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Darya [OC RP]
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RE: Darya [OC RP]
Name: Raitch Zodack
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Bio: Raitch grew up with a fascination and acute understanding of the mystical and medical arts, causing him to always sneak out and find ways to study them, be it through stolen books, watching others practice or finding someone to teach him. His mother died during his birth as she was too weak for anything magical or medical to bring her back, though she was lucky enough to hold him for just a little bit. His father raised him for a few years, but because of his drinking problem he ended up being imprisoned for some unspeakable crimes, so Raitch was taken in by a friends mother. Once he hit puberty he donned a crush for his friend and they soon became a thing. After a few years in the relationship there was a harsh fight and Raitch ended up getting injured and losing his voice for ever. He was so heartbroken and felt as if he was the one at fault, so he was already embracing death, but a random doctor passing by wouldn't allow it and fixed him as much as they could at the time, so they took him and nursed him back to health, taking him as their disciple afterwards.
Occupation: Traveling Plague Doctor
Personality: He is an indifferent, silent guy. He does what he can for sick and injured people to the best of his abilities, though if a patient of his ends up dying it's no skin off of his back. He tends to stay away from people as it's complicated to talking to people when you can't talk (but he is working on a way to do to ;P).
Weapons: A small, wavy dagger that he will dip in some sort of toxin if needed when up against an enemy.
Powers: He has near mastered the magical arts when it comes to the medical field of it. He is able to fix most wounds, diseases, curses, etc. But his success when using these abilities isn't always 100%, so he only uses them when a patient is in dire need. He is also able to curse his opponents, but he tends not to as they effect him negatively as well.
Appearance: He has a head of long, thick shaggy black hair that is tied up into a pony tail when he isn't wearing his doctor garb. He stands at 5'7" with a thin, lithe build that is quite small in comparison to most every other guy his age. He has pale white skin as it is usually hidden beneath layers of thick clothing. Unlike the rest of his white skin his neck is darkened by the deep scarring from the fight in the past, acting as a constant reminder of his past.
This is his Plague Doctor get up:
Land/etc.: He comes from Heldrich, but due to his occupation he is never home and always on the road.
Other: He loves to play piano, it whisks him away to a fantastic world. He is never in one place for too long. He has a large cart that he uses for surgeries and his personal practices full of mystical, medical and musical trinkets
Mun: Lurky/Lurkalicious
Mun Age: 16
Pronouns: He/Him
Contact: Through the forums or PM, please!
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RE: Darya [OC RP]
i like, would also like to discus just a bit but once through, you're accepted m8~

here's something new! :o
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RE: Darya [OC RP]
Name: Ba'al G. Voltaire (Goes by Mr. Voltaire)

Age: 200+ (Looks around 30-40

Gender: Male

Species: Elemental Spirit (Lightning)

Bio: On a clear, sunny day, Two bolts of lightning struck the same place at the same time, twice, within five seconds. This event, so unlikely it seemed impossible, created an elemental spirit in the form of a well dressed man, named Ba'al G. Voltaire. As days went on, the spirit began visiting a library. He would check out a book, read it, and return it on time. He did this for years upon years. About fifty years from being born, Ba'al got a job and led a pretty normal life, working, then checking out books form the library and reading them in his spare time. One day, Ba'al bluntly decided he wanted to leave this realm and travel. So he did. He smashed his savings and bought a large Satchel. He filled it with journals and pens. He also bought two swords, in case the need of self defense ever presented itself. Ba'al has visited Azaerzia, Oceana, Ivansor, and is currently staying in Heldrich. He plans on attempting to explore Erendane soon.

Occupation: Bum/Old Fool/teacher/wanderer


Weapons: Two swords that look like this. Mr. Voltaire can send an electrical current through them, and they act sort of like a taser


Appearance: Electro-mageddon

Land/etc.: Wandering, Loyal to no one.


Mun: Salem

Mun Age: 15

Pronouns: Male

Contact: Tumblr: welcome-tothe-dark-carnival-bro

[Image: j8xmq88]

Hey... Kid.
I didn't get on that list by being a Goddamn pussy.
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RE: Darya [OC RP]
Hannah Williams



Hybrid, (Human & Elf)

Her father was an elf that fell in love with a human, they got married and had her. A few months before she was born, Hannah's father had to leave for a couple of years for a trip. Hannah's mother moved in with her grandparnts, where she gave birth to Hannah. Hannah grew up at her grandparent's house with no issuses, until she was 5, which it was clear she wasn't fully human (to her grandparent's horror). By then, her father returned from his trip and Hannah, with her mother, moved with him to Oceana for a couple of years. When her mother grew sick and died by the time Hannah was 16, her and her father went on the road where he taught her how to live.
She left her father when she was 18, wanting to explore and see the world for herself.

