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HeroStuck: Chaos Reborn
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RE: HeroStuck: Chaos Reborn

[Image: EL53g3e.gif]
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RE: HeroStuck: Chaos Reborn
[Image: 2acc437c3f4ede6e6f6c36848c6be784.png]
Future Foundation Representative
Power and Ability Stopping Megaphone Gun (PASMG)
A megaphone like gun with the ability to completely stop the powers of any super for a limited amount of time, usually around a minute. Multiple shots can increase the amount of time. Also works as a megaphone on it's own.

Human Weaknesses
The gadget is electrical, and can be ruined by typical things

Komaru is a pretty responsible mother and adult, making sure everything gets done and that she does all her duties to the best of her ability. She's very stubborn and relentless when it comes to getting her way, and will stop at nothing to complete things left undone. She's very kind, even if she has a hard time relating to other people's situations. She's extremely childish and naive at times, and doesn't have much of an interest in romantic or sexual natured things. She considers herself pretty ordinary, and wants to be a representative that you don't have to be special to be important.
- Has 4 adopted children, Masaru, Nagisa, Kotoko and Jataro. All of them are between 10 to 12 years old.
- The megaphone guns are a gift from the Future Foundation to the Skaian government in exchange for allowing people like Komaru to research the supers.
- Has a weird taste in food
- Loves cute girls!!! a lot!!!! god she loves girls!!!!!!!!!!!

~ OOC Stuff ~
OOC Name:
Admin Notes:
my last child
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RE: HeroStuck: Chaos Reborn


[Image: tumblr_ori6i21AV11woeu8po1_500.gif]
"Defenders of the Universe, huh? Has a nice ring to it."
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RE: HeroStuck: Chaos Reborn
White Diamond

Unknown, but looks 40-ish

Genderless(female pronouns)

20', but can change size, and tends to stay at around 5'11"

Head of a 'Mining' Company



Weapon Creation
She can only create a light machine gun, as well as it's ammo.

Size Shifting
She can change her size at will.

Super Strength
When she grows in size, her strength grows as well, and at her full height of 20 feet tall, she can lift and throw up to 10 tons.

Standard Gem weaknesses. Her body is not much stronger than that of a human's, so it can be damaged by standard human weapons. If it is damaged too much, or if she is under enough stress, she gets poofed, leaving behind her gem. If the gem gets shattered, she dies permanently. Reforming her body takes a full day, during which her gem must be protected at all costs.

White Diamond is sassy as hell, takes no bullshit, and would rather not hear you whine about how you failed at what she told you to do. But she also cares for her people, seeing them as her children and acting as a mother to them. She is a cool mom who isn't afraid to get her hands dirty in order to see her wishes fulfilled.


Notes(Stuff about your character)

Theme Song(Optional)


~ OOC Stuff ~

OOC Name

He, Him

Admin Notes

There's no way in hell you're getting away that easily.
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RE: HeroStuck: Chaos Reborn
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RE: HeroStuck: Chaos Reborn
Name: Anri Sonohara

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Height: 5'1"

Occupation: Student at Raira Academy

Type: Everyday

Power: N/A! All she does is train with a sword, and she's doing her best to get better. She's just a normal human being.

Weaknesses: All the normal ones for human beings. She's just a person, so she doesn't have any specific power based counters.

Personality: She's shy and socially inept. She's a total sweetheart who doesn't like violence, but she would do anything to protect the people she cares about. She lets herself be manipulated and used, if it's to help someone she knows and loves. She has a strong care for others, and she'll do whatever is necessary to help the ones she loves. When she sets her mind on something, she won't stop it. She's passive, but determined in most aspects. Gentle and kind at heart, but can be tough when she has to be.

Backstory: Anri's mother, Sayaka, was the original owner of Saika. She was a murderer and eventually, killed her severely abusive husband and tried to kill Anri as well. Things took an odd turn and her mother told Anri she loved her, before slitting her throat with the sword, leaving Anri to deal with the consequences. She inherited the sword and hid it for a long, long time, before things in her home town got freaky, and everyone was talking about the mystery sword called Saika. People were killing innocents, and she, being the mother, had to stop this at the source. It took time, but the kills stopped and Saika was back under control. However, after little Anri was killed, the sword was taken and disposed of. Being revived has made her normal, just like everyone else. She still hopes to be able to help the ones she loves.

OOC Junk

My name is Jesse, and my pronouns are She/Her.

If every porkchop were perfect, we wouldn't have hot dogs!
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RE: HeroStuck: Chaos Reborn

[Image: my-hunt-to-destroy-all-anime-begins-toda...836958.png]
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RE: HeroStuck: Chaos Reborn
Name: Muhsina Maoba (Goes by 'Mushi')

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Height: 4 Foot 11 and 3/4 Inches!

Occupation: Freshly graduated home school and works at a book store her family owns and passed on to her. She lives alone, with a bedroom in the upstairs of the small shop.

