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Darya [OC RP]
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Darya [OC RP]
Within Darya, there are seven important lands some not necessarily kingdoms and the villages between not currently mentioned, though more edits of this may come later.


~ You need to put an a application in for your character.
~ Spoiler Nsfw topics from triggers to gore or potential smut.
~ No forcing ships or ship bashing.
~ No smut in the main chat.
~ There can be ships and cute fluff, but anything smut-like goes to Nsfw room.
~ Don't be rude in ooc
~ Try to be diverse in abilities and/or powers.
~ Don't be OP/Mary Sue/Gary Sue/etc. (A mod will speak to you if an issue comes up.)
~ Dont God-mod/Metagame/Powerplay/etc.
~ Don't spam. (0% tolerance with mods.)
~ No doubles. (Not sure how this would happen but please.)
~ Excess OOC goes in the OOC room.
~ Don't advertise without permission from a mod.
~ OCs only
~ Paragraph only



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RE: Darya [OC RP]
Kayden Handion



Dark Elf


Ever since he was young, Kayden had always loved exploring, and seeing new things. Although he's a little reckless, and not all that cautious to danger when exploring unless it's idiot proof to see.
In all honesty, He's not that tall.. For a Dark Elf of course. His siblings tease him about his height, and he claims that he's "still growing" and is "just a late bloomer".

Would you believe me if I were to tell you that he actually hates living in Izansor? The amounts of corpses all over the place just doesn't quiet appeal to him.

Kayden Handion is the middle child in his family. He has three sisters. One of them is the eldest, and well... the other two are the younger siblings, as you can tell. His parent's had disappeared when he was around the age of 10, and hadn't been found since. This left Kayden to look after his younger sisters while the eldest sibling was continuously working to keep a roof over their heads. But this was a long while ago.

Runs an Inn with his sisters called The One Eyed Halfling.
It's not successful at all. The Inn is likely to shut down soon, which leaves Kayden to end up becoming an adventurer or traveling merchant. Whichever allows his leave Izansor.


- Sarcastic
- Curious
- Adventurous
- Friendly
- Is likely to end up on the show Hoarders in a modern universe
- He just collects a lot of unneeded items because he thinks they're cool
- Isn't likely to talk much at first
- Which is weird because he actually talks a lot
- Probably because he's a little shy at first and doesn't know what to say
- Extrovert

Bo staff (I'm sorry, I just really like Bo staffs..)

Has the ability to manipulate his own blood
(Ref will be made eventually)
A 6'3" Dark Elf who has silver coloured skin, and dark grey hair. The dark elf's hair is short, messy, and defiantly unkept. basically he's got BedHead hair

Kayden's eyes are quite a unique colour. The outer circle of the iris is a creamy white where as the inside is a golden yellow colour, the two mix into each other creating this stringy looking texture that blends the two colours together. (If anyone is confused about this part, then just pretend they're a bright golden yellow. It's no big deal)

now, his elf ears aren't short, but they aren't exactly long either. In fact, they're mid length and stick out kind of like a Hylian cough cough Zelda Nerd Alert. Parts of his ears are usually covered by his hair, but you can see more than just the tip.

Originally from Izansor

Can't cook.


Mun Age:
an 11th grader who should really be looking at Universities, and doing homework instead of roleplaying

Pronouns: She/Her

improvisationAsshole = Forum
Gemini.Power = Skype
kurzythecorgi = Tumblr (I'm rarely on this one, but this is one way to contact me, I suppose?)

