 16)
Gender: Male
Species: Dark Elf/Human Hybrid
Bio: Abner was an orphan his whole life. Growing up without a mother or father, he grew rather shy and excluded. He never really knew what happened to his parents and his "Nana" always avoid the subject. She died when he was fairly young and from then on he lived on his own. Abner was burdened with growing up too fast and never got the childhood he wanted. He took over his the bakery his Nana had owned and struggled at first but sooner or later everything smoothed out in the end. Abner's grown to become completely independent but always tended to follow Nana's rule about never leaving the shop. He always wondered why Nana had this rule but it was probably due to all the corpses that filled the streets right outside the Bakery. Along with that and the "filthiness" of the world, Nana wanted Abner to keep his innocence as if it was her dying wish. So for Nana, Abner never left the building. He spent his days baking and farming in the small indoor garden Nana made and paying for deliveries and making good pay. Now one day Abner's curiosity had got the best of him and he ended up going outside. Not only was his innocence stolen that day but so was half his eyesight and some bread. The bread wasn't as important as the other things that were stolen but as Abner made his way down the street a thief attacked him. He was wounded in the eye that left a scar on his face and the thief got away with his bag of bread. Abner returned home that day and closed up the bakery for about a week. After that day he stayed inside the bakery. Business thrived and to this day he's never found a reason to leave again. Yet.
Occupation: Baker
Personality: Abner is quite shy and tends to speak softly to most strangers. Once you get him to open up he can be very silly and a good companion. He tends to care too much and can be too childish for his age. He can be serious as well and is quick to protect someone. He can seem like a crybaby at times but that ties with the caring too much trait. He's loyal and in groups he tends to stray behind and not get too involved. Though never having any formal education he is smarter than you might think. When it comes to fights he tries to be a peace keeper. He has mild Chronic Depression but is unknown of this fact and it makes him feel guilty for simple problems and hopeless in most stressful cases and sensitive.
Weapons: Doesn't like to fight and will flee if possible but if he had to fight he would use a silver dagger.
Powers: Posses the ability to read minds at will but is unaware of the power yet.
Appearance: (Reference in progress) He has pale soft skin and long silver white hair. He has one pale blue scarred eye (the blind one) and one deep red eye. He's pretty short for his age and has a somewhat feminine and delicate frame and body structure. Though he looks fragile he isn't and can be mistaken for a female. Since he's half human he has short tipped ears that are hidden by his hair.
Land: Izansor
Other: He plays the cello and is a talented baker. He's not very street smart and can get lost very easily.
Mun: EJ
Mun Age: 15
Pronouns: Any are fine!
Contact: Tumblr: Skype: wolvesrock413
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RE: Darya [OC RP]
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RE: Darya [OC RP]
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RE: Darya [OC RP]
Name: Cornelius Evander Jameson

Age: Born December 3rd, 1328- Died

November 12th, 1348

Gender: male

Species: Vampire

Occupation: he’s had many, currently he’s unemployed and rationing money saved from a previous job.

Personality: Cornelius is a lovely gentleman- most of the time. He’s very old fashioned and well mannered, however he’s a huge germaphobe. While he can’t perish from illness he can get mildly ill. He becomes irritable with people who push him too far, and is obsessed with cleanliness. He’d prefer not to be touched unless he knows you’re free of ailment and have washed your hands THEROUGHLY. He will stand and make you sing twinkle twinkle little star to time the wash and make sure you do ALL of the crevices.

Weapons: generally he likes his Rapier.

Powers: His abilities strength does depend on how well fed he is.
Enhanced senses: these can be a huge pain in the ass. While he can see sharper than most, and has sensitive hearing and a keen nose, this also means people can use that against him.
Enhanced speed and strength: He’s generally more agile than a human, at his best he can run with wolves and keep up with canines, but he’s nothing like a car.
His strength is like a strong man who’s ttrained. At his best he is a higher level strongman—
Buuut thats at his best.
Quick self healing: his body heals very fast. It’s pretty hard to kill a vampire, though this takes a lot of energy, so he needs to be pretty well fed to get something to heal in minutes, otherwise it can take hours or days if it’s really bad and he’s that hungry.

If Cornelius isn’t keeping up with feeding he becomes more human, and when it’s bad, he becomes a frail human

Feeding: A vampires bite isn’t unpleasant. The saliva acts like a drug, relaxes, becomes eurphoric when straight to the veins, victims feel sharp pain then usually don’t want to pull away and become clingy. Like a drug it can be addictive, often the violent upset nature of them after, unable to speak of why, crying, outbursts, terror, is from the feeling of withdrawal.
Thus lots of vampires kill their victims of his specific type. (He doesn’t like to do He finds someone he trusts who isn’t as easily addicted to things, or blood banks)

Turning: the specific vampire he is, the person he wants to turn has to have HIS blood in their system, drink it or otherwise, and die while it’s still running through, then they will wake as avampire. Their ailments heal within the next few hours and they wake up immortal, however they have ONE mark from their past lives, a scar or otherwise. Thus often they have bites.
(Cornelius has his plague scarred hands)

[Image: image0.png]
[Image: image0.png]

Land/etc.: Izansor, but he travels a lot

Other: VAMPIRE WEAKNESS STUFF; protective symbols and items against unholy things. Crosses, pentacles (not demonic ones), holy water, ect. will rebel Him, he cant get too close to them or touch what they protect.
He can’t enter private establishments without being invited, public domains he can.
He burns very fast in the sun, 3rd degree type burns within minutes.
Very strong smelling things are annoying.
A way to keep him from healing is a stab to the heart and letting him starve there, otherwise insinerating his body, or removing his head, would be the instant way to kill him.

Mun: J

Mun Age: 18, Born feb 15th Of 2000

Pronouns: He/Him

Contact: Ask me for it ^u^
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RE: Darya [OC RP]
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RE: Darya [OC RP]
[Image: 6e79ce64f8a6191979c21b97abfcec4a.png]




There's quite a bounty on his head, he's mainly known as Captain Candela.
If we're talking about his past, I promise you, there isn't much he's willing to share for free. Mother always said stories come with a price.
But yes, he'll admit he was born in a village called White Wall.
It's obvious he wasn't there by the time the war struck, otherwise he wouldn't be standing, now would he?

No, no he wouldn't.
All you need to know is that he's the captain of a ship called "The Euripus". A mighty crew, entirely made out of outlaws from other kingdoms.

Pirate Captain

lil' bit of a dick, if I do say so myself. He gives off a rather prideful vibe with the way he moves, and the way he speaks.
Which is surprising because he swears like a sailor. Lil' bit of a dick, if you ask me. There's always something he has to snag. He can't seem to go anywhere these days without causing an issue.
Poor crew mates, really. Never getting proper vacation.

He's a bit of a drunkard, always somewhere in an inn if he's not traveling. If there's a need for it, he'll gladly be willing to be a distraction. Nothing better than having all the attention on him.

He holds duel weapons, well, TECHNICALLY he's just holding two crowbars, but same thing, wouldn't you think?

Electricity manipulation.

Originally from Oceana, but nowadays, he travels around.

He's travelled to almost every kingdom. Most of them he had to travel into by foot.
If you ask him about his travels, his stories seem to change every time.

Ever since the war stalled, he'll refuse to travel to Heldritch. You can't make go willingly. You may have to drag him....



Mun Age:
19 ;3c


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