Type: Vigilante/Anti-Hero. (Goes more into detail with her personality)


Hive Mind: The first of her abilities, Hive Mind, allows Mushi to communicate with insects. Since she was a young girl she had always been very interested in bugs. Once she hit the age of twelve she realized they were just as interested in her. She could somewhat communicate with colonies of ants. Stick her hand in a bee hive and grab some fresh honey without the bees even thinking of harming her. Even parasitic bugs became her friends. Creatures thought to have absolutely no moral compass. She could use this ability to cause bugs to attack however shes not a fan of putting them in harms way. Due to this kindness many of her bugs see her as a benevolent sort of queen. Bringing her food, protecting her, and even watching over her as she sleeps.

Aspect of Insect,

Dragonfly Wings: Though normally kept under her exoskeleton Mushi is able to sprout wings like that of a dragonfly. These extremely fast wings allow her to move between 22-34 (Top speeds a dragonfly can move) miles per hour. Thanks to this her reflexes are quite fast as shes used to avoiding objects at a higher speed.

Ant Strength: Mushi is able to harness the strength of an Ant, which increases her power from 2-50 times her usual strength. Cold actually doesnt do much to her either in this state.


-Perhaps Mushi's greatest weakness is the love she has for her bugs, almost like a mother would have for her children. She would literally take a bullet for a fly.

-While her wings can regrow theyre also rather frail when attacked. She could easily be grounded by a good strike to one of them while theyre out.

-She is stronger and faster than normal humans of course, but that can be used against her. As she has no official fighting training. Use her speed and strength against her.

-Her Ant Strength is only safe to use up to x8 and even thats a stretch. Going higher will tear her muscles and put undue strain on her body. Going x50 would either kill her or put her in a wheelchair for the rest of her life. With great strength..

-Fire, she hates fire. Fire hurts. Like a bug she'll go up in smoke.

-She doesnt like light either. While normal light simply makes her uncomfortable someone with light based attacks could really really hurt her.

-She needs help reaching the top shelf.

Personality: Mushi is a very sweet girl who is generally kind to other people. However shes also hurt and angered when she see's people hurt insects. Despite this she manages to keep a relatively innocent flair to her regardless of her age and experience. Sometimes when protecting someone she goes a bit crazy, and has found herself on the edge about to kill someone. So while she considers herself a vigilante theres moments she could become the Anti-Hero. She uses her powers (Other than Hivemind) as rarely as possible. Mushi is socially awkward and often twitches and stutters.

Backstory: Mushi was born in a house with two parents who loved insects. Her mother was a researcher and Entomologist who studied bugs while her father worked with the police department on cold cases or buried murders to find out time of death through maggot larva. Needless to say she quickly became a weird kid. Being both homeschooled and taught about insects from an early age. Ironically her powers came to tie around those interests. Her parents soon noticed and took further steps to hide her from the rest of the world and warn her of the dangers of other people finding out what she could do.
On her fifteenth birthday 4 robbers broke into her house. They threw Mushi to the ground and held guns to her parents heads. Her fear overwhelmed her and Mushi's powers were unleashed. She threw the one holding her down into the wall and paralyzed him from the waist down. Then she ran at the one holding a gun to her fathers head. He shot her, and the bullet nicked her cheek causing her to stumble back. Then she watched her dad wrestle free the gun and kill two of the men. The last one surrendered.
The scar on her face became a constant reminder of what happened and she decided she didn't want to feel powerless. So she got to know what she could do, and decided to help other people out. Still, thinking of that night makes her afraid. Mushi is far from brave. She doesnt search out trouble, but gladly helps people (despite her trembling) when she see's they are in need.

Notes: Despite seeing people die so young and making a man hurt so bad he couldnt walk again, Mushi doesnt feel scarred by it. Sure it scares her, and motivates her to help people; but she knows shes had a good life compared to most people. The girl doesnt wallow in self pity. Though, she is a lonely bean.

Theme Song:
~ OOC Stuff ~
OOC Name: The Almighty DM Bitches
Pronouns: Sexy/Beast
Admin Notes: I have been rp'ing for several years, and still enjoy it. I don't really mind what you decide to call me. I probably wont share a whole lot about myself. I am an adult, with a job; so there are times (many of them) when I wont be able to get on. So I'll do my best not to get other people stuck in interactions.
I love to DM. The reason it's my ooc name is to sort of honor a friend whose gone now. I'm not changing it.

Terezi: "Do you think your anger stems from your phalluses lack of length and girth?"


Dave: "i think thats a yes."
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RE: HeroStuck: Chaos Reborn


[Image: tumblr_ori6i21AV11woeu8po1_500.gif]
"Defenders of the Universe, huh? Has a nice ring to it."
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RE: HeroStuck: Chaos Reborn
Bu-bu-bu-bump the thread!

If every porkchop were perfect, we wouldn't have hot dogs!
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