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HeroStuck: Chaos Reborn
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RE: HeroStuck: Chaos Reborn
[Image: W7rPt1O.gif]

Name: Obi-Wan 'Ben' Kenobi
Age: Late 30's
Gender: Male
Height: 6'1"
Occupation: Military General
Type: Governmental
Powers: Telekinesis (The Force) and the Mind trick: Subject the user to subliminal messaging (Put thoughts into their head, thinking them as their own) this can be resisted by stronger minded people.
Weaknesses: The Force is able to lift objects under 0.5 US tons, 0.5 and higher is when strain is placed on his brain, the longer he holds something weighing more than 0.5 tons may cause him to black out for long periods of time. Object's being lifted by telekinesis can only be lifted up to thirty feet away from Obi-Wan's body. The Mind Trick only works on those who are weak minded and cannot be used to make an enemy kill themselves or each other.
Personality: Although while Obi-Wan is an accomplished fighter he tries to find the peaceful solution before rushing into combat. He is a cunning strategist and very caring man, loyal to his allies and won't hesitate to throw himself into danger to save another life.
p.s - Sassy a.f
Notes: Obi-Wan carries a Light Saber, an experimental blade that uses focused light as its never dulling blade, it can cut through just about anything, tougher materials taking more time, such as titanium and other strong metals.
Theme Song:
~ OOC Stuff ~
OOC Name: Eye
Pronouns: They/ Them
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RE: HeroStuck: Chaos Reborn

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