Traveling Bard/Mercenary

Hannah is snarky and sarcasitc, who it seems like it's impossible for her to let someone else have the last word in a conversation. She's loves to mess around with people, pranking them or just being plain rude. When the occasion needs her to be, she can act like a proper lady, but it doesn't mean she enjoys it. When she gets close to someone, she usually shows her soft side, but that doesn't happen much. She moves around too much to get close enough to a person and can get bored of them easily, seeing how she's a thrill seeker.

Her lute is enchanted to shapeshift into different weapons, depending on what she wants



She orginally hails from Heldrich, but when it became clearer she was a hybrid as she grew up, her and her mother moved to Oceana. She's been almost everywhere and doesn't stay in one place very often, usually getting bored of one place.

-She loves swimming/water
-Has a unhealthy love for sweets
Her Imperious Kool Kid

Mun Age:
Older than a 5 year old


Skype-Buckets2ships or Fourms

[Image: tumblr_m71v1hXjDk1r23tdj.jpg]
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RE: Darya [OC RP]
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RE: Darya [OC RP]
name: Sylphia Windsong
age: 20 (and a few hundred years)
gender: Female
species: Wind spirit/wind elemental
bio: Sylphia comes from the mountains, where she was raised among many brothers and sisters. She was the last of her family to learn to morph into her physical form, due to her slow learning curve, but is one of the middle children of her family. Her story is that she came down from the mountains looking for something and someone different, someone to match her heart and personality, be that friend or lover. Her family life had been rather mundane, and she wanted to find excitement, so she left the mountains on her quest.
personality: She is a quiet sort of friendly, with bouts of bubbly popping up every so often once she knows someone well enough. She is slow to grasp new concepts, but is willing to learn anything put in front of her. She is straight.
weapon: Battle axe that shines like silver with an opal inlaid in the blade
powers: Controls the wind and air, can levitate
appearance: Deep green eyes, long, white hair that blows delicately in the breeze, pale skin, long, white strapless dress, no shoes, small and slender (about 5'1")
Land/etc: Anywhere the wind blows.

Mun info:
Kik - AngelOfVictory
Skype - sumomocantarella
Call me: Eirene
Pronouns: She/her/bitch
Age: 18
Birthday: September 4th
S.O.: Bisexual
**open to RP**
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RE: Darya [OC RP]
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RE: Darya [OC RP]
Name: Aire Madeira

Age: 153

Gender: Female

Species: Elf

Bio: Aire is a drifter. Her parents died when she was young, leaving her to fend for herself which she was quite good at considering all the games she played with the other kids and the camp-outs she went on. Now she wanders around picking fights for the fun of it, though she is quite nice and has good intentions. She has trust issues so she has a hard time making friends, her father killed her mother and in turn so nothing bad happened, Aire stabbed her father in the back. So now she's just a small bottle filled over the rim with feelings she won't let out, waiting to explode.

Occupation: Drifter/Fighter

Personality: Aire is a lively and outgoing elf, curious and rebellious, ready to fight. Like stated about she bottles up her feelings and can't trust people as well as she likes, she always feels as if everyone is out for her. She's super shy and awkward around new people (expecially guys) she deems okay.

Weapons: Staff/Magic

Powers: Wind Magic

Appearance: Blue hair cut in a pixie cut and silver eyes, slightly tanned skin and a stature of 5'4". She wears a white tank top and shorts covered by belts and robes, not to long though. She wears brown boots that go half way up her calves. Her staff is a height of 5'7", hand made by her of oak wood. She's carved elven symbols on it and wrapped cloth around it as well.

Land/etc.: Again she is a drifter, though she usually stays to Azaerzia

Other: she's a punk ass bitch

Mun: Rachel

Mun Age: smol # of 13

Pronouns: they/them

Contact:ask please
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RE: Darya [OC RP]
Name: Blair Wicca Blackheart
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Species: Witch
Bio: Blair actually grew up in the land of humans, but when they found out her family came from a long line of wiccans (witches), she was forced to flee after watching her mother pass... Blair hid in izensor, amount monsters and the dead
Occupation: travelling magic shop
Personality: Blair is wise beyond her years, and can seem old fashioned, proper, and comforting like a mother. Inside she is scared, and mornfull. She cares deeply about others
Weapons: Atheme, wand
Powers: connecting with spirits and energies, and she is able to command them in a way to cast spells
Appearance: [Image: wip_sketch___medieval_girl_by_zienta-d75bsh2.jpg]
Land/etc.: travels a lot
Other: SHRUG
Mun: RC
Mun Age: 16
Pronouns: she/her
Contact: skylight1324
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RE: Darya [OC RP]
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