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HeroStuck: Chaos Reborn
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RE: HeroStuck: Chaos Reborn

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RE: HeroStuck: Chaos Reborn
Dr. Horrible.
Age: 29.
Gender: Male.
Height: 6'0
Occupation: Board member of the Evil League of Evil. Professional villain.
Type: Anti Villain.
Dr Horrible is incredibly smart, almost on a abnormal level. He is capable of building near impossible weapons.
Also, after years of having the crap beaten out of him by the nearly invulnerable and ultra powerful Captain Hammer, Dr Horrible has gained enhanced durability. Or anything else that can keep him from dying after multiple near neck snaps.
Music just seems to...Happen when he's about to sing or singing.
Devices: He has a transmatter ray, which can essentially take any object the size of a car or smaller and transport it to somewhere else.
Unfortunately, a few years of improvements have only lowered the chance of the object being liquefied by 40%. So there is still a 30% percent chance of whatever he sends away being ruined.
Death/Stun ray: Upgraded to be attached to his hand! It'll stun or kill someone. Simple as that.
Freeze ray: It can freeze one individual in time. That's...Honestly all. He hasn't bothered improving it.
Weakness: He isn't THE SMARTEST, his weapons can malfunction, be stolen. A plan can go wrong.
Enhanced durability isn't invulnerability. Which means you can still subdue him by repeatedly smashing his head against a wall or hitting him in the face with a brick. Don't worry. He'll recover.
You can interrupt his songs? Nothing really happens when he sings aside for the music.
Most if not all human weaknesses still apply.
The "death" part of the death ray means it basically works like a gun with an extra charge to harm characters with ultra durability or are physically indestructible. Is not an insta kill.
All his weapons and inventions can be broken, stolen, etc. They are not indestructible.
Personality: After a series of unfortunate..Incidents, which occurred a few years ago, Dr Horrible slowly became the broken cold hearted and "ruthless" scientist being seen in the chat. He doesn't care much for emotions anymore, but deep down is still a bit of a wimp. Can't bring himself to kill innocents. At least not intentionally.
Backstory: Dr Horrible wanted to be a known villain since he was 8.
No, really, he had spent his life shunned for having an above average intelligence, the world expected him to be a villain. So he followed to lead, intending on ruling the world to..Fix it? He wanted to destroy the status quo, as he thought "The status is not..Quo."
Unfortunately, most of his plans were foiled by CAPTAIN HAMMER, a total corporate tool! Despite all his failures, he managed to make some progress, and ended up writing a few(Most of them were rejected) applications for THE EVIL LEAGUE OF EVIL. To get in, he had to kill someone.
At the time of his latest application, Dr Horrible had begun to form connections with a girl named Penny. Penny was a sweet, considerate, and strong hearted girl, who ended up getting manipulated and used by Captain Hammer for the simple cause of hurting Dr Horrible.
Turns out a strong heart cannot save someone from shrapnel, sooo...She had been killed. Painfully.
The death of Penny had not only gotten Dr Horrible into the Evil League of Evil, but had pushed him to emotionally shut down, he was only slightly evil, and completely unwilling to harm others.
But now? Now he'll do anything to get what he wants. Though moral corruption(Or further corruption?), passage of time, alongside working for the ELE has made him more or less forget his original goal.
...Also, he doesn't do blogs anymore.
But seriously, just watch the musical. It will describe this better than I ever will.
- Do not mention the blog near him. Seriously. Don't even mention blogs in general! Blogs are so 2000 and-Shut up.
- His favorite, or least favorite, form of currency is the Penny!
Haha, get it?
- In desperate need of emotional help.
But he's a villain so he probably won't get any! Haha, don't you love how the world works? Everything is corrupt and that's just how the world spins!
- Yes he will be bursting into song. People are encouraged to sing along! Or make their songs. Haha. Make your own songs.
- Is always wearing the goggles in the ref. And the red outfit.
- Still has issues with harming the innocent. Will definitely threaten them, though.
- Left Moist(His original henchman) behind. So it's just him, and whoever he works with.
- Here to look for an evil internship? He's evil enough on his own, I mean, he's on the board for the ELE, but there's nothing wrong with working with other NOTABLE villains.
- "Einstein" is NOT a valid insult, moron.
- And he's fine.
- Not really.
- But he won't feel
- A thing.
- Also, he's a Cancer!
Theme song:
Ooc stuff:
Ooc name: Ender
Ooc pronouns: she/her they/them
Notes: give good nickname please. :(

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RE: HeroStuck: Chaos Reborn

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RE: HeroStuck: Chaos Reborn
[Image: 627d99fc814a2868d895451ad255f4c1.png]
Vigilante with the best of intentions
Siren Song
By playing her piano, she can entrance people with the songs she plays. This only applies to her 'magic piano' she has 'with her' at all times - so any other instrument or other pianos do not work. This siren like ability allows her to send her enemies (and allies) into a trance like state, making them drowsy and unable to think clearly. They'll be more likely to take suggestions from her, but strong minded people can avoid this all together.
Physical Music
While playing her magical piano she can manipulate a physical manifestation of the music (represented by music sheet like lines and notes) If a song is faster, the music will be sharp and move in angular patterns, useful for stabs, and if the song is slower it'll move in curved lines and can be used to sort of restrain or trap her enemy. She needs to play for this to work, obviously.
Enhanced Hearing
She can hear extremely well, being able to tell sounds apart pretty easily, as well as being able to hear things from pretty far away.
She can track down her foes with ease because of this.