[Image: b86.gif][Image: zbypeph.gif]
"____ is for the weak"
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RE: Darya [OC RP]
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RE: Darya [OC RP]
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RE: Darya [OC RP]
Name: Alexander Concupisco Volkket
Age: 369
Gender: Male
Species: Hybird; Dhampir
Occupation: Jack-of-all-trades, freelance adventurer, there's a lot you could pay him to do.
A sword cane
A Revolver
Neither weapon is particularly special, and the revolver doesn't truly function, they're simply conduits for Alexander's magic.
Powers: Appearance:
Land/etc: Izansor, but he travels a lot
Other: He likes to sleep and eat food despite not needing too, easily convinced to do things by appealing to his ego.
Mun: Alex/Lexy
Mun Age: Over 18
Pronouns: He/Him
Contact: Through forums, preferably
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RE: Darya [OC RP]
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RE: Darya [OC RP]
Name: Achlys Narfaw
Age: Looks 18
Gender: Female
Species: Harpy/Elf hybrid
Bio: Achlys father was a traveling Elf who had just so happen to fall upon the land of Theoreta. He was overwhelmed by the peaceful setting to realize what he had gotten himself into. After a while of wondering, we heard such a luring and enticing sound. He was too dumb to realize it was a Harpy's song. He followed the sound until he reached the sight of creature with sharp talons and large wings. He was not startled, he was dazed by her beauty. After the Harpy finally lured him close enough, she snatched onto him and took her to her nest, where they both willingly mated. After the Harpy was done with him, she decided he was not worthy enough to keep. It is only natural for a Harpy to eat an Elf. After killing and eating the poor traveler, she continued with the birthing process. Normally, 20 eggs were laid and three or four of the offspring would survive. But, this didn't happen. An odd looking offspring was hatched from its egg. Normally, deformed offspring would be killed, but this Harpy mother decided to spare its child. She treated it like she would have with any other hatchling, though she noticed that the child wasn't growing like a harpy. After many years of the harpy child growing, she started to look like her mother. The harpy child left the nest often and would visit a dragon that mostly took care of her. She adopted the name Achlys at an older age and she even started to learn how speak instead of what her mother taught her, screeching and cawking. She often flies around Oceana so she can collect and sell seashells for money.
Occupation: She runs a small stand in the middle of the town, she sells seashells and other jewels she found while digging in the sand.
Sort of mysterious, but not really.
-Loud (when speaking)
-Always down for an adventure.
-Rude sometimes
(is that good enough um)
Weapons: Doesn't really use weapons, but the one used most is a human leg bone.
Powers: None
Appearance: Achlys has a more elfish type of appearance, having more human like legs and arms and being able to talk. Though she has a lot of harpy features as well. Like long, talon like nails, bird like feet and hands, large set of brownish white wings, and dark eyes. Her hair is sort of long and very tangled, since she doesn't take care of it much. She has tan skin and she is a medium size. Unlike a lot of harpies, she wears clothes. Well, her fathers actually. A white, tattered shirt, and a set of worn out pants.
Land/etc.: Theroeta
Other: She has no idea what the word cat means.
Mun: Kiwi
Mun Age: Lets just say i'm a teen, k?
Pronouns: She/They
Contact: The forums is fine.

i am so sorry this is a terrible sheet i can not describe at all.
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RE: Darya [OC RP]
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RE: Darya [OC RP]
Airavata was never a patient child. Raised by an old merwoman who could barely contain the little child. She respected and somewhat 'loved' the old seahag who had been kind enough to not let her starve when she wasn't even old enough to speak. Many years she had spent with the old woman, learning about the creatures all around them, how to hunt and fend for herself. She new that she'd have to leave the comforts of the old mermaid eventually, she was too frail and couldn't live forever. She felt conflicted about having to leave, part of her was excited to get out and explore by herself, while the other part feared the day. She was fond of her caretaker, how could she not be? Even if having to get food for her was tedious and sometimes she seemed to be in too much of a hurry to get Airavata to leave. She new why of course, she wouldn't want to watch her wither away more than she's already had to. She never liked staying with her despite the fondness she felt. She wanted to be free. Free from the lessons and the nagging, free from the restricting area that she had to dwell in with her caretaker. Just free. Soon enough, almost too soon, Airavata got what she wanted. Her caretaker had ordered her to leave. She felt dread and happiness both at once and she hated it. But she said her goodbyes, thanked her caretaker, and left.
she hunts and collects fish bones. She doesn't do anything with them, she just likes them.
- She's an asshole.
- She likes to taunt fishermen.
- Shes learned plenty of words from her caretaker, but she prefers silence.
- She sticks her tongue out at people.
- Despite being mostly silent, she still manages to be annoying.
She switches between random sharp objects and her claws.
- She likes sting rays.
- Taunts people a lot but she has no idea what to do if they actually try to kick her fishy (b)ass.

Mun Age:
Tumblr: radicalnarcissism
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RE: Darya [OC RP]
Name: Hail (Or brutus. It could be a nickname)

Age: ???????

Gender: Male. wait- no yup. A male.

Species: Ice Golem

Bio: an Ice Golem who is super lonely and just wants a friend but is a huge brute who doesn't really think with his head. at all. He really likes the warmth. oh dear god no. Keep him away from fire.
He has a hard time speaking in full sentences, and can't really read. Honestly, Hail isn't very smart.

Personality: he's kind of uncomfortable in the presence of humanoids he doesn't know. He gets lonely very easily, and doesn't know much. He doesn't think things through at all, not bothering to consider the consequences. Hail is literally a brute five year old in a Golem's body

will be living as a Ranger, offering safe guidance through the wilds
But for now, he's just making his way downtown

Weapons: Battle Axe

Powers: Has the abilities of whatever any other Ice Golem would have

Appearance: 7'9" Ice baby

Land/etc.: from Erendane


Mun: Sea
Mun Age: old enOUGH TO BE ON THIS SITE! WOOHOO! a teenaged loser
Pronouns: She/Her
Contact: Forums tbh

[Image: 21f3ffe9f2e3a688a090466cd77a4627.jpg]
"I am not throwing away my shot"
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