-She has to summon her piano to use her first two powers, which takes a moment or so
-She can mess up or be messed up while playing, and it will cause her powers to falter or fail
-When using her piano she's not exactly agile
-Extremely loud sounds can give her migraines or make her briefly deaf
-Deaf people or people with ear plugs are unaffected by her music playing

Kaede is an extremely friendly and kind person, caring about the feelings of others and usually putting them before herself. However, while she is willing to listen, she often pushes for others to better themselves instead of just wallow in their problems. She's also hardworking and refuses to give up, although this will likely be her downfall as she NEVER gives up. Even when it's the best option for her to do. She is a strong leader and has a firm belief in herself and others, and will encourage them to do their best. She has a hard time thinking badly of others, and will be unlikely to doubt those she calls her friends. She is a bad liar, but will lie for what she believes is a good reason. Her beliefs are the most important thing to her, and she refuses to think what she thinks is right is wrong.
She's almost crazy about it, to the point of being willing to even kill someone to do what she thinks is "Justice". Her sense of justice is skewed, although she does mean well. Sometimes she's a bit oblivious and childish, doing stupid things on impulse. She's also somewhat of a pervert towards girls, and doesn't really see what's wrong about it, and is ironically unaware of when girls are into other girls and is sensitive to vulgar comments. She's firm at times, and will snap at others when pushed too far. When she doesn't like something about someone's personality she won't hesitate to tell them at all, which makes her rather blunt in most people's opinions.

-She is reluctant to do things like cooking incase she hurts her fingers
-She tends to insert music talk into conversation
-Scary movies are something she does not like
-Disaster Bi



~ OOC Stuff ~
OOC Name:
Admin Notes:
kaede is kayaygay
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RE: HeroStuck: Chaos Reborn

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RE: HeroStuck: Chaos Reborn
[Image: 4b1018931cd2dd8bc456d0a781c717f0.png]
2501, on the 1st year of her 251th rebirth (Looks about 21)
McDonalds Cashier part time
Every 10 years her body (dead or not) bursts into flames and she is born anew from the ashes. She retains all her knowledge learned,
so she's rather smart and well versed in random things, but she loses all her current memories and personality.
Fire Manipulation
Hades can create and manipulate fire to her will, and use it to attack others. The fire is hot enough to cause burns, but will likely not kill unless it sets a building on fire or something. She cannot do this if she is freezing or wet.
Using her wings, she can fly for a while. About as long as most people can run at a steady pace.

-Everytime she is reborn she forgets her memory and personality
-When it is raining, she is wet, she is cold or there is just too much moisture in the air, she cannot use her fire manipulation
-Her bones are hollow much like a bird's, they are extremely fragile.

Hades is a rude and clever girl, often insulting the wrong people and getting into danger she barely gets herself out of. She enjoys insulting people to see the way they react, calling it a "hobby". She doesn't react to insults well, often getting extremely upset and even violent with others at time. She's pretty cold and cruel to most people, but has a tendency to enjoy joking around with others. She has a rather dark and macabre sense of humor, and will use people to her benefit. She's pretty...Fiery, if you were to ask anyone she knows. Which isn't a lot of people. Her personality can also seem a bit unfulfilled in some places, like a blank slate, and occasionally she can react inappropriately to the situation at hand.
-Has a scar over her eye from a previous life
-Hates her job
-Goes to school, surprisingly, and skips a lot, but it's not Skaia High
-Lives in the Bad Part of town.
-Phoenix, obviously

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Admin Notes:
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RE: HeroStuck: Chaos Reborn

[Image: my-hunt-to-destroy-all-anime-begins-toda...836958.png]
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RE: HeroStuck: Chaos Reborn
Guido Mista
Gang Shithead
Stand- He summons six tiny representatives of his own soul, all of them donning their own personality. They're only a few inches tall and cannot fight on their own, they just happen to be the cause of Mista's other abilities. They all have the ability to speak and eat, that's just about it.
Bullet Control- The six reps hop on his bullets and guide them, giving them complete control of where they go. They can also kick bullets and change direction of them, and reload a gun. They cant fire on their own, though. They rely completely on Mista for that.

Stand- His stand is a part of himself, and when it's damaged, he is also damaged. They are small and incapable of self defense, and can be easily taken out when they are removed from the bullets that they ride on. Additionally, they refuse to work if they arent fed. They often argue among themselves
Bullet Control- He is able to control bullets, so the bullets are often more powerful than usual. This happens to be a setback because they riquochet harder, and often come back to the user. More than most of the time, they come back and hit him.

Mista is a laid back man, he tries not to let things bother him and shows a rather carefree nature most days. His simplicity can often be mistaken for stupidity, when it's quite the opposite. He's not an absolute idiot, he's just a simple man with simple desires. Though he has a great fear of bad luck, and the number 4 terrifies him. He has to fire a specific amount of bullets so he doesn't have four shots left, or he simply wont be able to shoot. If he drops four shells, he'll need to drop an additional one to avoid the bad luck. His fear is so great that it brings him to a downright panic, with sweating, hyperventilating, and paranoia. Until moments such as those occur, he's calm and laid back. He occasionally shows ill manners, this is mostly when he has the upper hand and time to gloat.

- NO 4
- He stores ammunition in his hat, and in his boots. they have special pockets.
- His gun is a regular revolver, and the ammunition is normal as well. The gun is only more powerful when his stand is involved.

~ OOC Stuff ~
OOC Name: Ross
Pronouns: He/Him
Admin Notes: my dick fell off

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RE: HeroStuck: Chaos Reborn
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